(Minghui.org) Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, taught us:

“we're a group of cultivators, and we cultivate divinity, so of course miracles have indeed happened.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Western U.S. Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. V)

I have experienced some miraculous things in my journey of cultivation that I would like to share. I did not begin practicing until 2012 and I am 58 years old now. Since I came to Falun Dafa late, my understanding of Dafa is not that thorough, so please kindly correct me if there is anything not in line with the Fa.

I Begin Practicing Dafa

Chen, an elderly gentleman, lived near me. I knew that he was a Falun Dafa practitioner and had a good reputation among the neighbors, but I still stayed away from him. I was deceived by the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda and I thought Falun Dafa practitioners were involved in politics, and I was a Party member then.

At that time, my daughter had just graduated from college and was doing her internship. She often went to Chen's house. Since she and I had not been getting along well, the more I tried to control her, the more she objected. So I did not stop her. But I noticed that her attitude seemed to be improving. She stopped talking back to me like she used to. I found it a bit strange but I did not mind.

One day, my daughter told me that Chen had invited me over to his house. I did not reply. After she mentioned it several times, I thought, “All right,” but I would be vigilant and not be influenced by him. 

When I visited him, I realized that my daughter had been practicing Falun Dafa. He told me the facts about Dafa, that it is the supreme Buddha Fa and guides people to cultivate their character and teaches people to abide by Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Somehow, my “vigilance” was gone, and I agreed with him. I also learned that the reason my daughter's attitude had improved was because she was practicing Dafa.

I had a vivid dream that night: There was a Buddha statue on the wall with a halo around it. I knew it was a true Buddha in my dream. There was a road leading to a house, but it was muddy and slippery. A person nearby wanted to help me get to the house. When I woke up, I felt that person was the neighbor. I wondered if it was a hint that I should learn Falun Dafa. I had no more resistance. In fact, I became excited about it. I felt that Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, was already taking care of me.

One day my husband went to visit his ailing mother whom I never got along with. After he left, I waved my hand and cursed. I was frozen and could not move. I suddenly remembered what Chen told me about the teachings. Was Master giving me a hint? 

I went to see Chen two days later. He gave me the DVDs of Master's lectures in Guangzhou, the precious book Zhuan Falun (the main book of Falun Dafa), and the exercise music. I was deeply impressed by the book. I read three lectures every day and exercised morning and night. 

Two weeks later, while I was doing the exercises, I saw clearly that Master was in front of me and installed a Falun for me! I was now a Dafa practitioner!

I later realized how fortunate I was to be able to obtain this once-in-eons Fa during this crazy, evil persecution.

Master Purified My Body

Master said:

“We do not talk about healing illnesses here, either. Rather, we talk about holistically adjusting students’ bodies to enable you to cultivate.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun, 2014 Translation Version)

I had degenerative disc disease, which affected my thoracic and lower back. When it flared up, I had to use medication to control the pain. One day, the symptoms worsened. After studying the Fa with other practitioners, I talked about the pain I was enduring. They told me that cultivators were different from ordinary people, that the pain was for me to eliminate karma and I had to enlighten to it and not just blindly take medication. Since I had just begun practicing and I didn’t understand the Fa teachings well, I resented what they said. 

I went to see Chen. He was very understanding and said, “If you want to take the medicine to relieve your pain, you may. After all, you’ve just started practicing.” I hesitated. But in the end, I decided to listen to Master. I made the right choice and Master showed me how he adjusted my body.

Master taught us:

“After the celestial eye is open, one can see from one side, simultaneously, four sides of a human body. One can see the rear, the left, and the right from the front. One can see one layer after another or see beyond this dimension the fundamental cause of an illness.” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun, 2014 Translation Version)

When I was doing the Falun Standing Stance, the second exercise, Master opened my celestial vision. My celestial eyes saw the back of my body and from the left to the right side of my body, layer by layer. When I reached the lumbar vertebrae, I saw that the lumbar vertebrae in another dimension was broken at the Mingmen point. When I looked at the lumbar vertebrae from the right side to the left side, I saw that the lumbar vertebrae had been re-connected; the thoracic vertebrae were also connected by the same process. I saw how Master made the connections clearly, from beginning to end.

Master said: “If that body of yours is injured, aren’t you paralyzed?” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun)

I thought that if I hadn't practiced Dafa, I would have been paralyzed in bed, unable to get up, and it was Master who saved me. At the same time, I really realized why practitioners do not take medicine. I am infinitely grateful to Master. 

