(Minghui.org) I have practiced Falun Dafa for more than 20 years. After the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) started persecuting Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999, the situation in China became serious and millions of people were poisoned by the CCP’s propaganda. I knew I needed to clarify the truth to negate the Party’s slander against Dafa.

Spread the Truth with Rationality and Maturity

Influenced by the Communist Party culture and my attachment to competitiveness, I tend to speak directly and without compassion. Some friends and relatives still believed the CCP’s slander and did not approve of Falun Dafa. Some complained to my husband that I was “obsessed” and suggested he step in.

Others fanned the flames by saying, “Don’t let your wife talk about Falun Dafa anymore—one day it might affect your relatives’ futures.” My husband is easily influenced so he scolded me and hit me a lot for this.

After the three withdrawals (from the Communist Party, Communist Youth League, and Communist Young Pioneers) began, the Fa-rectification entered a new stage. The effect of truth-clarification is closely related to one’s xinxing improvement and how much one’s Party culture has been removed.

Many practitioners realized the importance of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. They read it repeatedly and even memorized some passages to better expose the CCP and break open the shell that blocked people from being saved.

But I stuck to talking about my experiences before I began practicing Falun Dafa. I thought I was good at interacting with people and my business was doing well due to my “intelligence.”

For example, when I asked someone to do something for me, I would say things pleasing to their ears and draw them close, in order to get what I wanted. I did this repeatedly and it never failed. I also unknowingly developed bad habits and notions such as cunning, cheating and fear of suffering.

I only listened to the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party once, remembered a few keywords, and then went out to clarify the truth my way.

It worked on some people, but not on intellectuals or Party officials. When I talked about the CCP’s successive campaigns, they threw a lot of questions at me, such as, “In which dynasty was no one killed?” or, “What is the source for the things you say?”

These were discussed in great detail in the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, but I was lazy and only skimmed through it. I had no memory of the specific year, event, or the CCP’s ultimate purpose of launching the campaigns, so I could not respond to their questions.

When I could not respond, they not only refused to do the three withdrawals but said, “When you talk about the persecution of Falun Dafa I’m very sympathetic, but now you’re asking people to quit the Party. In the future don’t talk about what you don’t know.”

My truth-clarification was hindered and I was distressed. I met many Party members through my business, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I clarified the truth to them.

I looked for opportunities to send those people a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party or a special edition of truth-clarification material, to make up for my past shortcomings. I also learned from other practitioners’ experiences and combined them with my own to work out a truth-clarification approach that suited me.

When I came into contact with those intellectuals or Party officials again, I was no longer nervous. I observed and summarized their reactions into three groups.

The first group is the hard-working type. Some of these people climbed up the ladder by virtue of their own strength; some were drawn into the Party system because of their outstanding abilities and skills.

These people value facts and appreciate knowledgeable people. At first they seriously debate with you and side with the Party because they do not know the truth. As soon as they were told the facts listed in the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, their mindset changed and they sincerely quit the CCP’s organizations they joined.

The second group is good at interpersonal relations and takes delight in securing personal gain. While listening to the truth, they act like a pleasant person who would never offend anyone. They would neither agree nor disagree with you. But when you asked them if they wanted to withdraw, they continue smiling but give no answer.

The third group belongs to those who have vested interests in the CCP system. They won profitable project contracts by bribing the authorities, or collect gray income from the system. They are aware of the Party’s corruption, but they embrace the mentality of “defending whoever feeds me.” As soon as they hear the truth, they avoid you.

One of my husband’s classmates is a hybrid of the second and third group. He is the second-in-command of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission, and is a shrewd and smooth person, nicknamed “Bad Boy.”

When I learned he was directly in charge of the persecution of Falun Dafa, I wanted to clarify the truth to him and stop him from committing crimes. Perhaps this thought of mine poked the evil spirits in other dimensions that manipulated him. From then on whenever he saw me, he avoided me.

Later, I called him directly and met with him on the pretext of asking him to do something for me. During my truth-clarification, he was quiet.

Seeing he did not take a stand, I told him examples of local people who persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners and had bad experiences afterwards. I told him the heavenly principles of good and evil will be rewarded, and urged him to protect practitioners instead of participating in the persecution.

He remained silent. He only commented that he heard similar things during a phone call from overseas.

I later heard that he was coming to my city for surgery. I sent righteous thoughts for three days beforehand and then went to visit him with my husband. I knew he was afraid of the Party and I understood his concern for his position. I asked everyone in the ward to leave so we could speak privately.

