(Minghui.org) When I first obtained the book Essentials for Further Advancement and read the section “Wealth with Virtue” in 2009, I was in awe. I admired the author because I felt he had great wisdom. From deep within my heart, I said, “This is what I have been looking for!” 

I was very touched! I never felt this way before. I was determined to practice Falun Dafa. Perhaps it was my predestined relationship with Dafa that unlocked my deepest memories. Ten years have passed and the wonderful memories when I first started cultivation are fresh in my mind. 

Amazing Experiences after Starting Cultivation

After graduating from high school I moved into my college’s dormitory. While watching Master’s video lectures, I felt my body enter into a state of tranquility. I experienced what Master said in Lecture Two of Zhuan Falun.

Master said,

“When I was talking about the Celestial Eye, each of you could feel that your forehead was tight; the muscles felt like they were piling up together and drilling inward.” (Lecture Two, Zhuan Falun)

This was exactly how my forehead felt.

Many people practiced the exercises when I first attended the group practice site at a park next to my college dormitory. When I closed my eyes while doing the second exercise, I saw red flowers constantly blossoming. It was just as Master Li (Dafa's founder) mentioned,

“As time passes, one will find that it gradually turns white in the forehead. After a period of cultivation practice, one will discover that it gradually begins to be bright inside the forehead, and then it turns red. At this time, it will blossom like the flowers seen on television or in a movie in which the flowers blossom in a second. Such scenes will appear. The red color will start out flat, and then it will suddenly stand out in the middle and turn constantly.” (Lecture Two, Zhuan Falun)

After blossoming for a while, it went dark again. I knew Master was revealing only a little bit for me to see. 

While resting on my bed one afternoon, I dreamed that circles were rotating towards me. As the circles got closer I woke up and I realized that those were actually Falun! The colors of the Falun were not as bright or clear as Master mentioned in Zhuan Falun. I enlightened that it was because I had just begun cultivating. 

When I opened my eyes and sat up, I realized there was a beam of light shining from between my eyes. There was a wooden chest across the room and the beam of light, which was about as big as a coin, shone on it. When I moved my head, the beam of light also moved. This lasted for about a minute then it slowly disappeared. 

Encounter at the Park

I was meditating at a practice site located in a botanical garden one day. The calm and peace were suddenly interrupted by a dog barking. It broke from its leash and started running around wildly. The park was filled with people and they ran and hid. 

I was unmoved and kept my eyes closed. The dog’s barking got closer and closer until I could feel its heavy breathing on my face. The dog was right next to me and stopped barking. It stood next to me quietly until the owner called it back. 

When the exercise music ended, I realized I was the only one who persisted in practicing the exercises until the very end. I was still quite nervous because I had just begun practicing the exercises but I was determined to keep my eyes closed the entire time. With my determination, I passed the test. 

Master said,

“There’s a saying, “Broadly shines a Buddha’s light, setting everything right.” It means that people who truly cultivate carry immense energy in their bodies. Wherever those persons go, any abnormal condition within the area covered by their energy can be corrected and restored to normal.” (“Qi and Gong,” Falun Gong)

Predestined Relationship

I was very excited when I first attended the local Fa-study group. When I entered the room, there was only one person there but we had not met before. I only nodded and smiled when he asked me questions. 

This practitioner helped me a lot during my first years of cultivation and he and I read the teachings every night. I had a vivid dream: I was covered in a thick blanket and walked alongside this practitioner. He walked ahead of me and urged me to walk faster. I was sweating and it took all my strength to follow him and keep walking. When I woke up, I enlightened that the “blanket” meant that I still had a lot of human attachments that I hadn’t yet eliminated. I began practicing relatively late and this practitioner was helping me to be more diligent by urging me to continue walking forward.

This practitioner became my husband and we continue to help each other on the path of cultivation. Marriage is predestined by heaven and practitioners’ marriages are bestowed by Master. As Dafa disciples, we aren’t like ordinary people—we need to walk on the most righteous marital path. 

My husband and I didn’t need to date since we knew each other for years. When he brought up the topic of marriage, we agreed and married the following month. We were sitting on a bench at the park when I saw a five-colored cloud in the sky with a beam of golden light in the middle. I immediately put my palms together in heshi (show of respect). The cloud remained in the sky for a few minutes before slowly disappearing. We were the only ones who noticed the cloud and we thought perhaps it was a higher being congratulating us on our marriage. 

