(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners from the province of Quebec gathered at Montreal’s Place D’Armes to hold a candlelight vigil on July 18, 2021 to commemorate practitioners in China who were persecuted until they died. The practitioners also called for justice and an end to the 22 years of Falun Dafa’s persecution in China.

Falun Dafa practitioners hold a candlelight vigil calling for justice at Montreal’s Place D’Armes.

Recalling Persecution

Ms. Han attended the candlelight vigil.

Ms. Han, a Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) practitioner, recalled that when China’s television broadcasted news that slandered Falun Dafa, she felt wronged and cried. She thought, “How can this be? How can they openly lie to everyone?”

Ms. Han started cultivating with her parents when she was 14 years old. She knew that Falun Dafa taught people to walk on a righteous path. It was not like what the media outlets were spreading on television. What was even more traumatizing for her was that before the television program was done slandering Falun Dafa, police officers barged through her door. They ransacked her home, and confiscated all Falun Dafa lecture books and Master’s portraits.

Ms. Han was reported to the local authorities after she clarified the truth to her school teacher in 2001. Police officers arrested her and took her to the police station, where she was handcuffed to heating pipes. In the past, she had always been with an adult when clarifying the truth. This time she was by herself. She was worried about being taken to a labor camp, and that her future might be affected because of this arrest.

She pondered and started to recollect Master’s teachings. She compared Master’s teachings with what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) said. She then came to the conclusion that Falun Dafa was good and the CCP was wrong.

The ongoing 22 years of persecution has broken countless families. Ms. Han’s parents were taken to labor camps numerous times. A blessed and happily family is now torn apart. Many of the practitioners, who once attended the small group Fa study together with Ms. Han, were either persecuted to death or are still experiencing persecution.

Ms. Han said, “I am speaking on behalf of all those practitioners still being persecuted in China. I am calling on kind and compassionate people to help stop the CCP’s 22 years of persecution against humanity.

Local Resident: I Would Like To Do My Best To Help Stop The Persecution

Adil and his wife, immigrants from Morocco, express their support for ending the persecution.

After learning about the ongoing persecution in China, Adil said, “Some people know of the persecution in China, however, given their profits and interests they do not stop them. This is wrong.”

She continued, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are universal values. The CCP’s goal is to eradicate society by destroying traditional values such as marriages and faith. They know that once they destroy the foundation of humankind, everything will be demolished.

Dafa Practitioners are Remarkable

Roberta (right) and Juliette (left) said, “Falun Dafa practitioners are remarkable.”

Roberta and Juliette said that more people will help stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

Roberta said, “CCP is too ridiculous. It is too terrifying. Thank you for letting us know about this.”

She asked if she needed to donate some money. She immediately signed the petition after learning that she could sign her name to help end the persecution. She also took a copy of the petition and wanted to have her family members sign as well.

She said, “People should be allowed to practice freedom of religion. I am not a government official and might not be able to do much, but at least I can sign the petition to show my support. This is what everyone should do. I wish you success and take care. What you do is really remarkable.”

Juliette added, “We really hope that we can do something to help stop the persecution. I hope more people will come and help end the persecution.”

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