I clarified the truth to him again. This time, he was deeply touched and his attitude had changed. He said, “I know you are sincere and you are doing this for my good. In fact, when you told me about good and evil are rewarded last time, I was quite stricken.”

“After we talked, I received orders from my superiors to carry out persecution measures against Falun Dafa practitioners, but I stopped them from being executed. In my area there’s an old man who gives out materials. I never touched him. One day, my subordinates caught him giving out materials and arrested him. They asked me what to do with him, I said, ‘He’s over 80 years old, just let him go home.’”

This time he sincerely agreed to do the three withdrawals.

Witnessing his transformation, gratitude for Master and heartfelt joy arose in my heart. I realized that when we clarify the truth and try to save people who work for the Party, we should never be discouraged just because they do not immediately state their position. In fact, our words have already shaken them.

The reason they didn’t make a statement to our face may be because they are weighing whether we can keep their withdrawal a secret and whether being in contact with us might implicate them.

Read “Complaint Against Jiang” to People

In 2015, practitioners in China began filing complaints with the Supreme Court and the Procuratorate against former CCP head Jiang Zemin for launching the persecution of Falun Dafa.

After I got confirmation that my complaint was received by the two judicial entities, I discussed it with my daughter: We should let people know about practitioners’ complaints against Jiang Zemin and read our complaints to them.

This would not only expose the evil and set the record straight but also encourage people to believe what practitioners tell them. They could be saved by choosing to do the three withdrawals.

After we made our decision, my daughter and I took a copy of our complaint against Jiang Zemin with us when we visited friends and relatives. We told everyone that we'd filed a complaint against Jiang Zemin for persecuting Falun Dafa, and the Supreme Court and the Procuratorate had received it.

Most people were shocked and said that Jiang’s group was at the end of its rope. They understood Falun Dafa suffered a great injustice.

Then I opened the complaint and read it aloud. Hearing our testimony of blood and tears, they had various reactions: those who already knew the truth admired us; those who didn’t know the truth looked as if they were struck by lightning and were silent; some were so scared that they left the room; others trembled as if they themselves were accused.

After this round of truth-clarification, my husband’s family and friends changed their attitude toward us greatly. Many of them actively expressed their support for my practice of Falun Dafa. When they heard my husband used violence to stop me from practicing fearing that I would be persecuted again, they found it unbelievable and sympathized with me.

From then on, when they heard my husband complaining about my practice, they no longer echoed him but persuaded him instead. They complimented him for having a moral wife and told him to treat his family well.

With more than ten years of experience, my truth-clarification has become more and more diverse, smooth, and wide.

From people I met in my daily life to guests I encountered at weddings and funerals, I clarified the truth to them and tried not to miss anyone. After they agreed to do the three withdrawals, I gave them a truth-clarification pamphlet and an amulet. If time was too tight to clarify in detail, I told them how to break the Internet blockade so they could browse overseas truth-clarification websites.

I came to realize that the process of Falun Dafa practitioners’ clarifying the truth is actually a battle between good and evil in another dimension. I understood that as long as I am pure in my heart and hold the righteous thought of saving others with compassion, Master will open up a wide path for me.

My Relatives Begin to Practice

As the progress of Master’s Fa-rectification accelerated in recent years, my family members have walked into Falun Dafa practice in various ways under Master’s compassionate arrangement. Those who stopped practicing after “July 20” also came back.

My eldest sister-in-law practiced Falun Dafa for less than two months before the CCP’s persecution of Dafa began. Without a group environment, she gradually stopped practicing.

In 2017, she developed a malignant tumor in her right foot, with hemangiomas all over her foot. The doctor said it would take three surgeries to treat her and it still might not necessarily succeed. The doctor recommended amputation. My eldest sister (a fellow practitioner) and I advised her to recite “Falun Dafa is good” silently. She followed our advice and recited every day.

She continued to recite silently on the operating table. After the operation, all other amputees in the same ward were screaming in pain, but she was quiet. Her husband asked her curiously why she was so quiet, unlike the others. She said it was because she was chanting “Falun Dafa is good” in her heart and did not feel any pain at all.

After she was discharged from the hospital, she took our advice and did not receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy, but studied the Fa and did the exercises every day. As a result, she was full of energy and glowing.

When relatives came to visit her, my brother said happily, “Falun Dafa is amazing! I’m cold in this winter weather, but she is fine just wearing short sleeves. She used to blow up whenever I criticized her, now she has improved a lot.” My brother witnessed the extraordinary power of Falun Dafa. This laid a good foundation for him to obtain Dafa in the future.

