(Minghui.org) Because our household started to have financial problems, I needed to work. I was nearly 60 years old and finding work was not easy.

My first job was babysitting a two-year-old boy. When his mother went to work, I would play Master’s audio lectures. I also clarified the truth to people when I took the boy out. I just followed the flow. No matter where I worked, I would tell people the facts about Dafa and encourage them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. The families that I have worked for include businessmen, civil servants, teachers, and workers. Most of them know the truth about Falun Dafa and the persecution. Some of them have listened to the Fa multiple times. Some have read Zhuan Falun. I am really happy to see that these lives have been saved.

On October 30, 2019, I applied for a job as a caregiver for an 82-year-old woman with cerebral thrombosis. This was my first time as a caregiver. I did the work with the guidance of the Fa and her whole family appreciated what I did. Her daughter, son-in-law, second son, second daughter-in-law, third son, third daughter-in-law, and many caregivers in the rehabilitation hospital withdrew from the CCP with my help.

The old lady had needed a caregiver at home for seven years, and many had come and gone. The old lady told me that I was the best caregiver she’d ever had. I told her how sacred and beautiful Dafa is. We listened to the Fa lectures together. On the night of December 27, 2019, while I did the fifth exercise, I saw the old lady coming to say goodbye to me. She died peacefully the next day. Since then, I have made extensive connections with many people as a nanny and a caregiver. Almost every day someone has been saved.

On January 26, 2020, the third day of Wuhan’s lockdown, those of us in Heilongjiang were not aware of the seriousness of the epidemic. Fellow practitioners went to the locked down community to distribute informational brochures. How could we get in? Just then, a man was about to enter the gate, so we just trailed in after him. I knew that Master had opened the door because the people there needed to be saved. We distributed more than 100 truth-clarification brochures door-to-door. Some people picked them up right after we left it. We went into a supermarket and bought some household goods. It turned out that the supermarket had entrances to both the community and outside. We got out easily thanks to Master’s blessings!

As the Wuhan coronavirus grew worse locally, community management became more and more strict. Each household was allowed one permit to go out every other day. Fellow practitioners and I were very worried about what to do. One morning when I was doing the fifth exercise, I saw a red certificate with five golden characters. The first one was a “Da” and the second one seemed to be “Fa.” I couldn’t identify the last three characters.

When another practitioner came to my home to study the Fa and send righteous thoughts, I told her what I’d seen, and she said that it must be “Dafa TongXingZheng” (Dafa pass).” I was stunned and thought that Master must have given us a pass. As long as you have the heart to save sentient beings, Master will arrange everything.

A fellow practitioner told me, “Today I bought vegetables for my relatives, and they gave me a pass. They didn’t take it back when I came out. It can still be used tomorrow, so let’s distribute brochures there tomorrow!” After we studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts the next day, we took nearly 200 brochures and stickers about the epidemic to that community. Because the epidemic was serious and many people had to stay at home, we posted the stickers in the most noticeable places at the entrance so everyone would see them.

On May 17, 2020, I went to a community to take care of an 80-year-old lady who was living alone. She got worse and gradually lost consciousness. I asked her to say “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I put her on a ventilator and called her relatives and told them to be prepared. After a few hours, she regained consciousness, and I knew it was Master who brought her back. Shortly after, she could stand up and walk slowly about 20 steps.

We went outdoors almost every day. I took this opportunity to persuade people to withdraw from the CCP. Sometimes when I handed out brochures, the old lady was very cooperative. One time while I handed out truth-clarification materials door-to-door, a property manager saw me and tried to take pictures of me. I was caught by surprise so I ran downstairs. Then I thought that I was more capable than he was. I gradually calmed down. What should I do? There were still more than 20 brochures in my hand. I walked into the other buildings and distributed them all.

A week later, I fell asleep around noon and saw two tigers. One passed across my body. I was not hurt because I was covered with a net of Fa. Around 6 p.m., two special police cars arrived downstairs outside the building where I worked. The police rang my doorbell, said that they were from a certain police station, and told me to open up.

I first put my Dafa book in a safe place, then secured the door silently. After a while, they knocked again. I decided to ignore them and started to recite the Fa. They called the neighbor to knock on my door and said they wanted to give safety tips on preventing theft and robbery. They said that all the residents had to attend. After half an hour, I was wondering what type of attachments this was targeting and found the attachment of lust. I asked Master to bless me to get rid of this attachment and avoid persecution. Once this thought arose, I saw the police get in their car and leave. It was truly:

“Thoughts are righteous and the mind is broad, transforming danger into safety.” (“Gods and Buddhas in the World,” Hong Yin IV)

I was not afraid at the time, but I was shaking afterwards.

I asked the neighbor across from me the next day about it and she said that it was to give safety tips on preventing theft and robbery and that everyone had to attend. When no one answered the door, she told the police that I was a caregiver and was with an old lady so I might not be able to attend, so the police walked away. At night, I asked a resident who lived on the 11th floor. They said that they had not heard anything about it. Thank you, Master, for helping me avoid this tribulation.

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