(Minghui.org) Famous poet Rabindranath Tagore once said: “For every child that is born, it brings with it the hope that God is not yet disappointed with man.” 

Children are spotless and innocent. They are the closest to heaven in the world. The birth of a child is not only a source of joy for the family, but also the hope of a nation. Therefore, people of insight all over the world are committed to a sound and perfect provision of child welfare.

However, in the past 100 years since the founding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), not only has China’s ancient traditional culture been completely destroyed, but also innocent children, whose minds and bodies have been subjected to unprecedented harm.

In school, children are taught twisted history instilled with the ideology of communism and CCP’s Party culture; the predominantly erotic adult culture unscrupulously preys on young girls and sets up traps; parents who are migrant workers leave behind 60 million children at home; the “4-2-1” families (referring to families with four grandparents and two young parents with their only child, given the one-child policy in China) continuously create grandparents who dote on their grandchildren and indulge their every whim, parents who unrealistically pursue their ambitions and children who don’t understand the basic principles of life or how to behave.

Children’s Day Distorted by CCP’s Party Doctrine

In a massacre in the Czech village of Lidice in 1942 by the German Nazis, 88 innocent children perished. To condemn such an evil crime, in 1949, the International Women’s Democratic Federation designated “June 1st” as International Children's Day. On this day, the “International Children's Day” flag (an image of which is available for view at https://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/int-chdn.html) would be hoisted.

The green background of the flag symbolizes life and prosperity; the blue human figure at the top symbolizes the love and protection to people by God; the red, white, yellow and black human figures at the bottom symbolize different races; altogether, it represents the continents, indicating that we are all part of one true race – the human race and the Divine loves us all. We should guard the earth together, unite and live in harmony, and create a beautiful future together. 

However, on “Children’s Day” in Communist China, the streets are always full of bloody red flags and the day is always used to hype the CCP’s ideology. Kids in kindergartens must sing “red songs” and “sing high praises of the party”; elementary school pupils are forced to join the “Young Pioneers,” wear red scarves, and swear to commit their blood and lives to the CCP.

The CCP’s forced brainwashing of innocent children who are not yet capable of discerning good from evil and its routine contamination of children’s innocent minds make young children develop a dependent and appreciative mentality towards the CCP, to the extent that they would vow to “give their life to the party.”

When such children grow up, they are more easily to become “little pinks” (young people who are deeply brainwashed by the CCP and try to influence the mainstream conversations on social media both inside and outside of China). Such brainwashing from a young age has also destroyed China as an ancient civilization with fine traditional culture and values, and turned it into a totalitarian regime of the CCP. 

How the CCP Sowed Violence and Hatred in Children's Minds

According to the book Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, former US president Herbert Hoover encouraged people to read Father Raymond J. de Jaegher’s book “The Enemy Within: An Eyewitness Account of the Communist Conquest of China,” saying that the book was “the reality of communism in action in all its naked horror. I recommend it to my fellow Americans who want to see and know, in close-up, the demonic force now loose in our world.”

Father Raymond, a Catholic missionary who was in China between 1931 and 1945, described the horrors of how the CCP forced children to watch the killing of other people.

In one account in the book, the CCP drove every villager to a public square. The village children were also led there by their teachers to watch the executions of 13 young people condemned for opposing the CCP. After announcing some groundless claims, officials ordered the teachers – who had turned pale with fright – to instruct their students to sing pro-CCP songs. As they sang, a communist soldier wielding a steel machete came on the scene.

Walking towards the first victim, the soldier held the machete with both arms and chopped off the victim’s head in one stroke. The head rolled on the ground, spurting blood. The children’s hysterical singing broke into uncoordinated chaos, while the teachers tried to keep them on the beat.

The soldier waved his machete 13 times, and 13 heads rolled. Other soldiers then joined in, cutting open the bodies to remove the victims’ hearts for cooking. All of this happened in front of the children. The students were pale with fright, with some beginning to vomit. The teachers reprimanded these students while lining them back up to return to school.

According to de Jaegher, the children were forced to watch these executions multiple times. They soon became numb to the violence and gore; some even found joy from this “entertainment.”

Over the years, the CCP has used similar ways to transform the minds of innocent children into that of devilish evil. Their tactics may have become more obscure, but the nature and purpose has never changed, which is to keep China firmly under the control of the CCP.

“Left-behind Children” Who Fend for Themselves in the Countryside

With rapid urbanization in mainland China in recent years, the gap between the rich and the poor has quickly widened, causing a large number of rural labor to migrate to cities. According to a report issued by the research team of the All-China Women’s Federation in 2013, there are around 60 million left-behind children across China, along with a staggering number of 35 million migrant workers from rural areas seeking work in cities, and nearly 100 million children do not have a complete family.