A few months later, I drove a hundred li (30 miles) to my brother’s house to check on my sister-in-law and help correct her exercise movements. When I was doing “Golden Monkey Splitting its Body” (“Chapter II, Illustrations and Explanations of the Exercise Movements,” The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection) in Exercise One, my brother happened to walk by and my finger tips accidentally poked him in the chest.

He said he felt a powerful energy, and I suggested he practice Falun Dafa. He agreed immediately and learned the five exercises.

My brother took three days off work to watch Master’s Guangzhou lectures from beginning to end. During these three days, except for a break at noon and three meals, he watched the lectures. He was touched by Master’s words and praised Falun Dafa.

A year later, my brother retired and moved to the city. Subsequently, my fifth younger sister also began to practice. We established a family Fa study site to read the teachings and to exchange experiences.

One day, my cousin called me and invited me for a visit. He and his wife said they wanted to learn Falun Dafa. His wife practiced Falun Dafa before the persecution.

I discussed with my eldest sister, and we decided to ask if any other relatives wanted to practice, and if yes, we would read Zhuan Falun with them. We asked around, and some of the younger relatives said they were too busy to join. We gave them an audio player so they could listen to Master’s lectures.

For those relatives who decided to study the Fa, my sister and I did everything possible to study with them. The relatives were scattered; some were in the city and others live in the countryside a hundred li away. We had to overcome some difficulties in the process.

My eldest sister’s job required her to do cleaning in the morning and cook three meals a day for her employer. To save time, we must catch the bus after lunch, and after group Fa study, ride the bus back in time so my sister could cook dinner for her employer.

Rain or shine, we did this routine every day. Our relatives expressed their heartfelt gratitude to us, “It’s so hot outside, yet you didn’t take a lunch break. Now you are drenched in sweat from running, I’m really impressed!” While studying the Fa, they paid special attention to respecting Master and the Fa, and cherished the opportunity.

At a birthday party a few days ago, my second eldest cousin said she wanted to listen to Master’s lectures and the “Recalling Master’s Grace” radio program. I remembered I lent an audio player to my cousin-in-law a year ago, and she was sitting right next to me, so I asked her to lend it to my second eldest cousin.

To my surprise my cousin-in-law immediately said, “No, I’m using the player every day!” I was pleasantly surprised because I thought she was not serious about practicing, especially since she was busy renovating her son’s house. I was happy she couldn’t live without Dafa now!

Since I obtained the Fa in 1997, ten people in our family have begun to practice Falun Dafa. Except for my youngest brother, all seven sisters and my mother have read Zhuan Falun. Some relatives have not begun to practice, but when they came to our Fa study they remind us where we fell short, using Falun Dafa’s standards.

We have more than forty people in the family, and most of us know we should be good people and conduct ourselves according to Falun Dafa’s principles. Two medical miracles occurred in our family. From the depth of my heart: Infinite Fa light shines on three generations, Buddha’s grace renews and awakens all beings!

Improving My Character while Installing NTDTV

My husband used to get angry and opposed to me practicing. He even hit me because he believed the CCP’s lies. Through watching New Tang Dynasty (NTD) TV, he understood the truth. Now he not only supports my practice, but also helps me clarify the truth and talk to people about the CCP’s crimes.

I told other practitioners about my husband’s change after watching NTDTV. They suggested we promote NTDTV to more families, because if a family can understand the truth, their relatives will likely be saved, because the true information from overseas will spread among them.

With this idea, I decided to install NTDTV receivers for relatives as my gift to them. I started with my close relatives, and afterwards I added distant relatives and childhood friends to the list.

My cousins are in their 60s and 70, and some relatives already passed away. I asked around for their addresses and visited them with gifts. For the relatives who passed away, I found their children and grandchildren.

I took the opportunity to clarify the truth and deliver pamphlets and Falun Dafa amulets to them. I told them I wanted to install NTDTV for them for free, because I wanted them to see the real world outside China.

After the pandemic started, I told people that NTDTV would help them understand the real situation and learn the best way to survive the disaster.

The unsophisticated and kindhearted relatives happily agreed to install, and offered to pay. Of course I declined. Some relatives had safety concerns, but with my patient persuasion, they learned the benefits of watching NTDTV and finally agreed to install. Some relatives declined, but with Master’s merciful strengthening, some of them eventually installed it.

I believed no matter what their attitudes were, as long as they began watching, they would wake up and eventually understand the truth of Falun Dafa, just like my husband. I believe they will return to traditional culture and have a good future.

