(Minghui.org) I have been working out of town in recent years. When I returned to my hometown on March 14, 2021, I saw Zhenzhen, one of my neighbors. I had not seen her for several years. She looked energetic. Who would believe doctors advised her in 2009 that she had only two months to live?

Zhenzhen and I were close when I lived in my hometown, because her daughter and my son were in the same class. When I saw her again, she had become skinny, and had a dark complexion. I asked what happened. Before she could open her mouth she broke out in tears.

She mentioned that she had been sick. She had visited several local hospitals, but her health did not improve, so she went to Beijing for a check-up. She was diagnosed with heart disease, mastitis, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, and some other diseases. She spent more than 17,000 yuan on examination fees, and she had no money to treat the diseases. After saying that, she cried.

I felt so sorry for her and tears covered my face. I asked her to practice Falun Gong to keep fit, but she believed in the defamation of Falun Gong disseminated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and refused.

I had not seen her for another three weeks. When I saw her, I asked her how she was doing. She cried more sadly. She said she was not feeling well, so she borrowed 20,000 yuan and went to Beijing again. The doctor asked her to undergo a heart transplant, which would cost 500,000 yuan. Otherwise, she would only have two months at most to live. She had no money, so she felt hopeless. She did not want to die, as she was only 33 years old, and her daughter was only 9 years old.

I asked her to practice Falun Gong again, but she still refused. I asked her to quit the CCP and its youth organizations, but she did not accept the truth. After I repeatedly clarified the truth to her, she finally agreed to quit the CCP youth organization.

I did not see her for another month or so after she quit the CCP’s youth organizations. When I saw her again, I surprisingly saw her riding a motorcycle. Her face was rosy and refreshed. She said to me, “Since I saw you that day, I felt well the next day and did not taken any medicine. I went back to work last month.” “That’s wonderful!” I was moved and broke out in tears witnessing the power of Dafa. I said, “Your heart disease disappeared just by withdrawing from the CCP’s youth organizations. Dafa is so miraculous! I am so happy for you!” To my surprise, she said, “It’s just a coincidence. I got better because my relative gave me three boxes of blood-supplementing syrup. The syrup cured my diseases.”

I was speechless. She had tried several hospitals and taken so many medicines, which did not work. The expert in Beijing’s hospital told her she had only two months to live. When the miracle did happen, she did not believe in Dafa’s preciousness.

After eight days, she met me again and said, “Since I saw you that day, my heart disease came back again, and I had to have IV’s in the town hospital for seven days. I need to have it again tomorrow.”

“That’s because you have no conscience,” I said. “You got better after quitting the CCP’s youth organization, but you said the syrup cured you. If the syrup could cure you, why did you spend tens of thousands of yuan on examinations? And why did the hospital in Beijing tell you to have a heart transplant?” She was embarrassed, came to her senses, and said, “I was wrong. My remark was unconscionable. I won’t say that again.”

The next day she was well again. She did not need to go to her town’s hospital. Instead, she went back to work.

I once again witnessed the power of Dafa. Since then, whenever I see Zhenzhen, I remember her amazing recovery. I am always moved to tears by Master’s compassion. It was Dafa that gave her a second life.

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