(Minghui.org) I am grateful for Master’s compassion and salvation. In the final period of the Fa-rectification, Master has given me strength and hope.


My parents told me that when I was born, my body and face were dark and looked very unhealthy. They played Master Li’s (the founder of Falun Dafa) lectures and sent forth righteous thoughts. After a few days, the color of my skin was normal. My father said that I must have quite a lot of karma from my previous lives.

I was often injured growing up and had small scars on my hands and arms. Sometimes I didn't know how they got there, and several times I was seriously injured. For example, when I was one or two years old, my left arm was scalded by boiling water. More than half of the skin of my inner arm was scalded. I also fell head-down into a bucket full of water from a cradle and almost drowned.

When I was seven or eight, I was sitting on the trailer behind a tractor. I suddenly felt dizzy, fell off, and hit my head on the concrete. My father urged me to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I did, and my head hurt only for a short while.

I cut my ankle on a steel bar in my third year of middle school. The cut was deep and there was a pool of blood. I first went to the town hospital, but they referred me to the county hospital. I needed eight stitches to close the wound. From the time I cut my ankle to when it healed, it never hurt. I knew Master was looking after me.

My father worked out of town and only returned home every few months. When he was there, he always asked me to recite Hong Yin, and under his supervision, I also learned to recite Hong Yin II and Hong Yin III.

Lost in Society

I did not cultivate well when my father was not at home. When I was in middle school, I lived in the school dormitory and gradually drifted along with the current of everyday people. I became obsessed with reading online novels, listening to popular music, and I even looked at pornographic stuff. I struggled from time to time and repeatedly fell victim to lustful thoughts.

Today's society is very materialistic, and everyone is spoon-fed the ubiquitous Chinese Communist Party (CCP) culture. Because of that, the other students used a lot of swear words, dated other students, thought ugly things were beautiful, and so on. Their behavior interfered with me a lot, and I stopped practicing Falun Dafa.

“I Want to Cultivate!”

I returned to Dafa in my third year of middle school. I had a dream one night that I was walking alone on the street near my home. There was a special atmosphere about the place and the environment was weird.

There was a large sun in the sky, but I couldn't feel its heat. There was a small creek running beside the street with lush water plants that only grew in the summer. But the poplar trees next to them were bare, as if it was winter.

As I walked down the street I couldn't see anyone, and the door on every house was closed—as if no one lived there. I saw a flower on the roadside and thought, “This is a seven-colored flower that grows seven petals. When the flower is in full bloom, the great plague will come.” It seemed that three or four petals had already bloomed. If one petal meant one year, the flower would be in full bloom in 2019, which was when the CCP virus (coronavirus) broke out.

That dream is still vivid in my mind today. After that, I began to study the Fa. I transcribed dozens of poems in Hong Yin and a few teachings in Essentials for Further Advancement in a notebook I carried in my pocket, and I recited them every day.

It wasn't long before I was in my first, then my second year of high school. Although I had memorized Hong Yin and read the Fa, I didn't really understand the Fa. I felt that I wasn't really cultivating.

With the outbreak of the CCP virus, I spent more time at home. One day I downloaded VPN software and started to browse the Minghui website. During that time, I came to understand a lot of things, and a thought came up in my mind: “I want to cultivate!”

I studied the Fa, did the exercises, sent forth righteous thoughts, and clarified the truth to my classmates. I finally found the righteous Fa and truly entered Dafa cultivation.

It is not easy for a life to obtain the Fa. Were the injuries I incurred when I was young to repay my karma so that I could enter the path of cultivation in this lifetime?

Walk the Final Leg of the Journey Well

The prelude to Fa-rectification has arrived, and every minute and every second are given to us by Master. If we can't cherish and seize the opportunity and still get lost in seeking fame and wealth in this world, we will face endless regret.

Master said:

“Dafa disciples are Gods who have descended to the human world with the responsibility to assist Master in saving sentient beings, shouldering the responsibility of saving sentient beings in the lower realms. You may think it does not matter if you personally do not cultivate well, as if it were like the forms of cultivation in the past. So some people are not too diligent, cultivating but not really cultivating. But have you thought about it? You once signed a contract with me when you came to this world, vowing to save those sentient beings. You could then become a Dafa disciple, and you could then do this thing. But you did not fulfill it. You did not completely fulfill your vow, and you cannot even save those beings allotted to you, those you undertook to save, behind whom are countless sentient beings and gigantic groups of beings. What is that?! Is that simply just a matter of not cultivating diligently? That is an extremely serious crime!” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference,” team blue translation)

I currently live at school and have a heavy workload. In this situation, I can’t do the exercises. I can only listen to the Minghui broadcasts and read the Fa that I previously downloaded on my cell phone. During lunch breaks, I usually use my phone to transcribe the Fa. I have finished transcribing Hong Yin V and now I am transcribing lecture seven of Zhuan Falun.

When transcribing the Fa, I’ve often felt a warm current surge through my body, which had a good effect on my cultivation. Occasionally, at three or four in the morning, I sit up on the bed and do the sitting meditation. But due to my attachments of seeking comfort and having fear, I rarely do the other exercises.

I started to memorize Zhuan Falun but am progressing slowly. I also recite “On Dafa” once a day and an additional short article from Essentials for Further Advancement.

I encountered interference during the process, but I could get over it through Fa study. As a result, my grades have also improved.

As a new practitioner who has only truly entered Dafa cultivation for less than two years, I have witnessed the beauty and sacredness of Dafa and gradually understood the seriousness of cultivation.

In this fleeting and great era, it is fortunate yet difficult to encounter Dafa. Master said:

“Cultivation is the process that enables a human being to ascend to Heaven and become divine, so how could it not be hard? The Buddhist religion used to talk about “stick wake-ups,” so let me give my version of a stick wake-up to those who don’t measure up and have put themselves on the brink of danger.” (“My Version of a “Stick Wake-Up,”” The Essentials of Diligent Progress III)

As I cultivate my xinxing and understand the importance of genuine cultivation. I hope my experience can be helpful to other young practitioners.

I must cultivate diligently and do the three things well. Thank you, Master!

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