(Minghui.org) I began to practice Falun Dafa cultivation in 1996. I’d like to share a few stories about my family that testify to the miraculousness of Falun Dafa. 

After My Daughter Sincerely Cultivated in Dafa, Her Hyperthyroidism Resolved 

Due to the lack of an in-depth understanding of the Fa, after the persecution of Falun Dafa was launched on July 20, 1999, I slacked off in my cultivation practice. 

In 2003, my daughter began to feel weak and frequently hungry. After an examination, she was diagnosed with serious hyperthyroidism. Our family went all over the country searching for a cure. We tried all kinds of Chinese and Western medicines, including folk prescriptions, but nothing worked.

After a few years, due to the side effect of her medications, my daughter had issues with her heart, liver, and kidneys. She also became obese and edematous due to the side effects of western medicines, such as hormones. She could barely walk, and her eyes severely protruded. She was only 16 years old. Our family felt extremely troubled and hopeless given her health situation. 

Later, a specialist in endocrinology at the hospital said the thyroid gland could be destroyed (removed) by radiation surgery with the isotope iodine 131 to reduce the problem of high thyroid hormone levels (hyperthyroidism). However, this surgery had pros and cons. The thyroid is an endocrine-regulating gland. If it’s treated with radiation, the function of this gland will be removed and will go from a state where the gland produces too much hormone to the other extreme, which is a state where it produces very little hormone. Although the hyperthyroidism is resolved, it can be accompanied by hypothyroidism. After the surgery, the only way to achieve a level of endocrine balance is through artificial hormone supplementation as a substitute. That said, my daughter could only maintain the balance by taking medication for life.

Though the doctor said he would have good control over the doses, there was no guarantee that this radioactive procedure would react well in my daughter’s body. Our family had no choice but to have her undergo this isotope radio-surgical treatment. 

After the surgery, her health condition improved, as her heartbeat went from 150 to 80-90 beats per minute. However, a few months later, her heart rate slowed down to just over 40 beats per minute. At that point, the doctor ordered another medication to provide relief. Lifelong medication, which was something our family never wanted to see happen, happened. 

Only until my daughter became like this, did I remember to ask for Master Li Hongzhi (Falun Dafa’s founder) help to save her. Though neither she nor I were diligent in our cultivation, benevolent Master Li still cleaned up her body. Then she became healed within a short period of time. Our family was very happy! 

Soon enough, I took my daughter to see the doctor who did the radiation surgery for her. I said to him, “She is healed and back to normal, she doesn’t need to take medications anymore.” The doctor took it as impossible, as he couldn’t make sense of it. Theoretically, how could a thyroid gland that had been removed produce normal amounts of thyroid hormones on its own? Thus, he suggested my daughter go to the hospital for a full checkup and I so I agreed to this. 

But after we left the doctor’s office, my daughter told me she wouldn’t go through another examination. She said, “I don’t have any illnesses. Master has cleaned up and adjusted my body, so that I no longer have any illnesses. I don’t need to prove it. I only believe in Master!” Hearing what she said, I became clear as well, and I saw her faith in Master and Dafa. Actually at that time, though she felt she was healthy, to other people, her eyes still appeared a bit protruding, her face somewhat swollen, and her neck still looked bigger than usual. However, she firmly negated all the illusions that suggested she was still ill. 

After a while, I suddenly realized her symptoms had all disappeared – her face swelling went down, her eyes didn’t protrude anymore, and her swollen neck went back to normal. There was no trace of hyperthyroid symptoms at all. Our whole family’s gratitude towards Master Li was beyond description. 

Later when my daughter joined the workforce, she had to go through an entry-level medical examination, and the results were completely normal. 

After Eliminating Attachments in Cultivation My Wife’s Health Problems Disappeared

Last October my wife, who is also a practitioner, felt very thirsty and weak. After one of her relatives heard about that, she suspected that my wife may have developed diabetes, and she insisted on measuring her blood sugar level. The test result showed a high blood sugar level. My wife and I took this as a false illusion as opposed to an illness. We tried to negate it with our righteous thoughts, and let it go. Meanwhile, she also looked inward and found some of her attachments. After that, she began to feel a bit better. 

However, after the Chinese New Year, she was noticeably tired and thirsty, frequently drank water, and appeared to be quite ill. Her weight also dropped from 132 lbs to 112 lbs. One afternoon, she laid on the couch feeling extremely weak. She felt as if her life had come to an end, with many negative thoughts popping up. Though she was very scared and agitated, soon enough, she became alert and kept completely negating every illusion that came up. 

At dinner, we happened to mention that she had worked very hard all her life and had some achievements at work, however, it was very hard for her to get a promotion. This reminded her of something that she never wanted to talk about. As soon as it was mentioned, she began to feel uncomfortable and always tried to shift the topic. This time, she felt shocked in her heart. She thought, “How come I felt uncomfortable as soon as this topic was mentioned? What attachment caused me to have this feeling?” She thought it was time she should look at this issue seriously.

