(Minghui.org) A few years ago, the Minghui website asked that practitioners in China set up informational materials production sites wherever possible. Two other practitioners and I set one up. The three of us are Hai (alias) in his 40s, Qin (alias) nearly 70, and I am in my 80s. Each of us does our part in a coordinated way. We have been playing an important role among the local practitioners in group communication, clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings. 

Coordinating to Set Up an Information Production Site

There was only one information production site in our area before 2008. In order to keep up with the progress of Fa-rectification, we invited a technical support practitioner to our area. He helped us set up several informational materials production sites in practitioners’ homes. With his help, all the production sites are able to run independently. 

The technical support practitioner brought Hai to my home. Hai didn’t have Internet access, but he could make fliers and pamphlets. The tech support practitioner asked me to download information from the Minghui website and give it to Hai. Hai was young and capable and I agreed to work with him. So I downloaded information onto a USB and gave it to Hai. Later, Hai moved to his company’s dormitory far away. Practitioner Qin then came to help. Qin delivered the USB to Hai and brought back the printings Hai made. We have been working well in this way since 2008.

Hai prints out the materials and makes them into Minghui Weekly magazines, fliers, and pamphlets. No matter how severe the persecution became, he has been delivering the printings to the designated drop place ten miles away, rain or shine, cold or hot. 

Qin was as diligent as Hai. She delivered the USB to Hai and picked up printings from him each week and then distributed them to local practitioners on the same day. She has been doing this for over ten years and has never complained. 

I was in charge of downloading the latest news and information from Minghui.org onto a USB. I liked this job very much. I like literature. I was a journalist for several newspapers and magazines and I was an editor for many years. I like to read experience sharing articles on Minghui.org. 

I learned from the technical support practitioner how to download from Minghui, edit the information and then upload articles to Minghui. Several of my articles were published, which greatly encouraged me and reinforced my determination to run the production site well. I realized that I had laid a foundation before as a writer and journalist for my present work. This was arranged by Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa), so I must do my work well. 

Officers from the local 610 Office and the State Security Brigade under the police department harassed Hai at his company and home in early August 2020. They demanded he write a guarantee statement to give up his belief. Hai refused. They threatened to put him in a brainwashing center for three months and make his company pay for the expenses. They also went to a female practitioner’s home and showed her a “guarantee statement” and asked her to hand copy it and sign it. They threatened that they would send her to the brainwashing center if she refused. 

After I learned about these two incidents, I downloaded and printed out some articles from Minghui and posted them to the related officers. I sent their phone numbers to the overseas practitioners on the global phone calling China platform and asked them to call the officers to talk to them about what they were doing. The officers haven’t come to harass practitioners since mid-August 2020.

Studying the Fa with Diligence

Master said:

“if whatever it is that you’re doing is not grounded in the Fa, if it does not have the power of the Fa, and if you haven’t cultivated well, you will not do those things well. Although you might have done whatever it is, it has not achieved any effect and simply cannot save people, for you are ineffective in dissolving evil factors. That is why Fa-study is still the most, most important thing—it is the fundamental guarantee for all that you are to do. If you cannot keep up in Fa-study, then there is no hope.” (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference”, Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI

The three of us study the Fa by ourselves. We also attend the group Fa study and study the Fa with other practitioners. We mainly read Zhuan Falun and read Master’s other lectures and articles repeatedly as well. 

Hai has a full-time job. He makes truth-clarification information materials as well as looking after his child. He is very busy but he still spends time studying the Fa with his child. He has memorized Zhuan Falun many times. The quality of the materials he produces keeps improving. He has persevered for ten years and never slacks off. 

Qin studies the Fa with the Fa-study group as well as by herself at home. She reads Minghui Weekly. As soon as she receives the printings, she prepares them based on the needs of every Fa-study group and distributes them to the practitioners that same day. She never delays the distribution despite snow, rain or scorching heat. She doesn’t complain and always does her job happily. 

My wife and I are both practitioners. We attend the group Fa-study regularly. We read Zhuan Falun and Hong Yin at home as well as watch the videos of Master’s lectures in Jinan, Guangzhou, and Dalian. We read Minghui Weekly every week. We visit practitioners who are going through tribulations and show them related articles on sickness karma published on Minghui Weekly. They are very touched. 

My wife is 87 years old. She has distributed the fliers and pamphlets with us in the villages a dozen miles away from our home. She takes care of our family chores so that I have more time to download, edit and write articles. She also helps to edit and proofread my articles. 

Our home informational materials production site has been running for over ten years. For most practitioners in our area it is the only direct contact with the Minghui website in this difficult time. We are able to receive Master’s new articles and keep up with the Fa-rectification process. The process of preparing articles is also a process for us to let go of our attachments and improve in our cultivation. 

We will continue doing what we are doing until the Fa-rectification comes to an end and we follow Master to return to our original home. 

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