(Minghui.org) Ueno Park is a famous tourist site in Tokyo, Japan. With cases of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus decreasing in Japan, more people are out strolling around the park.

The Vietnamese committee decided to hold a fair there from December 11-12, 2021. Falun Dafa practitioners set up a booth at the fair and clarified the truth to locals about the ongoing persecution in China.

Falun Dafa practitioners clarify the truth to passersby.

Admiring the Persistence of Practitioners Clarifying the Truth

Many of the people Falun Dafa practitioners spoke to did not look favorably upon the CCP with the coronavirus eclipsing the world. In addition, many gained a deeper understanding of Falun Dafa after talking with practitioners. Passersby also signed a a petition that calls for an end to the persecution in China and supports lawsuits against former CCP leader Jiang Zemin, who launched the persecution.

Some gave a thumbs up and said, “Keep up the good work! Keep up the good work!” while others pointed to the truth-clarification poster boards and said, “We know all about this. You have to keep up the good work.”

Those who did not know about the persecution were shocked to learn that it’s been going on for 22 years and that practitioners are victims of forced organ harvesting in China. They praised practitioners for their persistence and determination.

From Opposing to Supporting Falun Dafa

A lot of Vietnamese live in Japan and many came to attend the festival. Some of them believed the CCP’s slander and propaganda against Falun Dafa. A Vietnamese practitioner patiently explained the truth about Falun Dafa and told them about the beauty and wonders of the practice. After being made aware of the truth, many took truth-clarification materials and expressed their gratitude.

Support From Chinese Tourists

There were also many Chinese tourists who happily accepted truth-clarification flyers, saying, “We have been waiting to receive Falun Dafa’s flyers. We hate the CCP and can’t wait for it to crumble.”