(Minghui.org) I used to hold an administration job where I met all sorts of people and discussed issues. In order to create an environment in which to clarify the truth, I started by awakening the conscience of our department director. I often gave him informational materials and installed a receiver for him to watch New Tang Dynasty TV programs.

After he learned the truth, he often talked to his employees, saying, “We have all been deceived by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP only fabricated lies.”

Whenever his friends came to look for him, he went to my office to call me over. He then asked me, “Can you talk with him?” He wanted to talk to his friends about renouncing their memberships in the CCP. Usually at work, as soon as I saw someone idling around, I handed them Falun Dafa informational material.

Supporting Dafa

When the Minghui calendars were being distributed I gave them to my colleagues. Then everyone put the calendars on their desks.

Because of that, people who came to pay their water bills also got to read them and learn the truth. One time, our local police officers came to our company to deal with a case. When they happened to see the calendars, they were in shock. One officer said, “You have interactions with so many people every day, and you put them up?”

Before he was going to take them away, my coworker Yuan stood up. She spoke out loudly, “Who dares to touch them? We bought those calendars. No one is allowed to touch them!” Sure enough, they didn’t dare to touch the calendars. To this day, these calendars are still on everyone’s desk.

I wasn’t around to witness it, but Yuan gave me a recap. I was moved and felt happy. Later she was rewarded - Yuan was promoted to the position of deputy manager of our department.

I once wrote an open letter to awaken the consciences of the management team, which was also passed around among my colleagues. Then a divisional manager went directly to the General Manager’s office with the letter to complain about me.

After the General Manager read it, he called me into his office. When I entered his office, he said, “You look so young and handsome! I only knew your name before; now I can put a name with the face.

“No matter what happens later on, you come see me, and I’ll give you my full support. My cell phone is on all the time for you. Don’t be afraid, be brave, and do whatever you are supposed to do!”

His attitude clearly showed that he was on my side. Right then, the person who'd complained about me was also there.

After he heard what the General Manager said, he left the office quietly. After this encounter, my confidence when it came to clarifying the truth was strengthened. My workplace has also become a truth-clarification place for me. I tried to awaken the conscience of whoever passed by me.

Under Master’s empowerment, I did what I could to help save sentient beings. I was later persecuted for my belief.

My clients from before couldn’t find me when they came to see me. Then one client asked my old colleagues, “Where did the best person go?”

I had awoken the consciences of most of my clients and helped them quit the CCP. After I left the company for a while, my wife once ran into a few of my old clients.

They talked about me without knowing I was her husband. One person said, “He is so awesome! He is the best employee in his company. “He never accepted gifts, and he declined us whenever we invited him to eat out. He also handled things fairly.

“When we ran into tough issues, he even went above and beyond to help us. Such a kind and good person is very hard to find these days.”


Both my wife and I were arrested in 2018. My wife was illegally detained at the local police station. I was arrested first, and taken home. I had to watch them ransack my home. One person was video recording, and the rest were turning my home upside down.

I was held by two police officers from each side and couldn’t move. When they were about to take down Master’s portraits, I used all my energy to get away from them.

I spoke out to stop them, “Don’t touch my Master’s portraits; that’s my life. All of you stand there, let me kowtow to my Master.”

In front of all of them, I kowtowed nine times to my Master. They were in shock and had to leave Master’s portraits alone.

I was taken to the police station that night, and then underwent a forced checkup at the hospital, before being taken to the detention center. At the detention center, the doctor said, “You failed the test, we can’t admit you. We have to do another checkup on you.”

I didn’t enlighten at the time that this was Master hinting, nor did I quickly look inward to immediately negate the persecution by the evil. I ended up being taken advantage of by the old forces and taken to a detention center in the end. However, my wife returned home.

I had been held in a transition cell for a couple of days. During that time, I awoke the consciences of four detainees and helped them quit the CCP.

I was later transferred to another cell where I was illegally held for nearly a month. I kept in mind what Master said about awakening people’s consciences wherever I was.

Clarifying the Truth

I used every opportunity to clarify the facts to detainees. There were two detainee heads.

One was Chen (alias), who was a murderer; the other one, Bin (alias), was a scammer. There were more than 20 prisoners, and all of them were afraid of these two heads.

Bin had been there for quite a while. Whenever an opportunity came up, I began to talk to him about how the evil CCP had persecuted 80 million Chinese to death through political movements, and the persecution of Falun Dafa, even to the point where they harvested practitioners’ organs and sold them for high profits.

I also told him how Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) is a high-virtue Fa that teaches people to be good. Its practitioners follow the principles Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and that it teaches people to pursue kindness and has been spread to more than 100 countries.

I went on to say, “The evil CCP committed countless evil deeds, upsetting Heaven and earth. Thus, Heaven will eliminate this evil Party, and whoever has joined its organizations would be counted as part of it and eliminated alongside the CCP.”

Bin liked to hear me talk, and he has also quit the CCP. He was in strong agreement of the word “evil CCP” that I used, to the point where he’d join me in saying how evil it was.

After I made him aware of the truth, he didn’t stop me when I came to talk to other inmates. Chen also knew what I was doing, and listened to me all along.

He never stopped me, but rather gave me a green light all the time to talk. At our break time, we went to the balcony, then I started shouting, “Falun Dafa is good!” Quite a few detainees followed me.

Though I didn’t get a chance to clarify the facts to Chen face-to-face, I knew when I talked to other people, he got to listen in. All the detainees decided to quit the CCP.

When everyone was clear about the truth, I bought them some apples. I said, “Since we all know about Dafa's truth, let’s celebrate.” Chen also said to all detainees, “These are apples bought by Falun Dafa. Please never forget about Falun Dafa. We should all thank Falun Dafa and remember what he told us.”

For a murderer to say something like that, this scene was truly moving. I was moved by the fact that sentient beings have made the right choice for themselves after learning the truth.

On the 20th day of being held, Chen suddenly heard someone calling him from outside, “No. 53, pack up your stuff and go!”

He was petrified, since he had thought he was going to be executed. He then quickly asked what was going on. The other party replied, “Go home!” He was extremely excited.

He and his brother had been held for more than two years as death row prisoners. Since their cases had been transferred to the court, Chen thought he would be executed very soon.

But suddenly, the murdered family agreed to reach a settlement with Chen only, so that his family could use money to settle the account, but not his brother. The outcome of Chen's case shocked every inmate. I knew this was because after he learned the truth and became supportive of Dafa, Master gave him a good solution.

When I heard he was about to leave, I remembered I hadn’t helped him to quit the CCP, so I quickly went to ask him. He agreed right away.

Helping People Quit the CCP

Since the breakout of the coronavirus, our local area had been on lockdown, until last May. Our local practitioners came to realize that the opportunity left for saving sentient beings is limited.

During the remaining time, in order to have more sentient beings learn about the truth of the pandemic so they can be saved, handing out truth-clarification materials on a large scale is a good approach. I thus began to work on that with fellow practitioners.

There is more surveillance in the city now. For example, the elevators inside the high-rise buildings are monitored. For safety concerns, I had to take the stairs instead and carried a big bag of informational Dafa materials.

During the process, I often bumped into people. One time, when I climbed up to the 22nd floor and was soaked in sweat, I bumped into a man. He looked at me in a suspicious way, “How come you don’t take the elevator on such a hot day?” I calmly said to him, “I like to take the stairs to get some exercise.”

During these more than 20 years, I also came to know that without Master’s protection, I could not have come this far. With the great celestial changes nowadays, I will never slack off in saving sentient beings.

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