Because left-behind children are kept away from their parents for a long time, a large number of them are unable to establish proper notions in their upbringing. Coupled with a lack of teachers in rural areas, left-behind children are often subjected to inadequate knowledge learning and moral guidance. As a result, many of them also suffer psychological problems. All these adverse factors have led to a relatively high suicide rate and crime rate among left-behind children.

To give a few examples, four left-behind children from one family in Bijie, Guizhou Province committed suicide at home by drinking pesticides in November 2012. The oldest was only 13 years old, and the youngest was 5. Their parents had been doing odd jobs elsewhere for a long time, leaving them behind to fend for themselves. When it was too hard to carry on, their young lives were ended in such a tragedy. 

In another case, also in November in Bijie, five young boys, the oldest also 13, and the youngest 9, got in a big trash bin on a rainy night and tried to make a fire to keep warm. However, they all died of carbon monoxide poison as a result. 

It was reported in Bijie in 2014 that 12 elementary school kids, the youngest 8 years old, were raped and abused by their teacher.

Shi Yanfang, a scholar in mainland China, pointed out in her article “Why Is Juvenile Delinquency So Frequent: A New Probe into the Causes of Juvenile Delinquency in Our Country” that in 2011, left-behind children in China accounted for 20% of the country’s minor population, but they committed 70% of delinquent offenses. 

One widely known juvenile crime took place in China’s northeast in 2019, in which a 13-year-old boy raped and killed a 10-year-old girl. The boy was sent to a detention center for only three years, and the court also ruled that his parents pay the victim’s family 1.28 million yuan for compensation. 

In the same year, a 12-year-old boy slashed his mom more than twenty times with a kitchen knife simply because he didn’t like the way she tried to discipline him. He showed no remorse for what he did and said, “I only killed my own mother, not anyone else’s mother.” In the end, he was set free without any punishment because he was under the legal age 14 to face criminal punishment. 

Parents Go to Extremes and Children Suffer Personality Disorder

In ancient China, people paid attention to “moderation in one’s words and deeds” in educating the young and taught them to uphold “benevolence” in treating others. However, in today’s China under the rule of the CCP, two extreme concepts of educating the young, namely “Eagle Dad” and “Over-spoiling,” are commonplace everywhere. 

What does it mean to be an “Eagle Dad”? It is an extremely rigorous and high-pressure education method, aiming to prevent one’s child from losing at the starting point. There was a well-known case involving a parenting network celebrity “Yide’s Dad.” 

“Yide’s Dad” is a well-known parenting blogger in Guangzhou City, Guandong Province. When “Yide” was less than one year old, his mom left and his dad became a single father. He quit his job as a supervisor and took his son to live in the countryside, where he built up a little farm for his son. His venture soon became a well-known educational spot and many mothers from Guangzhou went there to learn from his experience in educating his son.

For ten years, Yide’s dad never cooked the same dish for his son. In order to keep a detailed record of his son’s upbringing, he took 200,000 photos of Yide, and wore out 5 cameras. At the same time, he published two books about how he educated his son. However, although Yide graduated from high school with outstanding performance and was admitted into a prestigious U.S. university, he suffered severe depression, and in the end he committed suicide, leaving his old father and many others with infinite doubts and regrets. 

“Yide’s Dad” is a good-mannered literati, but his parenting ignored the psychological needs of a young child, as well as moral virtue and benevolence. His thinking and conduct have inherited the party culture of the CCP. In order to “rise to become a great power,” the CCP rules China by putting the entire country under comprehensive monitoring.

Contrary to “Eagle Dad” or “Tiger Mom,” many other parents opt for “over-spoiling” or “free-range parenting” with distinctive “Chinese Characteristics.”

Due to the complete destruction of Chinese traditional culture by the CCP during the “Cultural Revolution,” generations of the Chinese people were deprived of the opportunity to receive traditional education, and consequently, they have little understanding about ethics and morals, and often behave in distorted manners. 

In addition, the one-child family policy that came into effect in 1979, produced batches of little “emperors” and “princesses” who were terribly spoiled by their parents and grandparents. They could play games on cell phones skillfully before they learned how to read or write, browse “TikTok” while eating their meals, and would throw a big tantrum each time they could not get their way. As a result, they became selfish, cold-blooded and rebellious little overlords in their family at a very young age.

