(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners in China have been persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for more than 22 years, but more people around the world are now aware of the lies of the Chinese regime. Many residents of Ottawa have chosen to stand on the side of justice and have shown their support for Falun Dafa by signing a petition to end the persecution. Many people also expressed interest in learning Falun Dafa. 

Local residents sign the petition to show their support for Falun Dafa. 

A passerby learns the Falun Dafa meditation exercise from a practitioner during a group practice demonstration 

“Anyone Who Agrees with the Principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Should Be Concerned about the Persecution”

Marc Dion, a local resident in Ottawa chatted to a practitioner about the persecution of Falun Dafa in China and how people are being persecuted for abiding by Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Marc said: “It is a tough time for everybody, but I don’t think that any government has the right to stop you from believing in your faith. On the contrary, I think that every government should help establish people’s faith, and Trudeau should step up for the people. These are his own people.”

“It’s about time that the people step up. They are talking about how every life matters. I think every life matters and we are all one. Every life is precious,” he said.

Mr. David Mains signed the petition to support Falun Dafa. “Anyone who agrees with the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance should be concerned about the persecution. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are good and important human values,” he said.

“We are balancing economics and civil rights. It is a tough balance, but I know that supporting human rights is more important,” he said. Before leaving, David offered his regards to Falun Dafa practitioners.

James Stephenson signed the petition and said: “The persecution is not right. Everyone should be treated equally.”

Kristan, who works in a finance department, stated that freedom of religion should be every human’s basic right and people should not be persecuted because of it. 

“I support every action that protects people’s lives. Falun Dafa practitioners should have a right to believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,” she said. 

Chinese Woman Quits the CCP and Its Youth Organizations 

As more people are aware about the truth of Falun Dafa, more Chinese people have realized the evil nature of the CCP. Many have voluntarily asked for help to quit the CCP and its youth organizations. 

Ms. Chang, who comes from Northeastern China, said that her farmland and property were seized and taken over by CCP officials. No lawyer dared to help her family by accepting their case. More than a dozen years have passed and nothing has come about in their lawsuit. Her parents have been hiding in Tibet because they are afraid the CCP officials will seek revenge. Her mother was so upset by what happened that she now suffers from multiple diseases.

Ms. Chang said she also felt sympathetic for Falun Dafa practitioners in China. In her hometown back in the Northeast of China, many people secretly talked about forced organ harvesting, and those who knew more about the issue said that Bo Xilai (a former Chinese politician) was involved in embezzlement to bribe triad organizations to help sell human organs. 

Ms. Chang quit the CCP and its youth organization using a pseudonym.

Persuading Friends to Quit the CCP

Ms. Chen’s family and her friend had held a birthday party at Britannia Park on August 22, 2021. Not only did Ms. Chen quit the CCP and its youth organizations, she also persuaded all of her friends to quit. She told a Falun Dafa practitioner that she has been following many different self-media outlets for three years and has come to realize the CCP’s evil nature. 

Ms. Chen was a professor at a university in China. She said that not only does the CCP persecute Falun Dafa practitioners, they also persecute Chinese citizens. She further stated that all of the professors at her university, especially the history and politics professors, were under constant surveillance. Many government departments in China are also under strict surveillance. 

Ms. Chen said that learning the English language is now being banned in China, and she felt that China is going back to the times of the Cultural Revolution. 

The Persecution Should Be on the News Every Day

Annabelle Drake and her brother, Elio came to join the group practice and Fa study group at the Britannia Park.

Annabelle is currently a student at Carleton University majoring in Humanities. She really likes old books, classic literature, old world religions and even reads about Confucianism. She said: “I like things on the spiritual level, such as meditation exercises. These are all forgotten by people nowadays but I feel like this is very important for one’s well-being. Many have forgotten about this and are too focused on their work.”

While learning Falun Dafa’s fifth exercise, the meditation, she said: “I can feel the energy flow. This is amazing!” She stated that she really liked Falun Dafa and the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and will abide by these principles in her life and care for others. 

Elio said: “It feels amazing to do the practice.” He also stated that he will register for the online classes to learn more about Falun Dafa.

Annabelle said: “I know there are a lot of things, such as the persecution, going on because of the CCP. There is not enough information in the mainstream media. It should be reported every day. This is a huge thing. So many people’s lives are taken and ruined. That is not fair! It should be a bigger deal and everybody should matter to everybody.” 

Annabelle also stated: “If you need help getting people to sign the petition, we can help since there might be an English language barrier.”

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