(Minghui.org) I recently read an article on Minghui.org about what to do when we are given runarounds by the authorities while seeking justice against the persecution. The article (Chinese only) inspired me as it reminded me of my attachments.

In recent years, I had developed resentment towards some agents from the public security, procuratorate, and judicial departments as I saw how they persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners without any legal basis. I felt that they were bad people and blamed them for arresting and sentencing the practitioners. I knew that it was them that were carrying out the persecution on the surface with the ultimate reason being the old forces and our own attachments. My heart was nevertheless disturbed by the superficial appearance.

I knew that Master has been telling us Dafa disciples to compassionately save people and that we have no enemies in our cultivation. I thought I understood this but when faced with reality and the perpetrators, I was still affected by their attitude and didn’t have compassion for them. I resented them so much that I didn’t want to face them or clarify the truth to them.

Even when I had to face them while rescuing fellow practitioners, I could not treat them with a calm heart or compassion. It could be expected that the outcome wouldn’t be ideal. My frustration only made my attachment worse as I didn't want to face them anymore and I gradually stopped participating in rescuing practitioners in the past few years.

I also became passive in my work environment. I'm a teacher, and for many years the school has deprived me of the right to teach because of my practicing Falun Dafa. I tried to clarify the truth to the school’s Party secretary, dean, and officers from the 610 Office. I asked to have my position reinstated, but they refused to talk to me or acted in a perfunctory manner. I felt helpless each time and stopped talking to them. Despite being marginalized at work, I was still being appraised at work and I felt depressed over it.

We shouldn't be affected by false appearances in our cultivation, but I was trapped in it and unable to move on. I disliked the public security officers and the leaders in my workplace.

It wasn't until I read the abovementioned article that I started reflecting on myself. The author of the article gave examples of how judges handled cases and realized that the judges have been restrained by the Chinese communist regime to suppress the kind people. These judges are actually very pitiful.

The article also made me recall the harassment calls that I had received last year from the police. The police kept asking me for my home address, but I didn't tell them. During the call, my tone was filled with resentment. I even hung up the call.

The police said that they would go to my workplace to find me, causing me to feel annoyed and anxious during those few days. I was worried that if the police indeed came to my workplace, I wouldn’t know how to handle them.

At the end of the article, the author wrote, “bring the cultivator's compassion to every person that we meet, including those in the police and neighborhood staff.”

Indeed, we should treat everyone and everything with compassion, regardless of how they perform. We should do what Master told us to do—clarifying the truth compassionately and saving people.

When I happily shared my thoughts with fellow practitioners after reading the article, I recalled two incidents that happened more than ten years ago.

One of them happened when I was rescuing my family member who is a practitioner. I had to contact the police for one and a half years. During that time, the case was twice sent back to the police for additional evidence. On the surface, the prosecutor was preparing to indict my family member and the case was heading in a bad direction.

When I felt helpless, fellow practitioners encouraged me, “Go ahead and do it. You don't have to say anything if you don't know what to say. As long as you go, the diving beings in other dimensions will be with you and help you eliminate the evil.”

I didn't think of the police officers’ situation at that time. But with practitioners' encouragement and faith in the Fa, I persevered in contacting the officers. I repeatedly talked to them and sent them documents and letters. The court finally rejected the case. This had never happened before, as the persecution in my city was rampant. This miracle happened because I followed the Fa's requirements and compassionately clarified the truth to the officers.

Another incident involved a few practitioners who were arrested and their cases were sent to the court. An elderly practitioner, whose daughter was arrested, and I went to find the judge. The judge appeared to be very busy when we looked for him. Each time, he would either not meet us or dismiss us with a few words. We didn't have a chance to clarify the truth and felt helpless.

In the end, we wrote a letter detailing how the daughter is a sensible child and is innocent, hoping the judge would treat her kindly. The elderly practitioner hand-copied every word of the letter to the paper. We didn't have any expectations about the results, but both of us believed this was what we were supposed to do and we encouraged each other. After the trial, the daughter was released.

However, the other practitioners who were arrested together with her were sentenced. The elderly practitioner had tried contacting their family members, but they refused to step in.

The article helped me recall these two incidents, and I realized that I had forgotten the righteous thoughts I once had and was shaken by the perpetrators' attitude in recent years. This article again reminded me that regardless of the perpetrators' attitudes, practitioners should do what we have to do. Master told us to clarify the truth and save people. Thus, we should do it and not be affected by the false appearance. I realized that I have reduced my dislike toward the police and the leaders at my workplace and I now view them kindly.

Thank you to the practitioner who wrote the sharing article. Thank you, Master, for using the article to strengthen my righteous thoughts.

Editor's note: Views expressed in this article represent the author's own opinions, for which the author is solely responsible. Readers should evaluate the article's merits on their own.

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