According to a news report in 2015 that when a 13-year-old girl learned that her mother was pregnant with a second child, she threatened her parents by playing truant, running away from home, attempting suicide, etc., until her mother was forced to have an abortion. In her eyes, her parents do not have any independent bearing whatsoever or any freedom of choice, because their very existence is based on her interests and needs, and she would get whatever she desires by fair means or foul. 

Think about it, how could we possibly expect children like her to be kind to others, and benefit other people and society when they grow up?

Frequent Cases of Young Girls Being Raped in China

On the other hand, there are often news of underage girls being raped and sexually abused in China. Feeling outraged by such horrendous crimes, people could not help but ask: What is wrong with this society? 

The fact that such psychopathic criminals include security guards, teachers and government officials paints a very sad reality that such abuses have widely spread and readily accepted at all social levels in today’s China, an inevitable consequence of the CCP’s green-light to the porn industry.

Although the general public as well as the victims’ parents have been demanding capital punishment for criminals of such brutish acts, the CCP has been very lenient towards such criminals by defining their crime as “prostitution with underage girls” instead of a much more serious criminal offense of “raping.” 

There was a notorious case in Xishui, Guizhou province, in which CCP government officials participated in raping a large number of underage girls on numerous occasions between 2007 and 2008. However, they were only convicted of “prostitution with underaged girls” in the judicial trial. 

The outrageously lenient judgment caused a loud uproar among the people. However, it was not until August 29, 2015 that the CCP reluctantly abolished this “prostitution with underaged girls” provision under great social pressure from all walks of life.

Children in China Would Only Have Safety and Future by Having Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in Their Hearts

What will become of our children, our society and our nation, if we continue to live in an environment permeated with utilitarianism, struggle against one another, and hatred? Everyone who cares about the future of China should think deeply about this issue of great urgency and importance. What can we do in terms of our children’s education in a purgatory environment under the grip of the evil CCP’s claws? In fact, there are some very sound and effective ways to help our children. 

First of all, we need to do our best to help the children keep away from the CCP’s anti-nature, anti-humanity party culture by quitting the CCP organizations, including the Youth League and Young Pioneers, and help them learn to respect nature, respect life, respect human kindness and freedom of thought. 

Secondly, parents need to learn how to create a sound environment for their children to learn and to grow up. One must never go to extremes in doing things, but could adopt the most appropriate approaches measured by Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, the three tenets of Falun Dafa, an ancient mind-body discipline.

Although Falun Dafa has been subjected to cruel persecution for 22 years by the CCP, there are still countless people around the world who are diligently keeping up with the practice and enjoying great benefits both physically and mentally by following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in their daily life. 

Many teachers, students, parents and professors have shared their experiences on Minghui.org about successful education stories with Falun Dafa’s teachings.

One parent said, “My daughter Wenwen is 11 years old. She is now more self-disciplined, less stubborn, more tolerant and more open-minded. By studying the Fa, Wenwen has become wiser. It is easy for her to learn in school and do homework. She can learn any skill. Her father is a piano teacher, but Wenwen can teach herself. She studies most of the time. She also serves as an assistant for her father’s piano students.”

“During the pandemic, Wenwen took online dance and painting classes and improved rapidly. Within a few months, her skills reached the level of other children.Her most prominent change after practicing Dafa is that she can calm down. Whatever she does, she can concentrate for a long time and does not need parental supervision. She follows Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in her daily life, and has become very clear-minded when it comes to discerning what is right and wrong.”

Logan is a boy who used to addict to video games and could not control himself. He played for most of the day, and his eyes, neck, and hands were always moving.

After he studied the teachings of Falun Dafa with other youngsters, especially Master Li’s teachings on the issue of playing video games, he became disinterested in playing those games. He has learned to use the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to judge what he should and should not do. 

“He can also endure more hardships, and became better in distinguishing right from wrong, rejecting warped things, helping with house chores, washing dishes, vacuuming the floor, and tidying up his room. He also learns easily, and the teacher of his painting class is very impressed with his progress,” his parents said.

Twelve-year-old Ruirui used to have a strong personality and was stubborn. His mother had a hard time educating him because of his rebellious character. After he participated in the group study of Falun Dafa teachings, he has become peaceful and kind, and it shows on his face.

In 2021, a teacher gave him feedback that he had become more tolerant. A child with ADHD in his class often bullied Ruirui. In the past, Ruirui would fight back. Now, he is tolerant when dealing with the child. No matter how he is bullied, he doesn't take it to heart and often helps the child.

The universal principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance have enlightened and benefited countless people around the world and provide most needed guidance, not only for the education of our young, but also the betterment of the entire humanity. 

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