(Minghui.org) Time flies. I have been calling China to clarify the truth using the “Easy Talk ” automated program on the RTC platform (phone calling group) for one month. It is quite a challenge for me to participate in this project. But given Master’s arrangement, and the patient and selfless help of other practitioners, I can use “Easy Talk” to clarify the truth to the Chinese people in China. 

Attending the Training

I registered for the large group training in mid-December, as I missed the November training session. My work was busier as many co-workers went on their year-end vacation. Thus, I could only attend the last hour of the training class, and couldn’t practice calling during the training. The training material is quite comprehensive from greetings, stories, selecting a pseudonym, persuading people to quit the Chinese Community Party (CCP), and clarifying the truth.

After the group training, we started to call in small groups, depending on schedules. But, I hesitated, as I still held fear. I know that this is my big attachment when clarifying the truth to the Chinese people. I have no problem in participating in other Fa validation projects, clarifying the truth in English, and collecting signatures to stop the persecution, eliminating the CCP, and so on. Looking inward, I know I am afraid of being admonished, and worried about my poor Chinese. However, I thought that even Vietnamese practitioners are calling Chinese people to clarify the truth on the RTC platform. Yet, the Chinese language is not their mother tongue. Also, “Easy Talk” doesn’t require us to speak. The recorded material is very comprehensive. I have to get rid of my attachment, and not miss this opportunity. 

Master said, 

“But if that’s not the case, and you as a Dafa disciple, don’t clarify the facts, then it means you haven’t taken on the responsibilities that Dafa disciples are supposed to take on.” (Fa Teaching on World Falun Dafa Day)

I understand that “Easy Talk” is a great way for me to overcome my fear to clarify the truth to Chinese people. Thus, I should cherish the opportunity. Therefore, I signed up for three time slots to call China. 

Making Truth Clarification Phone Calls

There was much interference on the first day. The first laptop I used wouldn’t power on. The second laptop had speaker problems, so fellow practitioners on the line couldn’t hear me. At the end, I had to use the tablet. When I started to call, I was a little rushed, and sometimes pressed the wrong key. Thus, I faced different situations, such as not getting connected, being interfered with, longer or shorter listening time, and so on. 

Gradually, I became familiar with the content of the first page. However, I was not successful in helping people quit the CCP. I was a little worried, and realized that my xinxing was not up to par, and I didn’t have strong righteous thoughts. Therefore, I was diligent with my Fa study, sending righteous thoughts, and eliminated the human attachment of being anxious, and pursuing a success rate. Finally, I made a breakthrough on the fourth day. Master arranged predestined people to answer the phone. They quit the CCP, listened to the truth about Dafa, the truth about the staged self-immolation, and organ harvesting of living practitioners. Thank you Master, for your encouragement.

For the next three days, I was not successful in helping people quit the CCP. When I played the phone recordings, most of them were intermittent, and some were even fast forward. Only the recording of successfully quitting the CCP that day was good. The technical support practitioner said it was due to my unstable WiFi, and suggested that I use my other laptop, which I needed to connect with the internet with a cable. He also fixed the speaker issue for my laptop. I realized that it reflected my cultivation state and xinxing level. If I had strong righteous thoughts, this interference would have not occurred.

Master said, 

“The higher one’s level, the greater the gong potency, and the more powerful the supernormal abilities.” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun)

Making phone calls with “Easy Talk” to clarify the truth is also cultivation. It is critical that one studies the Fa well, and sends righteous thoughts. Since then, I can help people quit the CCP. This issue is indeed closely related to my cultivation state and xinxing on that day.

There are various obstacles during this process, especially when phone calls are blocked. Faced with such a situation, I am very clear in my mind. My initial thought is to use “Easy Talk” to clarify the truth for awakening the conscience of people. Despite all kinds of blockages, I did not waver, as I have the pure and firm thought. When facing problems, I try various ways, based on my understanding. I remember that the phone lines were interfered with and blocked for two days. But, I still continued making the calls and sent righteous thoughts to eliminate any interference. 