On the day of our marriage, we bowed to Master’s image. I know that Master arranged for us to help and encourage each other on the path of cultivation so we could be even more diligent. We shouldn’t live like an ordinary couple. Not only are we husband and wife, but we’re also two Dafa practitioners. 

Overcoming Karma

As soon as I woke up one morning I noticed my skin was covered with red bumps. It persisted for many days, spreading from my thighs to my body. It looked horrible and I thought I had an allergic reaction to something. I refused to take any medication and endured the pain, which was truly excruciating. The bumps were very itchy and I knew I could not scratch them or else they would bleed and be even more painful. I know this was a test for me. 

After enduring the pain for a couple of days, my husband found bed bugs on the walls. They were the cause of all the red bumps on my skin. Even though we slept in the same bed, my husband only got a couple of bed bug bites. It seemed as if the bed bugs were only attacking me. It was truly frightening to see the number of bed bug bites on my body, while my husband barely had any.

I tried to calm down and meditate. It was truly hard for me to sleep with my body covered with the painful red bites. The night lamp flickered in the deep, silent night when suddenly a strong gust of wind blew in the room, causing the windows to creak. The sound caused me to have goosebumps followed by fear. I knew something was trying to get at me. I suppressed my fear and started to recite Master’s lectures. Deep down in my heart, I knew I had to overcome this tribulation. My husband woke up suddenly and I told him something was here for me. He immediately understood and started to send forth righteous thoughts. Everything returned to normal within a couple of minutes. 

Not long after, my husband had a vivid dream: A group of evil-looking people were calling my name and said that they came to collect a debt. My husband blocked the door and refused to let them in. My husband told them I was not in the room. After he told me about his dream, I understood this tribulation was for me to repay debts I owed from past lifetimes. The debts I owed needed to be repaid through “blood” and suffering. Hence the bed bugs were there to collect a debt I owed them. 

Master said, 

“Genuine cultivation practice is not as easy as you imagine. Do you think that if you want to practice cultivation you’ll be able to make it? Once you want to truly practice cultivation, your life will be in danger right away and this issue will concern you immediately. Many qigong masters dare not teach students toward high levels. Why? They just cannot take care of this matter, and they cannot protect you.” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun)

Cultivation practice in the past talked about “an eye for an eye”. If I did not cultivate, who knows how many lifetimes it would take for me to repay all the lives I killed or harmed. I am very grateful to Master for enduring most of my karma and allowing me to overcome this tribulation and resolve my karma. 

My Cultivation Experiences

When I first began practicing, I had interference from spirit and animal possession. One night I was awakened to cats screeching downstairs. It did not sound like normal cats, instead it sounded ghastly and terrifying. 

I had a vivid dream: A cat made threatening gestures at me. It was waiting for an opportunity to harm me. I grabbed it but it ran away. After it left, I saw the bottom half of a being and one hand that was slightly lifting. I realized that this being was controlling the cat to harm me. When I woke up, I realize that this might have been the old forces. Nowadays, models are required to do “catwalks,” and actresses wear “cat-eyed makeup.” Aren’t these all animal interference to human beings? I saw that the “lust demon” was also in the form of a cat. 

I’ve also had several good experiences. During cold winter days, food is scarce. I took some leftover bread and fed the sparrows. I felt the sparrows’ chirps were thanking me. 

I used to teach a little boy who had a cat, a dog and a snake. The dog would wag its tail enthusiastically and rub its body along yours whenever anyone came to the boy’s house. One time I noticed that it looked tired. I silently told the dog to take a break and rest. Almost immediately, the dog stopped wagging it tail and lay down. I smiled as the dog calmed down. 

One summer day we were practicing the second exercise at a park. I noticed a bird flying around us. At first I paid no attention to it. It kept flying around us and chirping so I decided to listen to what it was saying. The bird kept saying: “Dafa is good! Dafa is good,” for 15 minutes before it flew away. 


We passed by the Volga River to attend a Falun Dafa activity in another city. Looking at the waves after getting out of our car, I asked my husband, “Are waves alive?” My husband told me that they were. 

At that moment I was filled with compassion and said to the river, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! Falun Dafa is good! If you can hear me, please make a wave.” Just then, my husband saw a sudden rise of large waves coming from the middle of the river and rushing towards us. Seeing the waves getting closer I told it to stop since we did not want to get wet. As soon as I said it, the waves gradually slowed down. I put my palms together in heshi

Everything in this world has a soul. After practicing Falun Dafa, I realized what the naked eye perceives is not everything and that everything around us still contains many mysteries.

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