Therefore, she began to look inward. My wife saw her competitive mentality. She always wanted to gain recognition and compliments from her managers and colleagues through her hard work, so as to gain the honor and status that she deserved. She remembered when she first started working, a few colleagues that started at the same time as she did were all assigned to take on different posts. Thus, she was full of hope for her future as well. However, as soon as they started working, she was assigned to take care of sanitation and cleaning up washrooms instead. This made her feel so uncomfortable. 

Three months later she was assigned a pretty good job opportunity. After that, she wanted to prove that she wasn’t inferior to anyone through her own efforts, so she put her heart into her work and worked very hard. As a result, she took the lead in her work skills, she was also better than other colleagues in all other aspects. When there were tough jobs that other colleagues tried to stay away from, she stepped up and finished the work. 

There was a skills competition and my wife won the championship! However, another employee who was inferior to her was selected as a leader instead of her. She was so upset. However, later on both her managers and colleagues affirmed her working performance and the managers also tried to promote her, but always with no luck. Even her colleagues who joined the company later than her got promoted. One time, at a celebration party for a colleague’s promotion, she had a lot of resentment in her heart and ended up getting drunk. In her later working life, over the past few decades, she always couldn’t let go of her desire to be promoted but never succeeded. 

One time, she was finally promoted. But soon enough, she lost it due to a job transfer. Another time she was promoted again. But shortly after that, due to a position transfer, she was demoted to be a regular employee. She kept struggling for a promotion to a manager deep down. Through looking inward, she realized something that she didn’t want others to mention for the past few decades. This was her deeply hidden attachment to fame. She felt as though she was treated unfairly when seeing others being promoted. The attachment was her competitive mentality and jealousy. She always felt that her job skills were better than others and looked down upon them. My wife always wanted to prove that she was better than others due to her attachment to validating herself. She wanted to come out on top and showed off to others, because of her show-off mentality and vanity. There were also other hidden attachments. 

After she dug out those attachments, she felt very relaxed. The following day, her complexion improved greatly and she stopped feeling thirsty all the time. 

After all of that, another small thing happened at home. We told her not to be too frugal, she should spend money if need be. She realized that this was something she didn’t want to be touched upon either. She always complained about others saying that. After I was illegally dismissed from work due to initiating legal action against the former Chinese Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin, I had no income. My wife then carefully watched the expenses at home, rearranging our family life. This was also an attachment to money and profit, as well as comfort, for her to arrange our lives. She also found many imperceptible attachments to profit.

After she let go of all these attachments, her health completely returned back to normal, including her weight. 

Believing in Dafa, My Relative Recovered from His Serious Diabetes 

A few years ago one of my relatives became emaciated and suddenly developed frequent thirst as well. Later his vision became blurry and a large area of dark bruises appeared on his lower leg. He went to the hospital for a check-up, which indicated that his blood sugar level was quite high. Right away, the doctor said to admit him to the hospital because he had very serious diabetes and his life could be in danger at any time. The doctor ordered insulin injections four times a day. His situation made his whole family panic and feel hopeless. 

We then shared with our relative the miracle that occurred with my daughter, and asked him to sincerely recite the phrase, “Falun Dafa is wonderful! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful!” We told him that amazing healing could happen to him. Though he is well educated and believed in science, he agreed to follow what we told him to do. Two weeks later, he came to our home and told us that his blood sugar level had dropped and that he no longer needed to take any insulin injections. The doctor also reduced his other medication. 

He then took the initiative to read Zhuan Falun. Later he stopped taking all his medications. He has been healthy since then, with his blood sugar index being normal, and his other illnesses being healed, including high uric acid. Later when he shared his experiences with either doctors or other people who knew about diabetes, they all said, “This is incredible!” 

Family Member Survives Accident After Beginning Falun Dafa Cultivation 

A family member recently began Falun Dafa cultivation practice. One day, as she was riding her electric bicycle, she was hit by another bicycle driving in the opposite direction. The bicycle landed on top of her, resulting in severe chest pain. But she quickly remembered the phrase, “Falun Dafa is wonderful! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful!” Without asking for any compensation from the other party, she proceeded to go home. 

After she came home, her husband still worried about her, so he asked her to go to the hospital for a checkup. Though she said she was fine, deep down, she still felt a bit unstable. Therefore, in the end, she went to the hospital and got an x-ray. The result showed she had five fractured ribs. Right then, she began to remember that she was a Falun Dafa practitioner, so she shouldn’t treat this situation like an everyday person. Thus, she decided not to stay at the hospital and came home right away. She continued to recite the auspicious phrase she had learned. She gradually healed and is now completely well. 

These experiences encountered by my family have helped me in Falun Dafa cultivation in so many ways. In the beginning, I did not know how to look inward during self-cultivation. After stumbling many times, I learned how to look inward and discover my attachments. I went from not knowing how to awaken people’s conscience, to gradually being able to clarify the facts effectively.

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