(Minghui.org) I grew up in a small town, in an ordinary family. My parents often said I was like Lin Daiyu in the classic novel Dream of the Red Chamber: quiet, solemn, noble, but narrow-minded and easily upset over trivial matters.

I had been troubled by questions like: Why do people live? What do I live for?

I had a very serious illness when I was 18 years old. My parents had given up hope, but to their surprise, I survived.

When people in town saw me, they said, “One is bound for good fortune after surviving a great calamity.” I now know that the greatest blessing God bestowed on me is that I found Falun Dafa!

I moved away to attend college at the age of 20 and then got married and had children. When I first came to this strange city, I had to start from scratch.

My husband’s family treated me like their youngest child and let me finish college. I am lucky they are scholarly, very easy-going in both words and deeds, and take care of me in every possible way.

When my mother-in-law told me about Falun Dafa, I was receptive to it. However, since I had grown up in an atheistic family, I took what she said as stories.

After I gave birth to my child, she took care of my baby and me during my maternity leave and read through the book of Zhuan Falun with me. But I had difficulty understanding what the book was talking about.

When my child was three years old, my mother-in-law invited me to a group to do the exercises. I joined them as a courtesy.

I felt tired when doing the exercises, especially the second set. I was so exhausted after holding my arms up for a while that I wanted to goof off.

Of course, I didn’t know why I had to raise my arms like that. I gave up the practice after a few days due to my work and other obligations.

However, every day on the way to work, I liked to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Zhen-Shan-Ren is good!” I also listened to the Dafa music “Pudu” and “Jishi” on the way back home because it sounded so good!

One night, I dreamed I was sitting in an open-top bus. When passing through a bustling street, there were many flying fairies in the sky right in front of me. It was so real, and I was so excited that the scene remained clearly etched in my mind. Because it was a dream, though, it faded away with the passing of time.

One tribulation after another, however, led me back to Dafa. One day, I suddenly couldn't move my neck. Another day, I stumbled through a glass door for no reason and cut my face. I then didn’t want to meet people because of all the stitches I received.

But this still didn't wake me up, and I continued submerging myself in the mundane affairs of everyday people.

These kinds of things kept occurring until 2017, when my daughter had a high fever that wouldn’t go away. The largest hospital in the province was powerless to do anything. They told us that there was no known treatment for her condition, and so she had to endure it on her own.

I ran around every day accompanying my daughter to and from the hospital, and I was in tears whenever we received the test results. Watching her being tortured like this, the only thing I could do was suffer in my heart.

When my mother-in-law learned about my daughter’s condition, she invited us to join her in reading Zhuan Falun and do the exercises. I took her advice, as there was really no other way out.

Upon seeing my daughter gradually improving, I believed it was the result of seeing a doctor of Chinese Medicine. But then my daughter had a fever again, so I dragged her back to that doctor.

When I was halfway there, I remembered that the doctor was not working that day. Suddenly a thought came to mind: Go home and study the Fa!

I immediately started reading Zhuan Falun upon getting home, and as I finished, my daughter’s fever disappeared. What a miracle!

Afterward, whenever she had a fever, she asked me to read the book, instead of going to the doctor or the hospital. And every time, she would recover.

What happened let us witness miracles time and again, which lead us to get closer to Dafa step by step. Although at the beginning, I didn’t fully understand the meaning of what the book talked about, I kept reading Zhuan Falun when I got home every day.

Perhaps Master Li saw that I was sincere, so he let me understand more of Dafa little by little. I found myself wanting to read every day, and I understood a bit more of the profound content of it.

I felt like there was a Buddha, Taoist, and God behind every word in the book.

After my daughter got into boarding school for junior high, I spent a lot of time listening to Master’s lectures every day. The more I listened, the more I loved it.

During this time, my work unit was merged, and my new job was answering the phone in customer service. Every day, I received calls from different people. When I received calls from rude and unreasonable people, Master put the word “compassion” into my mind, so I would not get angry, nor get into arguments with them.

I was puzzled at first that I was not angry at all. Not only that, I was able to solve problems for customers with patience and sincerity, and got them to ease up.

In the past, I could be easily driven by any unfriendly tone, and I would make impertinent remarks in return. I now realize that whatever I encounter is a good thing; it is to help me to improve my xinxing.

With this mindset, no matter how rude the people I encountered were, it is like nothing ever happened.

I often visited the Minghui Radio website to listen to sharing articles on how to go out and tell people about the goodness of Dafa. I had been struggling with the fact that I didn’t know how to do this.

A thought then came to mind: Isn’t my current job of answering phone calls an opportunity to spread the virtues of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to others? Master arranged this for me to convey the beauty of Dafa. Thank you so much, Master!

I then sent a thought: I am determined to cultivate Dafa and return home with Master. In fact, at that time, I did not have a clear understanding of the true meaning of “returning to one's original, true self” and why I had to do the three things asked of practitioners. I simply knew this was what I should do.

I have listened to Master’s teachings countless times, but never felt tightness of the forehead when he talked about opening the celestial eye (third eye). Not long afterward, however, when I listened to this topic again, my forehead felt a bit uncomfortable. I touched it twice but did not find anything wrong.

During my lunch break, I wanted to take a rest. But upon closing my eyes, I saw a beautiful large eye with long eyelashes in front of me.

When I was about to take a closer look, it faded away. It was really like what Master described in the Fa teachings. I was so excited. Master opened my celestial eye simply because I liked to listen to his teachings!

One weekend, I was too sleepy to get up and read. In a dream, I saw Master sitting in meditation but with his eyes closed.

My first reaction was, “Master asked me to get up, and I should get up to read and do the exercises.” But I could not wake up and fell back asleep again. I again saw Master in the sitting meditation in the image of Buddha but with his eyes closed. Then I proclaimed, “Master, I will get up right away!”

After a hard struggle, I woke up knowing that this was Master’s way of encouraging me to make the best use of my time for genuine cultivation!

My family members tell me I have become more cheerful and very energetic. My childhood friends who haven’t seen me for a long time also say I have changed into a fun-loving person, and am no longer who I used to be.

People sometimes remark that I must have a very happy life because I am full of smiles and laughter. But they do not know it is Dafa that changed me!

I told my mother, “Now I know why I a came to this world... to obtain Dafa.” She nodded in agreement.

Thank you, Master, for giving me this great Dafa! I have to be more diligent, study the Fa well, cultivate myself in earnest, and return home with you!