(Minghui.org) People say that life is like a roller coaster. It rises sometimes and drops other times. On occasions it drops deep down to the bottom before it rises again.

So is the life of Kim Gyeongil, a 64-year-old program producer and disc jockey who worked at the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC). He was also a broadcasting writer and a screenwriter for some well-known radio programs.

After working there for 30 years, he left MBC in 2011 at the age of 55. Life took a dramatic turn after that. His businesses failed one after another. He experienced bankruptcy and came down with many mental and physical illnesses. He suffered from diabetes, arrhythmia, high blood pressure, depression and panic disorder. An artificial pacemaker was implanted into his body due to cardiovascular abnormalities. He had to take up to 12 tablets a day in medication. But, his condition did not improve after several years. The medication was ineffective. He realized that he would be on medication for the rest of his life.

He recalled, “One day I realized that it was meaningless to live like this. I became increasingly miserable as my illnesses worsened. I started to accumulate sleeping pills as I thought of committing suicide. When I had accumulated 50 pills, the doctor suggested that I take walks to motivate myself.”

Meeting Falun Gong Again When He Was in Dismay

His willingness to live grew weaker and weaker in the winter of 2019. His doctor suggested that he take walks often, so he walked a road of about two-and-a-half miles. This allowed him to get tired enough and get some sleep at night.

“I was thinking all sorts of things while I was walking. Why do I suffer so much? What did I do wrong? I stole my father’s money once. I lied to other people... I have to reflect on my previous path I took before I die. While I was walking like this, I came across Falun Gong practitioners. It was a miracle.”

“I came across Falun Gong 20 years ago. I thought I had missed it. Unexpectedly it came to me again. One friend gave me a Falun Gong DVD in 2001 and told me that I should treasure it because he brought it from China. The DVD was not in Korean. I put it away after watching it once. I learned about the persecution of Falun Gong from the news. My busy life put Falun Gong out of my mind again and again.

“I was so happy to meet Falun Gong again. I came to the practitioner and told him that I wanted to learn Falun Gong and didn’t know where to start. I met up with Falun Gong a long time ago, missed it several times, and now I came across it again. He gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun.”

He started to read Zhuan Falun as soon as he got home and finished the 472 pages of the Korean translation in one night. He said: “When I was reading Zhuan Falun, I was very touched and cried several times. I was a broadcasting writer, advertising music creator and radio host. I specialized in literature and music creation. But this was the first time I read such a book as Zhuan Falun.”

TV screenwriter Kim Gyeongil gains a new life after reading Zhuan Falun at the most crucial moment.

“Zhuan Falun is not just a book that gives me some knowledge. It is my life compass. I enlightened to the ultimate principles of the world from the book. It also opened up an unknown world for me.” He found the Falun Gong website in his computer and started to learn the exercise movements online. He felt strong energy when he learned the second set of the exercises, which surprised him. He learned the exercise movements by himself and read Zhuan Falun every day.

He attended a nine-day introductory seminar held at the Tianti Bookstore in April 2021.

Health Restored

“I had a health check-up in March before I attended the nine-day seminar. To my surprise, the examination showed that all values including my blood pressure, blood lipids and diabetes had returned to normal. The nurse who knew my previous state of health was greatly surprised and asked what was going on with me. Actually my body changed into the best state after I started practicing Falun Gong. I quit all medications three months ago because I felt I didn’t need to take any medicine. I became energetic and vigorous.”

He lost weight and became fit. He looked like he was in his 20s. He became peaceful and could take the bus again, which he couldn’t do before due to his panic disorder.

“I know I shouldn’t have the thought of having my illnesses cured when picking up Falun Gong, though Falun Gong improves my health. So I let go of my attachment to my health. My heart became pure. I let go of all my desires and want to cultivate diligently.”

“Although I didn’t do aerobic exercises or muscle exercises, I could easily go up the stairs without panting,” he said. “By genuinely cultivating myself, I achieved a state of health no sport could bring to me. My digestive system works well although I am not on diet.”

Character Changes for the Better

“Most importantly, my character and perspective on life have changed,” he said. “I used to run away from people and judge others with my own standard. I didn’t care about other people. I was impulsive and direct. I no longer lose my temper and became more gentle. I am more positive and kind.

“My family members noticed my changes first. They said I had improved my character a lot. The members of the next generation like to confide in me. They feel comfortable when talking with me. I fundamentally changed. I gained a new life. My life has been renewed,” he said.

Kim recently began collecting materials to make videos of his own cultivation stories to show people. “I took drugs in America. I didn’t believe in God and lived my life carelessly. But, surprisingly, I started to cultivate. It is a miracle!” he exclaimed. “Master has taken me as his disciple. I am so grateful and thank him very much. I will cultivate for the rest of my life.”

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