(Minghui.org) I started to practice Falun Dafa during my last year at the university in 2013. Cultivation in Dafa is an amazing yet difficult experience for me.

I was a law student. I accidentally selected a course about Chinese and Western cultures in my first year at the university. The teacher mentioned such words as “cultivation world,” “good person” and “saint,” and so on, in his class. I listened attentively and liked this class. Then, in my third year, I decided to ask the teacher what the truth was by his standard. He didn’t answer me directly.

Attaining the Fa

I returned home for my summer holiday in year three. When I looked at the empty road before our house, I wished that heaven could reveal the truth to me. I was willing to spend all I had to seek the truth. When the university started, I asked the teacher what the truth was that he talked about. He wrote four Chinese characters on my palm: “Falun Dafa.” I obtained the Fa that day.

I was very happy in my fourth year at the university. I studied the Fa every day. Sometimes I stayed up studying the Fa until early hours in the morning and didn’t feel tired. I also joined the local Fa-study group. I didn’t have the experience of body cleansing. After I studied the Fa, I realized that Master had erased my memory of Dafa being framed. I knew I came for the Fa.

I went back home after four years at the university. I was still in the happiness of obtaining the Fa. I decided to tell everything I knew to my family. But, they didn’t understand me. I felt bad. In a trance I felt that the sentient beings in the heaven of my family members were kneeling down to me and begged me to save their kings. I decided to be patient, and show the beauty of Falun Dafa to them gradually.

Cultivating by Myself

I cultivated by myself at home. Gradually the excitement of obtaining the Fa and the impulse to do things without considering anything faded away. I started to clarify the truth online. I emailed Dafa materials to my good friends. I wrote online articles and forwarded truth-clarification articles to people. I didn’t feel that what I did was sensitive and dangerous. I didn’t come across any safety issues.

One day I received a message from my good friend. She told me that she was arrested by police because of forwarding truth-clarification materials online. She said that the local police station was watching my account.

I cried and felt angry and sorry for her. I wondered why she had to undergo persecution. Nobody or anything should take advantage of our loopholes to prevent us from our belief. She eventually declared at the police station that she gave up cultivation. But the police officer didn’t contact me.

I sent a message to her. The general idea was that Falun Dafa is a righteous way and that I believe in Falun Dafa not because I wanted to seek the power of Dafa or get something from it, and that I would not give up my belief. I wanted her to come back to Dafa. But she refused. I didn’t communicate with her further, because I didn’t want her to commit bigger crimes if she tried to persuade me to give up Dafa.

Clarifying the Truth: Being Vigilant

I could clarify the truth via the Internet, but it was not secure in China. It would also bring out my curiosity, competitive heart, attachment to emotion, and show-off mentality. So I started to tell my friends about Falun Dafa from a third person’s point of view. It was very hard for me to talk to strangers about Falun Dafa. I only had a small circle of friends to whom I could clarify the truth.

I had the idea of setting up a material production site in my home. I made the materials and distributed them by myself. I asked my parents to buy me a color printer. They didn’t know why I wanted it. I learned how to print and distributed the information to the residents nearby. I'd soon covered the whole street. Then I distributed the materials in the neighboring residential area.

My family was told that our apartment building was going to be demolished, so we moved to another residential area. I started to distribute the materials in the new area. One day I went to a government organization and saw a board on the wall on which was written that a certain person was a Falun Gong practitioner and required specific attention. I realized that there were practitioners in my residential area, but I hadn’t come across them. I did Dafa work alone. This reminded me to be more vigilant.

I went to a training session for a law examination in another city. My materials production site stopped for more than six months. I interned in a law firm after I got my lawyer's license. During these six months, I got many award certificates and cups which occupied two shelves of my cupboard. I received many praises and honors. I even won a prize in a provincial competition. I appeared in TV programs several times as a lawyer.

Feeling Hopeless

I was thoroughly indulged in this so-called “happiness.” Gradually I stopped studying the Fa at night and became a person pursuing fame and interests. Although I was admired by everyday people, there was no joy in my heart. A being who obtained the Fa but left the Fa later on could only feel hopeless.

Walking the Cultivation Path Well

I felt a force that dragged me away from Dafa. The director of the law firm tempted me and I made a terrible mistake with the relationship. I wanted to end my life. But, when thinking of my parents, I stopped this dangerous thought. I picked up Dafa books again. If I indeed wanted to give up my life, I then would give up happiness, fame, and fortune in everyday life and come back to Dafa.

I learned that the director suffered from cancer after the New Year. I let go of my hatred towards him. One day I told him the facts about Falun Dafa. When I was wanting to save sentient beings, I felt that I came back to Dafa genuinely this time.

I moved to a high-end residential area after I finished the internship and became an employee of the law firm. I continued my materials production site and distributing the materials by myself.

I had experienced a lot and no longer understood the Fa superficially. I became more and more tolerant and understood this world better. When I clarified the truth to my parents, I no longer criticized the evil Party like an angry youth. They could understand me better. My mother even praised me by saying that I would be a hero with wisdom in a chaotic world.

As a lawyer who won many awards, I clarified the truth to my friends through my experience and asked them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They normally listened to me. One prosecutor said that she received many phone calls when dealing with a Falun Gong case. I told her that the law didn’t say that Falun Gong was a cult. If she followed the policies instead of the law, nobody could protect her when she was held accountable later on. She said she knew this. All the lawyers who defended Falun Gong mentioned this to her.

When I chatted with my police friends, I would talk about Falun Gong and told them to protect Falun Gong practitioners. Sometimes I received good feedback. Occasionally some opposed me strongly. I would not argue with them but asked them to listen to both sides, and not be biased. I would say that even if they didn’t agree with me, they should not acknowledge the CCP's trampling of the rule of law. They normally understood and appreciated my reasoning.

Although I obtained the Fa late and took a detour in cultivation, I walked my own cultivation path by myself thanks to Master’s protection. I moved to different houses several times and distributed truth-clarification materials far and wide. I will walk the remaining cultivation path well and rectify myself in the Fa.

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