(Minghui.org) The Tianti Bookstore, located in the Yongsan District of Seoul, South Korea, organizes a 9-Day Seminar every month, which includes a video series of lectures by the founder, Mr. Li Hongzhi, exercise instruction, and discussion. 

Many who attended the June 2021 Nine-Day seminar started their cultivation with the encouragement of a family member. They talked about the joy and changes in mind and body they experienced when first learning the exercises. One said, “The energy that surrounds the body helped me feel the profoundness of cultivation.”

Practitioners learning the Falun Dafa exercise movements during the 9-Day Class that was held in the Tianti Bookstore in Seoul, South Korea.

“Learning Falun Dafa Calms My Heart”

When Li Yu Han saw her family members’ improvements after cultivating in Falun Dafa, she decided to attend the 9-Day Seminar with her son about a year and a half ago. She said, “Learning Falun Dafa helps my heart calm down.”

“When practicing the fifth exercise,” she said, “I was able to see a vast and beautiful world when I closed my eyes. I was shocked.”

Apart from that, after starting to cultivate, Li Yu Han recovered from her urinary incontinence and cervical spine illness. These illnesses could not be cured despite going through many treatments. Most importantly, her family became harmonious. Li Yu Han also abides by the guidance that was provided by the Fa principles. She no longer fights with her husband, instead, she now has a harmonious family.” She said, “A peaceful and stable family is the ideal paradise.”

Amazing Experiences

Son Geureiseu, who came to the Tianti Bookstore with her sister, said that a Falun Dafa practitioner told her by chance that the Tianti Bookstore holds Falun Dafa classes, and she also heard that Falun Dafa is very good. Therefore, she decided to learn.

She said, “In the past, even if I did not do anything, bad thoughts would appear in my mind. It was really tough. As my mind is rather complicated, I felt very agonized. However, from the 2nd day of attending the class, my mind became empty and I felt that this was amazing.” Son Geureiseu shared her joy of gaining a calm mind and body.

Son Geureiseu recounted some amazing experiences from the 9-day seminar, such as seeing the items, tables, and cupboards in the Tianti Bookstore shine with a bright golden light.

Xuan Zhong Min came to learn Falun Dafa after his friend, who attended the 9-Day Class, introduced it to him. Mr. Xuan said, “When doing the exercises, I can feel the energy movement between my hands.” He also talked about the wonderful feeling he had after his xinxing improved once he began to cultivate. Mr. Xuan said, “Living a real life, defending the true universal laws, giving to others based on kindness and tolerance and being forgiving to people, it is so good! This is really too good, it really is the true universal law.”

Gyeore attended the class thanks to his mother’s encouragement. Gyeore said, “With regards to topics about the forming of the universe and the other worlds out there, I could only imagine and be confused. Therefore, when such content appeared in Zhuan Falun, it was really amazing.” Gyeore also said that his habit of not being able to tolerate hunger improved, as he was able to let go of his attachment to food.

“Full of Energy”

A few years ago, South Korean Li Zhen Shu met a lady at the chef certification college who introduced Falun Dafa to her. Since then, she has taken up cultivation. Li Zhen Shu recalled that at that time, “When I heard about Falun Dafa, I wanted very much to learn it.”

Before that, Li Zhen Shu suffered from a lot of pain, especially if she stood too long, as one leg is shorter than the other. In order to relieve the pain, she could only drink alcoholic beverages to numb herself so that she could sleep at night. However, after cultivating, Li Zhen Shu can fall asleep at night although she no longer drinks alcohol, and she does not feel tired even if she stands the whole day. 

“Initially,” she said, “when I first started to do the exercises, my spine felt hot. Whenever I do the fifth exercise, which is a meditation, my mind feels light and refreshed. Since then, it felt more relaxed when I stood as I worked.” Li Zhen Shu says she is full of energy now, and it is hard to imagine that she had such a difficult life in the past.

Jin Shang Xiu used to suffer from insomnia. He said, “After the 9-Day Seminar ended, I was able to sleep well when I returned home. I felt that many of my distracting thoughts had been removed, and my body felt great when I did the exercises.” 

Zhao Ren Xi, who has a Ph.D. in physics, waited for a very long time before he finally started to practice Falun Dafa. After his retirement in 2007, there was a period of time when he lived in Singapore. There, he witnessed the Falun Dafa exercise scene and since then, he had always wanted to learn the practice, but was unable to.

Not long after returning to South Korea, Zhao Ren Xi returned from his mountain hike at Mt. Cheonggye in Seoul and saw the Falun Dafa practitioners doing the exercises. After that, he went to the Tianti Bookstore to buy Zhuan Falun and that day happened to be the first day of the 9-Day Seminar, so he immediately joined in. Zhao Ren Xi said, “Normally, I will fall asleep if I stay put for 30 minutes. However, nothing like that happened during the 9-Day Seminar. It feels as though I am gradually becoming healthy.”

Another practitioner, Yang Xian Jing, who came with his mother, said that he started to pay more attention to cultivation when he saw some elderly women becoming healthy through cultivating in Falun Dafa. Not long ago, his mother fell ill and Yang Xian Jing introduced the practice to his mother. Unexpectedly, this helped him to start his own cultivation in Falun Dafa. His mother said, “After cultivating, my dizziness disappeared. I was amazed!”

In order to help people cultivate in Falun Dafa, the Tianti Bookstore in Seoul, South Korea (located in front of exit 13 of the Samgakji Metro Station) organizes a Falun Dafa 9-Day Seminar every month. The classes are available in the mornings and evenings for 9 consecutive days. All the classes are free of charge. The next 9-Day Seminar will be held from August 24, 2021 to September 1, 2021. For more information, kindly call the Tianti Bookstore’s inquiry hotline at 02-504-0860.

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