I could not see other dimensions. But in this dimension, I indeed experienced the power of righteous thoughts. When we have strong righteous thoughts and a pure heart, the connection rate and listening time will improve significantly. 

Improving Xinxing

I have improved my xinxing after joining this project. I have eliminated many attachments, including the anxiety and attachment of pursuit. I would remind myself not to be anxious, and not pursue the number of people who quit the CCP from my phone calls. I should try my best to tell more Dafa truth. One day, when I was making phone calls in a group of Vietnamese practitioners, a Vietnamese practitioner pointed out my shortcomings, that is, I didn’t broadcast the truth right away. Master was pointing out my attachment via the practitioner, that is focusing on the withdrawal from the CCP, and the fear of people hanging up the phone before being urged to quit the CCP.

Master said, 

“I think that at the tourist sites, you should not take quitting the Party or the Young Pioneers, or the “three withdrawals” itself, as your goal. Remember, everyone, you are to have clarifying the truth and saving people as your goal!” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference,” Team Blue Translation)

Gradually, I feel that I am no longer anxious about pursuing the success rate of people quitting the CCP when making phone calls. Instead, I really hope they can understand the truth and be saved. Sometimes, when people answered my phone call and understood the truth, they also read along, “Falun Dafa Is Good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Is Good.” I came to understand that when we improve our xinxing, eliminate attachments with a pure mindset, the knowing side of the sentient beings will be awakened.

Cooperating with Other Practitioners

Last weekend, a practitioner coordinator invited me to join the Vietnamese phone group, so we can share in learning and cultivating. Before we call, we recite Master’s Lunyu and send righteous thoughts. After finishing the call session, we recite Hong Yin one by one and then share the situation of the calls on that day from the angle of cultivation. Vietnamese practitioners use very simple and fixed calling procedures, and their success rate of people quitting the CCP is pretty high.

A Vietnamese practitioner shared his experience: In daily life, we should treat ourselves as cultivators, look inward, cultivate xinxing, and keep a pure mind. When we develop a competitive mentality, the sentient beings would show it to us. Communicate with “Easy Talk” before making the calls: You are also a Fa instrument, let’s work together to awaken the conscience of sentient beings. When one practitioner is making calls, other practitioners would send righteous thoughts to assure a pure mindset.

During this week, I was making phone calls with other practitioners, and learned how to better cooperate and improve as a member of the one body. I know that when one’s heart is not stable, it will affect the entire group. This is reflected by a lower connection rate and shorter answering time, which affects the group’s withdrawal rate. These days, I tried my best to send righteous thoughts when other practitioners were making the calls. I have found that the connection rate, both mine and the groups, answering time, and success rate of persuading people to quit the CCP has improved significantly. 

When I joined other groups to make phone calls, I found a significant increase and improvement in my personal connection rate, answering time, and the success rate of persuading people to quit the CCP. I understand that I should calm down to send righteous thoughts when other practitioners were making calls. Sending righteous thoughts for fellow practitioners also prepared me for the next phone call. 

When it is my turn to call, I can feel my heart is pure and my righteous thoughts are strong. Then, the knowing side of the sentient beings would wake up and want to learn more truth. However, when I make the phone calls alone, I could not maintain that pure mind for each phone call, because I won’t calm down and send righteous thoughts between two phone calls. I just keep calling. Of course, this is also closely related to my cultivation state and xinxing level.

Then why was my result of calling in a group before not as effective as calling alone? It is very simple. At that time, I didn’t realize the importance of sending righteous thoughts. 

Using Easy Talk

It has been exactly one month since I started using “Easy Talk” to call Chinese people to clarify the truth. I made 2207 calls and helped 51 people quit the CCP. I really cherish this opportunity and will continue to use “Easy Talk” to clarify the truth, and awaken the conscience of more sentient beings.

After my year-end vacation, I was supposed to return to the office after two days. That way I could only make phone calls during weekends. However, due to the CCP virus, my company does not require all employees to return to the office. My boss arranged for me to work from home. This way, I can continue to make phone calls in the morning, and it doesn’t affect my work either.

We are one body with practitioners on the platform. We support each other and share how to cultivate. 

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