(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner who developed supernatural powers and celestial vision in my cultivation. Many fellow practitioners like to contact me. Some come to discuss things related to projects we work on together, while others are just curious about my abilities. I’d like to share some of my understandings concerning supernatural powers.

For Fellow Practitioners Whose Supernatural Powers Are Locked

Many practitioners cultivate in a locked state (meaning that their supernatural powers and celestial vision derived from cultivation are not readily available to them) and some are eager to know why they encounter certain things. When they meet practitioners who have supernatural powers and celestial vision, they can be easily interfered with when they believe others’ visions instead of judging things according to the Fa.

Master taught us:

“The stakes are high for your spiritual development, for only Dafa itself can guide you right. Don’t start following someone or giving him an audience just because he has special powers or visions. You would be hurting not only yourself, of course, but also bringing harm to that person; he might become full of himself and end up losing all that he had, have his powers revoked, or fall.” (The Sixth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

Master has arranged for us to practice cultivation in delusion, and this is the best and the most suitable arrangement for us. I think we really shouldn’t put much stock in what those with supernatural powers say, and we certainly shouldn't be driven by what they say. We should always take the Fa as our teacher.

For Fellow Practitioners with Their Powers Unlocked

Master granted us these powers to better walk our path of cultivation, not for us to interfere with fellow practitioners or seek fame and fortune among them. When we work with practitioners whose powers are locked, it is important to respect the path they are on.

Try to cooperate with them based on the actual situation. Do not pay too much attention to yourself or to your abilities, or it might provoke their curiosity, elation, dependence, or other attachments. We must recognize our own limitations and other aspects of inadequacy, so that we do not disturb our fellow practitioners or cause them irreparable harm.

Many practitioners know about me and want to see me. Faced with this situation, I never see anyone new unless it is absolutely necessary. What's more, I’ve never felt that I am different from any other practitioner.

When I interact with fellow practitioners, I can often see their envy, admiration, curiosity, and other attachments. In these cases, I have no choice but to avoid them. I have pointed out their shortcomings, but some of them became obsessed about this, so less contact is a better option in this situation.

A practitioner whose ability is not locked can know some of the things he needs to know when it comes to doing the three things. The Fa has much stricter requirements for such people, and they should be extremely careful not to go beyond the accepted state of the world.

Cooperating with Fellow Practitioners on the Basis of the Fa Is the Key

Whatever state a person cultivates in, it is easy to work together only when we are not attached to ourselves. But if we are not on the Fa, then too much contact can only lead to interference and harm for both sides.

Many times attachments are not easy to detect. For example, one practitioner wanted me to use my celestial vision to show him how to make money. I told him that he was taking advantage of the Fa and the ability of a fellow practitioner. It violated the Fa and wasn’t appropriate. He stopped asking me to do that, but he kept calling me, saying that he missed me and just wanted to hear my voice. I said that he still wanted to use my ability to help him but he was pretending not to. Why else would he want to see me or hear my voice?

Cultivators without supernatural powers should not worship or admire those who do, and just because some do have supernatural powers does not mean they have cultivated higher or better.

Master told us:

“Supernatural skills are but petty means,The Great Fa must be the basis of everything.”(“Seeking the Righteous Fa,” Hong Yin, Translation Version A)

Fellow practitioners who have supernatural powers and/or celestial vision have their own limitations, given the complexity of the universe. At best, one can only recognize what one should know at one's own level. Each person's path of cultivation is known only to Master, who arranged it.

Fellow practitioners who have supernatural powers should pay attention to not being carried away by it. Even if you were able to accomplish something with your power, it doesn’t mean anything—everything is given by the Fa.

Personally, when I notice a practitioner has an attachment to my abilities, I avoid them. I hope they will be more rational and handle things on the basis of the Fa. No matter what I do, I hope I won't disturb and interfere with fellow practitioners. Let us cherish this eternal opportunity to cultivate Dafa.

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