(Minghui.org) Fellow practitioners who have developed their celestial vision during cultivation, and those who have not, are in different states of cultivation on the issue of celestial vision. Whether one has the vision or not, both face their own tests on how to handle things well. The key is whether one can look within at all things and at all times, cultivate one’s xinxing, remove one’s attachments, and rise up.

For Those With Celestial Vision

Fellow practitioners who have celestial vision generally believe what they see. So what exactly is it that they see? I think there are several scenarios.

One situation is that what one sees is true. But even if it is true, one should not consider oneself outstanding. Because what one sees is only part of the truth that one is allowed to see at one’s level. We cultivators should be aware of the limitations of our levels and we should not jump to any conclusions. At the same time, we should also cultivate our speech and not reveal everything we see to others.

Whatever we see or hear, is not to be used for predicting something – it is to enlighten us on what to cultivate off, or to give us inspiration in our cultivation.

Another situation may be that because of one’s attachment, the old forces have a loophole to exploit, which makes the practitioners become more attached with the aim of destroying one’s cultivation.

On the other hand, what one sees could also be false, having been changed by our mind-intent. In teaching the Fa, Master specifically talked about this issue, warning us of its harm and consequences to cultivators:

“That is, if you calmly see things with the celestial eye and without using your mind, what you observe is true. If you start to think a little, what you see will be false. This is called demonic interference from one’s own mind, or ‘transformation follows mind-intent.’”

“Particularly for those cultivators with the celestial eye open at certain levels, this problem can happen easily.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun)

Since false vision is a problem that can easily occur, it is more important for those who have their celestial visions opened to be alert and not stumble on this issue.

So, how can one decide whether what they see is real or not? I believe it’s up to us to enlighten to it. In my understanding, if the vision concerns something about Master encouraging us to be more diligent in our cultivation, we might need to think about it. But if it’s about current affairs, we’d shouldn’t be influenced or affected by it. The progress of Fa rectification isn’t settled. Master is still making choices according to the needs of the Fa-rectification. If anything hasn’t been rectified by Master, it doesn’t exist and no one can actually see it.

One should always be on guard and remind oneself:

“Whether it is a Buddha, a Tao, an immortal, or a demon, they should not move your heart. In conducting yourself this way, success is bound to be in sight.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun)

For Those Without Celestial Vision

Those who are longing and wanting to hear about other’s celestial visions may not realize that the curiosity, pursuit, and attachment to their words have already compromised their belief in the Fa and Master. On this issue at least, one is not taking the Fa as a guide, but instead wants to hear what another person’s celestial vision tells them.

If one can resist the urge to find out more about what the celestial vision tells them, one is proactively cultivating, and one will really improve one’s cultivation.

That reminded me something. I was copying Zhuan Falun by handone day in 1998, when I heard a colleague talking in the hallway. I have introduced Dafa to him and he read Zhuan Falun once. He planned to further his education for a Doctorate Degree, and was waiting for the approval from his supervisor at work. When I heard his voice, I stood up and wanted to see if he got the approval to apply for the doctoral program he had in mind. Immediately I asked myself: what kind of human heart was that? Curiosity! I told myself to sit down! I returned to my seat and continued my copying.

From then on, my curiosity subsided significantly. I rarely have the desire to inquire or ask things not related to me. I realized that if I should know something, I naturally would know. If not, so be it. Sometimes in a noisy environment, I can also keep a “hear but not heard” state of mind.

I believed that Master removed the substances of curiosity when I told myself to sit down that day.

Master taught us:

“When your righteous thoughts are firm and when you can repel those things, I remove them for you bit by bit; however much you can do, that's how much I remove for you and diminish for you.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. IV)

Whenever we say or do something, we might need to ask ourselves, why did we say or do that? That is looking within and cultivating proactively. We need to try our best not to wait until the test grows into something too big to pass before we start to look within. If we keep looking within, find our attachments, and eliminate them, we are consistently improving ourselves.

Several Incidents in the Past Should Caution Us All

First Incident

Back in 1996, many fellow practitioners had perceptual understandings of the Fa and had not yet elevated to a rational level. They were more interested in supernatural powers that some cultivators had developed. One day after morning exercise, an elderly practitioner told me that a few days prior he had gone to see a fellow practitioner whose celestial vision was open. This practitioner used her celestial vision to check on the cultivation status of every practitioner who was there to see her that day. The elderly practitioner wanted to bring me to see her someday as well. I turned him down. I said that I didn’t have that curiosity and I didn’t want to worsen the practitioner’s attachment of showing off. Several years later, when another fellow practitioner heard it, he immediately replied, “If it were me, I would go.” I realized that tests and temptations are always there.

Second Incident

I ran into the former volunteer instructor of our exercise site one October day in 1999. She told me that she had the new lecture from Master and was on her way to deliver copies of the lecture to fellow practitioners. I took a quick look but could not tell whether it was truly from Master. I asked her, “How do you know this is from Master?” She replied that a fellow practitioner with celestial vision said so.

I told her, “Don't pass it on. It can’t be true. Master can not possibly send out lectures in this way (having someone with celestial vision confirm the authenticity). Wouldn't that be chaotic? Master will definitely publish new lectures in a clear and reliable way.”

On January 19, 2000, Minghui.org published Master's photo, and Master also confirmed that he only publishes new lectures on Minghui.

The Third Incident

The third one happened in July 2002. A fellow practitioner sent me a poem and said it was Master’s new script. She wanted me to type it and print it out. I had to go out of town the next day, so I went to another fellow practitioner’s house to use their computer, since mine was in for repair. I was typing on the computer, and whenever I hit enter to change lines, the words I typed before were erased. It happened several times. I thought I made a mistake and asked others to do so. The same thing happened!

I immediately realized something was wrong with the poem, and I should not type it out. After I went out of town and discussed this with fellow practitioners there, we realized that it was a fake script. I almost passed on a fake script. I was scared at the afterthoughts. I was also deeply grateful for Master’s protection at all times, preventing my unintentional actions from becoming a big mistake.

During cultivation, tests may be frequent, and even very serious. If we do not pay attention or stay on guard, we might unintentionally do the wrong thing. Only when we study the Fa more, learn the Fa well, and keep the Fa in our hearts and minds, can we not be confused when facing the tests.

Master taught us:

“The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts.” (“Drive Out Interference,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

This is my reflection at my limited level, and bias is inevitable. Please point out and correct me.

Editor’s note: This article only represents the author’s current understanding meant for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare with one another in study, in cultivation.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)

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