(Minghui.org) To commemorate Falun Gong practitioners who died during the CCP's (Chinese Communist Party) 22-year-long persecution in China, practitioners in Upstate New York held a rally in Goshen on July 10, 2021 to expose the brutality and to call for it to end. 

Practitioners held a rally in Goshen on July 10, 2021

Group exercises before the rally

Goshen is the county seat of Orange County. Drawn by the peaceful scene of practitioners' group exercises, many local residents stopped to watch or take photos. During the rally, elected officials, community leaders, and practitioners gave speeches condemning the atrocities in China. Practitioners displayed informational banners along the nearby road, and drivers reduced their speed to read their signs. Many expressed support by honking their horns or giving practitioners a thumb ups. Cars carrying banners also toured nearby towns informing the public about the persecution. 

New York State Senator Mike Martucci gave a speech at the event. U.S. Representative Sean Maloney and State Representative Karl Brabenec also sent letters of support to the event hoping for a better China and a world without the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

Peaceful Meditation System under Attack

State Senator Mike Martucci spoke at the event.

During his speech Senator Mike Martucci, in the 42nd District, reviewed the mistreatment Falun Gong practitioners have suffered in China for their belief. He pointed out that since the CCP began to suppress the group in July 1999, CCP officials spread lies against practitioners, against the meditation system, and against the founder of the practice. He estimated 200,000 innocent practitioners had been arrested for their faith through the years. Because of the information blockade and systematic cover-up by the CCP, the number of practitioners killed by the regime is likely to far exceed what statistics have shown. 

Senator Martucci asked, “Why are CCP leaders, military, intelligence, and media so afraid of a peaceful group? The answer is that the regime wants to control people. In fact, the communism has a track record of pursuing state power through force, and resorting to terror to control people.” 

By 1999, China already had about 100 million practitioners. Since the CCP wanted to tighten its control of people, it chose to suppress the group through lies and brutality. 

Senator Martucci declared he would stand with practitioners. He supports freedom and diversity, and he is proud to support Falun Gong. “We have the responsibility to stay firm against the oppressive communism and insidious socialism, no matter where they are,” he added. 

Universal Values

Sean P. Maloney, member of U.S. House of Representatives in the 18th District of New York, issued a proclamation to support Falun Gong. 

Congressman Sean P. Maloney

Proclamation from Representative Maloney 

The proclamation reads, 

“WHEREAS, On July 10, 2021, Falun Gong practitioners in Orange County will hold a rally with local officials and community leaders to make the anniversary of, and protest again, the ongoing persecution of Falun Gong practitioner; AND

“WHEREAS, Falun Gong, also called Falun Dafa, is an ancient Qi Gong discipline of mind/body cultivation. It is a way to improve physical and mental wellness through a series of gentle exercises and meditation. This cultivation practice is guided by the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance; universal human values that bridge culture, nationalities, race, gender, and age. The practice and the principles of Falun Dafa transcend cultural boundaries and contribute to a healthier and more harmonious society; AND

“WHEREAS, rooted in ancient Chinese spiritual tradition, Falun Gong was first taught publicly in China in 1992 by Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of the practice. It spread quickly as tens of millions of Chinese citizens found greater health and spiritual well-being through the practice. Today, Falun Gong is practiced in over 70 countries worldwide by people of all ages and backgrounds and has won over 3,000 worldwide awards and recognitions over the years. It is always taught free of charge by volunteers, and can be practiced individually or in groups; AND

“WHEREAS, on July 20th, 1999 the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched the persecution of the peaceful mind-body discipline Falun Gong. Every year since people around the world have called for the end of the state-sponsored killing and torture. Marches and rallies, sometimes numbering several thousand, are held in New York City, Washington DC, and other major cities. 

“NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: We recognize and honor the peaceful practices of Falun Dafa and join them in the hope of a peaceful future.”

Holding the CCP Accountable

Karl Brabenec, state representative for the 98th District and the assembly minority leader, sent a letter to the event opposing religious persecution and urging the CCP's atrocities to end. 

State Representative Karl Brabenec

Letter from Representative Brabenec

In his letter, Representative Brabenec wrote, 

“Greetings, and thank you for the opportunity to send my support to the Orange County Practitioners of Falun Dafa. I stand steadfastly with you against religious and political persecution. 

“The great traditions of the United State of America all stem from our freedoms declared by the framers of the Constitution. Chief among these are the freedoms of religion, speech and assembly all being found in the First Amendment. The Chinese Communist Party is the antithesis of these freedoms we hold dear and needs to be held accountable for the continued persecution of those who hold different ideologies. 

“I take this moment to stand with the Orange County practitioners of Falun Dafa, and against persecution of any kind. Surely these American ideals can still serve as a beacon of light around the world to help foster understanding and acceptance. 

“Best wishes for your rally, and for lasting peace and prosperity for your brothers and sisters around the world.”

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