(Minghui.org) I often cooperated with another Falun Dafa practitioner in my village to distribute Falun Dafa truth clarification materials. One night, on my way back home, I suddenly thought, “Why don’t I read the materials before giving them out?”

I opened the pamphlet and was surprised to see countless rotating planets emitting colorful light, with the planets being connected with shining lines. I felt as if I had entered a distant universe.

I heard a voice shouting at me. When I turned my head, the amazing sight disappeared. I understood this as the wonder of the universe that Master let me see to encourage me that I am doing the most righteous thing.

Master Protects My Husband

When my husband, a kind and honest farmer, was having lunch one day, seven or eight people broke into our house and searched the place. They told my husband that they were from the town government and police station, and that someone had reported me. They didn’t find anything incriminating, and told my husband that I was to report to the town government building when I returned home.

My husband had a frightened look about him when he told me what happened. I said, “Don’t pay attention to them, don’t be scared.”

As I was checking around the house, I saw a pile of paper ash in the yard. It turned out that my husband had burned my Dafa books. He was upset, so I didn’t say anything.

Soon after, he fell off some scaffolding and fractured his spine. Bone fragments were stuck in his spinal cord. He needed to go to the provincial hospital for surgery, which could damage the nerves and cause paralysis if the surgery was not successful.

The news came like a thunderbolt. My husband didn’t want to live anymore, and I was a little muddle-headed regarding this issue.

After calming down, I realized that this was retribution for his burning the Dafa books! I should have made it clear to him that good is rewarded, and evil is punished. My husband kept crying, as I said to him, “You can sincerely confess your mistakes to Dafa’s Master! Master is compassionate. As long as you admit your mistakes, Master will forgive you.”

I also confessed to Master in my heart, “Master! I didn’t do well, my husband committed a crime against Dafa. It is the mission of Dafa disciples to validate the Fa. Our family only follows Master’s arrangement.”

On the way to the provincial hospital, I sent forth righteous thoughts, and remembered Master’s poem:

“A hundred thousand miles      this vehicle travels,Racing to slay evil,      brandishing swordsThe hand, erect,      props up the falling skyFa-rectification averts the brewing tragedy”(“Eliminating Evil,” Hong Yin II, Translation Version A)

This Fa lingered in my mind, “The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities.” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun). I knew that my husband was going to be fine.

When the results of the MRI scan were ready, the doctor said, “There is a crack in the upper right corner of the lumbar vertebrae. Surgery is not necessary.”

My husband didn’t believe it, and asked the doctor to check it again, saying, “How is that possible? I’m in great pain!”

The doctor responded, “You fell from that height. Don’t you think you should feel pain! Go home and rest.”

I knew Master helped my husband. Thank you Master!

Finding My Attachments Through a Dream

I was in unbearable pain when I got up one morning and remembered the dream I had that night. I was at a practitioner’s house and saw her lying on the bed wearing strange, ancient clothes. A Buddhist monk was standing at her left. and a Taoist at her right. I was upset for some reason and shouted, “How could you be like that? It’s shameful!”

The practitioner got up angrily, and holding a hairpin, stabbed me in the chest. I thought it wouldn’t do anything to me, so I didn’t move.

She pulled out the hairpin with a smirk on her face. Most of the blood had turned green. She laughed as she waved the hairpin around. I panicked and ran toward the bathroom door. The Taoist blocked me and locked the door, yelling, “Hand over the key to heaven!”

I ran out of the house clutching my chest, with the Taoist, the monk, and little ghosts in hot pursuit. I called out in my heart, “Heavenly soldiers and gods, come pick me up. The key can’t fall into the hands of the wicked!”

I ran desperately, with danger all around. The gods finally came. There was a giant Buddha standing upright at the back. The evil beings were disintegrated in an instant.

I breathed a sigh of relief, and a thought came to my mind, “Everything has its own fate.”

I realized from the dream that we must firmly believe Master and the Fa, and use the Fa to measure all right and wrong, as well as eliminate attachments, cooperate with the whole body of practitioners, do what Master asks, and do it without complaint and regret – be a true Dafa disciple.

I know I had paid a huge karmic debt and found a big loophole in my cultivation. My belief in Master and the Fa was not 100%.

I didn’t admit the persecution of this sickness karma, and increased my time for Fa-study and sending forth righteous thoughts.

One day, when I was listening to Master’s audio lectures, I heard Master say, “His psychological factors caused his death.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun) I immediately became alert. Although I didn’t acknowledge the persecution in my mind, my psychological factors still accepted it!

My sickness karma has now all disappeared.