I also removed a lot of human thoughts during the process. My eldest brother-in-law, like my husband in the past, believed the Party’s lies. He knew my eldest sister benefited physically and mentally from Falun Dafa, but he still cursed and hit her.

This caused interference in my mind: Installing NTD might bring trouble to their family, and what if he hits and scolds my sister again because of this?

I could not suppress or dismiss these thoughts and was distressed all morning. I noticed the technical practitioner could not get any signal, and he was cold and tired. I thought to myself, “How come it’s taking so long to install a dish?”

I became anxious and said, “There’s no signal and you’ve worked so hard. Let’s call it a day.” He wanted to say something, but held his tongue, perhaps due to my forceful attitude or out of politeness.

The next day, he tried for more than two hours, and still got no signal. I became impatient again and said, “How about we skip this home and move on to the next?”

He turned to us and said, “We are installing NTDTV to save people. It is a battle between good and evil in another dimension. Everyone involved should send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil beings and factors that prevent people from being saved. We should drop our human thoughts and stop chitchatting, and support this project with righteous thoughts.”

My knowing side knew he was correct. He had been installing NTDTV for more than a decade and must have had similar experiences.

The wind on the 15th floor was strong and the face of the practitioner was red from the cold wind. He sat on the window sill for more than two hours without giving up, and I, while sitting inside, complained. I felt so ashamed. I immediately began to send righteous thoughts to eliminate any internal or external interference.

After I corrected my mindset, the signal was quickly found. The practitioner said that he had an attachment to saving face, and I said my impatience and fear were exposed.

From this experience I truly understood that, to do a good job in saving people, not only everyone must have righteous thoughts, but also everyone’s xinxing must meet the requirements and form one body.

NTDTV landed in my eldest sister’s home, and in less than six months, it gradually became an indispensable part of my brother-in-law’s life. One day, high winds tilted the dish and the signal was lost, my brother-in-law urged me to have it repaired and said he would pay for it.

When we got there, my nephew, who was playing a video game on his phone said, “Please fix it so I won’t play with my phone all day. Watching more truthful news is better for me.”

A few episodes happened during the NTDTV project due to interference or lack of xinxing. For example, my husband was driving us to install the dish, but he was stopped and tested positive for DUI, even though he had not drunk any alcohol. I stabilized my mind and sent righteous thoughts. He passed another test and we were let go.

In another instance, while installing the NTD receiver for a relative, their son who had just graduated college came out of his room and said some provocative words to me, and I started to argue. Practitioners intervened and helped me realize I had human thoughts and failed to maintain xinxing. After looking inward, I realized I was prejudiced against this family. I did not correct my thoughts in time which caused the incident.

After that, every time before working with practitioners to install NTDTV, I told myself to watch my every thought, study the Fa, do the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts conscientiously, without slackening off a bit.

During those diligent days, I had a dream. I was sitting in a bucket-like seat in front of a motorcycle, and one of the technical practitioners was driving it uphill. The road was extremely steep and almost vertical. I was so afraid that the motorcycle would tip over backwards, so I used my nails to grip the road as the motorcycle moved forward.

However, I felt the driver’s mind was empty, without a trace of fear, as if that road was quite normal for him.

I woke up and realized Master was using the dream to enlighten me. In the NTDTV project, the technical practitioners not only worked the hardest and sacrificed the most, but also had to accommodate my various fears and notions. Our individual cultivation state was reflected in other dimensions, and as the project progressed, I also improved my xinxing with the help of other practitioners.

Everything in the dream was reflected in reality. One of the two technical practitioners worked a two-shift job. Sometimes as soon as he finished a night shift, he had to rush to install NTDTV during daytime, without any rest.

The other technical practitioner rushed to a region more than 200 li (60 miles) away to distribute truth-clarification pamphlets one night and came home at 3:00 a.m. He did not sleep much before getting up to prepare for the daytime installation.

To make time for Fa study, they often recite Hong Yin or listen to Master’s lectures in the car on their way to the next installation.

Through promoting and installing NTDTV, I have truly understood that NTDTV is a Fa instrument that Master gave to practitioners to save sentient beings. The programs are rich and diverse; the hosts and guests’ commentaries are reasonable and clear; and the time slots are in line with people’s viewing schedule. It fills in the blind-spots in our truth-clarification.

I believe that as long as people continue to watch NTDTV, their misconceptions about Falun Dafa will be cleared away and they will see through the Party’s true nature.

I want to advance diligently in this last period of Master’s Fa-rectification, so that Master can worry less about me. I want to help sentient beings hear more of the truth so that they can be saved by Falun Dafa.

This concludes my experience sharing. Please point out anything improper.