(Minghui.org) Since the first Tianti bookstore in Europe, which is located on Ivry-sur-Seine in the southeastern suburbs of Paris, opened its doors on June 18 this year, it has supplied many books to Falun Dafa practitioners all over Europe.

This bookstore held its first Nine-Day Falun Dafa Class from July 22-29, 2021. Accompanied by veteran practitioners, newcomers listened to recordings of Master Li’s lectures taught in China and learned the exercise movements during the nine-day seminar. When they discussed their experiences on the last day, both new and veteran practitioners said they benefited greatly.

Practitioners pay close attention to the video recordings of Master Li’s lectures.

Reading the teachings

Learning the second exercise

A practitioner corrects attendees’ exercise movements.

Group photo taken at the end of the nine-day class

New Students Thrilled to Become Practitioners

Mr. Zheng is from China. He was still in China when the persecution of Falun Dafa started in 1999. He recalled, “During that time, all the newspapers and TV stations were denouncing Master Li and Falun Dafa every day, but I was not convinced. On the contrary, I felt that Falun Dafa was being unjustly vilified because those who cultivate the Buddha way would never do the repulsive things the media claimed. I never did believe those reports.”

After moving to France, he met Falun Dafa practitioners who explained the truth to him and he was very supportive. He decided to find out more about it. He began watching the programs on NTD TV every day, especially a program about how practitioners began to cultivate. That prompted Mr. Zheng to want to practice, too.

When he read about the opening of the Tianti bookstore in France in The Epoch Times newspaper, he was jubilant and went to the store. He signed up for the first Nine-Day Falun Dafa Class. He had already read Falun Dafa’s main book Zhuan Falun before attending the class. After he learned the five exercises he said, “I feel great, especially after I did the fourth exercise—all my energy channels were unblocked and my body felt warm and very relaxed.” He is thrilled to become a practitioner and said he would continue to practice.

Moved by Practitioners

At the end of the seminar, Ms. Chen from Taiwan talked about how she first heard about Dafa. She said, “Five years ago, I was on a bus as we passed by a busy area where the bus slowed down, and I saw an Asian woman holding a banner with the words ‘Falun Dafa Is Good.’ She had a baby on her back and a little girl was holding her pant leg. There was a display board in front of the woman.”

Ms. Chen said, “I was deeply moved. I thought, ‘This mother is incredible!’ Her strong will to let people know about Falun Dafa touched me. I thought to myself, ‘I want to learn Falun Dafa, too.’”

She started to search the Internet for information about the practice. She learned the exercises and read the teachings at home. She said, “Master’s teachings answered all my questions. No matter what happens, I will continue to cultivate.”

On June 18, she turned on NTD TV as usual and heard the news about the Tianti Bookstore opening in France. She contacted the store the next day, purchased several Falun Dafa books, and signed up for the Nine-Day Falun Dafa Class. At the end of the seminar, she bought several copies of Zhuan Falun and Falun Gong in French and plans to gift them to local libraries so that more people can find out about Dafa.

My Heart Feels Very Steady after Attending the Seminar

Yang is a student from China. His parents were arrested and thrown into prison for refusing to give up Falun Dafa. He began to practice cultivation when he was 10 years old. However, he was brought up by his grandmother and did not live with his parents due to the persecution. His young heart was traumatized and he often felt lonely.

After coming to France, he contacted practitioners when he learned of the opening of the Tianti Bookstore. He was happy to register for the introductory class. During the class, he went to the practice site in the 19th arrondissement in Paris every morning to do the exercises and read one lecture of Zhuan Falun with local practitioners. He said he plans to keep in contact with practitioners in Paris and be diligent about his cultivation.

Zhen Zhen is also a student from China. As a child she practiced Falun Dafa with her parents. She rushed to the bookstore the day after it opened and purchased books. At the end of the seminar, she spoke about the persecution her parents suffered as practitioners in China. There were arrested and fired from their jobs in the government. But no matter what happened, they remained unwavering in their faith in Master and Dafa. They moved and continued to cultivate.

She also shared an incident where Master protected her whole family. It happened when she was in high school. Her parents went to bed after a busy day. She should have been asleep but did not feel sleepy. She read books, drew, and tried to find things to do. Late that night, she vaguely heard the sound of metal shattering downstairs. There were three giant refrigerators downstairs, because her family had a business selling frozen products. She felt uneasy and woke her father up. At first he said she was mistaken and told her to go to bed, but later he decided to check it out.

She and her father were shocked by the sight that greeted them. Fire was raging downstairs and flames were heading up the stairs. Because Zhen Zhen had alerted her father in time, the whole family was saved. She said, “I believe this was a miracle. I didn’t want to sleep that night. It was Master’s arrangement to protect us.”

The Tianti Bookstore Paris has scheduled its second Nine-Day Falun Dafa Class, in French, for August 17 to 25 in the evenings. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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