(Minghui.org) Two members of the residential committee came to my home one day in November 2020. They said they were there to give me a gift.

They handed me a small package and left. I opened the package and found a fabric bag with a chef's apron, a booklet, and some small items, all of which were emblazoned with the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) propaganda slogans slandering Falun Dafa.

I went after them and asked why they would give that to me. They told me that I wasn’t the only person to get one—they were delivering them to every household.

I said, “How dare you! Falun Dafa is a Buddha School practice. You are delivering one to every household? How many people’s minds do you want to poison with this?”

They said they were just told to deliver them. “What is your director or secretary’s phone number?” I asked. “I want to talk to someone in charge.” I immediately called the secretary and made an appointment with him to meet at my home. I would not let them continue to poison the residents in my neighborhood.

As I sent forth righteous thoughts, I heard a voice say three times in my mind, “You are the guardians of the universe.” That voice echoed in my mind with boundless compassion. I was blown away to realize it was Master’s voice. Master was reminding me of what I should do as a Dafa disciple during the Fa-rectification period.

I understood my responsibility was to clarify the truth to the community, including the director. Thus, I must not let them commit such huge crimes and sins. As I was reflecting on my responsibility, my fear disappeared.

The director, the secretary, and a police officer came to my home in the afternoon. With a smile on my face and a calm attitude, I said, “You say that Falun Dafa is a cult. Please show me the official document from the central government.”

They said that there was no document and they were just following orders.

I said, “Zhou Yongkang was your former superior, and you followed his orders. Now he is in jail. His subordinates are still under investigation. Can you take that responsibility?

“One or perhaps two of the CCP secretaries in our city are also in jail, and you have been carrying out their orders. Can you take that responsibility?

“During the Cultural Revolution, the police and troops carried out Mao’s orders and persecuted other senior officials. Later, those officials were redressed and Mao died.

Actually, there is an official document from the Ministry of Public Security that identifies 14 cults. Falun Dafa is not one of them.

“You are still young, and there are many truths you may not know. You have to take care of the elderly and the young in your families, so you must be responsible for your own lives. Your families depend on you.” They listened and nodded.

I told them about my personal experience of practicing Falun Dafa, and tears came to my eyes as I did. I said, “I had late-stage liver disease and was given a new life by practicing Falun Dafa. How could I not be grateful to Falun Dafa for saving my life?

“Falun Dafa has helped hundreds of millions of people elevate their morality and improve their physical and mental health. Falun Dafa is beneficial to society and its people in every way.

“Whoever has a conscience should know what he or she should do, no matter what position he or she holds.”

Some of them were moved to tears. The secretary said, “I understand. Heaven is watching everything we do. From now on, when we get orders, we will have our own strategies for carrying them out.” He then told me that he would take back all the propaganda packages.

I told fellow practitioners about this and asked them to send forth righteous thoughts every night to eliminate the evil in our city. I also asked them to send strong compassionate thoughts to all government officials to awaken their conscience.

The banners in my neighborhood slandering Falun Dafa were soon removed. The propaganda packages were also taken back.

Those who were involved understood the truth and made the right choice. They have avoided committing a serious sin against Heaven, which would be a great loss to their lives.

The compassionate and righteous thoughts of Dafa practitioners stopped the authorities from doing wrong and prevented sentient beings from being destroyed.

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