Walking the Path of Fa-rectification

After I began practicing Dafa, through extensive Fa study, I understood that our mission as Dafa practitioners is to help Master in the Fa-rectification and save sentient beings. 

The very year we began practicing Dafa, my daughter and I teamed up to hang truth-clarification posters on poles. We covered the license plate on our car and went to neighboring counties far away. We also hung informational cards around the government building and in parks, as well as the park in front of the police department. 

It is about 12 miles from where we live now to our hometown. We put up posters along the way at night. We are so fortunate to be able to practice Dafa and help Master to rectify the Fa. 

We set up an informational materials production center at home and began to produce materials. My daughter and I took turns doing it day and night. When we sent forth righteous thoughts at midnight, I saw Master smiling at us. My neighbor downstairs was a close friend of the director of a local police department. To distract them from the noise of the machine, my son turns up the volume on the television and also helps us make the materials.

I had a dream one night that we were making materials and the neighbor came to spy on us through the crack in the door. I told her that we were saving people and telling people the truth. She did not say a word and turned around to talk to her husband. Then I saw a group of police officers coming toward us. I woke up realizing we were in danger. 

When I took my son to school that day, the neighbor came out and asked, “Are you taking your son to school?” I realized she had been monitoring our every movement. After that I went to a fellow practitioner's home and told him about my dream and my encounter with the neighbor. He told me that what we cultivated is the Fa of the cosmos, that we are doing what is right, and that people won’t be allowed to easily cause damage as long as our hearts are righteous. We both sent forth righteous thoughts and resolved the danger. 

A Miracle During the Flood

My hometown was flooded in 2018. The water inside the house was as high as the window. Everything was ruined. After the water receded, we went back to clean it up. We were extremely tired after one day of hard work. We used the last bit our strength to open the bedroom door, only to be shocked by what we saw—the bed was dry and clean! 

I laid down on the bed with tears running down my face: “Thank you, Master, for protecting your disciple. You save a place for your disciple to rest and also to validate the wonder of Dafa for sentient beings.”

My sister and her friend came the next day. When they saw the clean, dry bed, they were also amazed. They said if they had not seen it with their own eyes, they wouldn't have believed it whatsoever. Her friend asked, “Are you a fairy godmother?” I told her that I practiced Falun Dafa and that miracles like that are common for Falun Dafa practitioners.

It took me a long time to finish cleaning the house. I used to study the teachings with a group in the afternoon, and I was worried when I had no time to study during those days. One morning after doing the exercises, I went back for a nap. In my dream, there was a long desk and many people were doing their homework. Everyone finished theirs but I had not even started. I was worried and asked if it would be alright for me to it take it home to do. The teacher agreed. I woke up. 

That night, two fellow practitioners in my hometown came to visit. I told them about my dream. They asked me to study the Fa with them that night. So I cleaned the house during the day and studied with them that night. I realized Master did not want to leave me behind and made an arrangement for me. 

Respecting Master and Dafa

One morning, I was meditating in my pajamas when I suddenly saw a Buddha kick my left knee. I thought, “Did I do something wrong?” I could not find anything. Later he tried to kick my right knee. I was certain that something was wrong. I looked down: my pajamas didn’t cover my knees. I took other clothes to cover my legs, then I was all right.

I realized something from this encounter. When we study the Fa or do the exercise, there are many Fa-guardians and Master's Law-bodies nearby. We should respect the Fa and Master and dress properly. 

I also realized when we had group Fa study that some practitioners came late, some left early, some leaned against the furniture, and some were even eating and drinking. I believe those behaviors are not proper and need to be corrected. 

Master reminded us:

“Think about it, everyone: I’ve repeatedly emphasized that you should cherish the book. If you don’t know how precious it is you won’t pay much attention to it, and of course you won’t be considered wrong. But if you already know how much inner meaning it has and still don’t respect it or take it seriously, then I would say it’s a different matter and you shouldn’t be like that.” (Teachings at the Conference in Europe)

It has been eight years since I started practicing, and I have witnessed many miracles: I know this is Master's encouragement. The Fa-rectification is coming to an end, and there is not much time left for cultivation. Please rest assured, Master, I will be diligent in this last moment, do the three things well, keep up with the progress of the Fa-rectification, and follow Master home.

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