(Minghui.org) The Fa rectification could end at any time according to Master Li's arrangements. Why is the end time delayed again and again and there is still no end in sight?

In the scripture “A Dialogue with Time” (Essentials For Further Advancement) written by Master on July 3, 1997, the God of Time suggested this about the end.

“Divine Being: In my opinion, there is no need to wait for those who cannot become gods. In fact, they can only be humans.”


“Master: I still want to wait for some time, see what they are like when the more microscopic matter that damages mankind has been cleaned up, and then make a decision. After all, they did come to obtain the Fa.”

This wait has been almost 24 years. Master is waiting for those of us who are still not cultivating diligently.

From Master's teachings, my understanding is that those Dafa disciples who stopped cultivating will not have a second chance to cultivate when the Fa rectifies the human world.

For those practitioners who went against Dafa during the persecution, their essence will be taken out and their universes will be empty, as all the beings who had originally pinned their infinite hopes on those practitioners will have been totally destroyed.

For those who are not cultivating diligently, their universes will be only partially kept and many of their beings will lose their lives. And for those who are unable to cultivate to their original levels, the parts of their universes above their current cultivation levels will be disintegrated and their heavenly relatives and the countless Buddhas there will disappear.

Only those Dafa disciples who diligently cultivate themselves and do the three things well will return with grand Consummation, as they have not let down the Creator who chooses them, tempers them, watches over them, and ultimately fulfills them. Such disciples' own universes, celestial systems, heavenly kingdoms, the beings related to them at different layers of the universes, those who entrusted them with their hope, or even many other beings with connections to them, will all be saved.

Today, we may ask ourselves: If the Fa rectification ended in 1997, where would I be? What if we changed the end time to 2007, 2012, or 2019, where would I be?

When it comes to the topic of the end time, we often explore it from the perspective of selfishness and egoism, such as what our attachments are, why we have them, or if we need to eliminate them. Some practitioners even said that we do not need to think about the end time. Fellow practitioners, how can we not think about it? We shoulder great responsibilities. What is the purpose of the Fa rectification? Isn’t our cultivation state related to the new cosmos?

Master is bearing enormous karma for all the beings, and he keeps delaying the end time and is waiting again and again. Who is he waiting for? What does the new cosmos need? What should the Fa rectification Dafa disciples keep in mind or do? How do we do it? What are our cultivation standards?

In this year's Shen Yun performance, there is a story about scholars in an ancient academy. One scholar carries a slingshot and wastes his time playing, sleeping, and even causing trouble with a hornet's nest. The Creator's compassion is so great that he gives the scholar the opportunity to catch up so that he can reach his true level. The Master's compassion for his disciple is really beyond words. On the other hand, do we see ourselves in that scholar's story?

Even if Master extended the Fa rectification to the last moment until the old cosmos collapses, the Fa rectification would come to an end one day.

I remind myself and my fellow practitioners to take each day as the last day so that we best use our time to improve ourselves and save people.

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