(Minghui.org) An elderly Falun Dafa practitioner in our city was arrested and taken to a detention center. Practitioners went to the practitioner’s family to discuss how to best proceed in trying to rescue him. The family members then went to the authorities to ask for his release, while practitioners sent righteous thoughts in close proximity to the building. But upon arrival, they found that the gates were all locked.

In the end, the family was encouraged to submit a formal letter of complaint. The letter was written by practitioners and distributed to people in the public security departments, Procuratorates, courts, the petitions office, and relevant authorities involved in the persecution.

The letter effectively deterred the evil. From a legal perspective, it let them know that their persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners is illegal and criminal, that there is righteousness in the world, and that righteousness is eternal. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far away the perpetrators run, they will be found and prosecuted in the end.

After the letter was sent out and the truth was made clear, the departments involved in the persecution greatly reduced their evil deeds. This effort also gave them the opportunity to make amends and redeem their sins, as those who still have a conscience can be saved by Dafa. The letter also gave the perpetrators an opportunity to understand the facts about the persecution.

We received a lot of feedback from the recipients. For example, some departments called the practitioner’s family and said they had read the complaint letter, but the orders came from higher authorities. Others acknowledged they had received the letter.

The staff of the department directly involved in the persecution called the family twice. On the second call, they urged the family to go to the detention center the next day to pick up the practitioner. They said they were going to release him and would not accuse him in the future.

Master Li has told us a heavenly secret, that all of society is meant for spiritual development. In this case, the family members took the stand to support Falun Dafa and practitioners, so they have Master and the Fa’s protection.

Dafa practitioners who participated in the rescue effort had a good understanding of this matter from the perspective of the Fa, and supported it with righteous thoughts. This allowed Falun Dafa’s omnipotent, magnificent power to be fully displayed.

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