(Minghui.org) When Hanhan was six years old in 2020, her father had an affair and divorced her mother. Her mother moved back to live with her parents and Hanhan stayed with her father and stepmother. 

The Little Trouble Maker

The stepmother has a double face. She always treated Hanhan nicely whenever her father or anyone else was around. However, when Hanhan was alone with her, she did not only abuse her but also beat her. She threatened if Hanhan dared to say bad words about her, she would kill Hanhan. Gradually Hanhan learned how to lie and her heart was full of hatred.

Hanhan missed her mother so much. Once she couldn’t help crying on the phone. Her mother was heartbroken and crying too. Right before the winter break, her mother went to school and brought Hanhan back to stay with her, only notifying her ex-husband thereafter. 

However, Hanhan’s mother didn’t expect that she had developed so many bad habits. She often lied, cursed, and fought with others. She was taller than peers her age, which made her a bully. She often made other children cry and her two cousins were often wounded by her.

Her maternal grandfather could hardly stand her and urged her mother to send her back, “Such an uneducated child will bring you a lot of trouble, and she will only be your big burden! Please take her back to her father.” 

Hanhan’s mother was heartbroken. She couldn’t bear to see Hanhan suffering when she lives with her father and stepmother, however, she had no idea how to deal with the little troublemaker.

Getting Along with Grandmother 

But not everyone thought Hanhan was a troublemaker. Somehow she got along with her maternal grandmother and often listened to her. The grandmother is a Falun Dafa practitioner and she often talked to the family about Falun Dafa’s principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Hanhan’s mother is very supportive of her practice.

Once the grandmother asked the mother, “Hanhan is a first grader now. How’s her academic performance? Is she required to wear a red scarf?”

“She is one of the worst-performing kids in her class. All first graders must wear the red scarf, and no one can be exempted,” the mother replied.

The grandmother said to Hanhan, “Did your teacher tell you that the red scarf is a corner of the red flag, which was dyed with the blood of martyrs?”

“Yes, that is what the teacher told us,” Hanhan replied.

“But do you know what martyrs are?”

Hanhan shook her head.

“Martyrs are those who died in the war. That means the red flag/scarf is dyed with the blood of the dead. Is it good to wear it? Can it be auspicious?”

Hanhan immediately replied, “No, not good at all. It is disgusting!”

The grandmother continued, “The Community Party is actually a devil, an evil spirit. When you take the oath of initiation, it puts a mark on your forehead. The oath makes people fight for it with their lives. If you quit the CCP’s Young Pioneers, the Divine will erase the mark from you and will bless you. If you sincerely recite the auspicious words: ‘Falun Dafa is Good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is Good,’ you will be blessed and many things will change for the better.”

Hanhan was very happy, “Grandma, I want to quit the Young Pioneers. I don’t want the evil spirit mark. Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!”

Dramatic Change 

Since Hanhan was unable to register for the school in the area where her maternal grandparents live, her mother had to bring her back to where her father and stepmother live. However, the mother couldn’t leave her alone with the father. In order to take care of Hanhan, the mother rented an apartment nearby the school and found a new job in the city. 

During the summer vacation, the mother brought Hanhan back to the grandparents’ home again. Surprisingly, everyone found Hanhan had changed so much. She no longer had that fierce look in her eyes. She no longer cursed or fought with others. Instead, when others bullied or cursed her, she would run home crying, “Grandma, they cursed me but I didn’t fight back.” Grandma always praised her, “What a good girl!”

The grandfather also said, “This girl has become more and more adorable.”

The mother told the grandparents, “Do you know that she often helps me wash dishes, sweeps the floor, and takes out the garbage. Her academic ranking has changed from the bottom to the top of the class. Her teachers could hardly believe how much she has changed. They thought I did a good job educating her, however, I did almost nothing, as she manages herself. I was wondering what turned her into a different person?”

The grandmother said, “I think I know why. It was all because she quit the Young Pioneers and got the evil spirit mark erased. She believes Falun Dafa is good and is blessed.”

“Probably you are right. Hanhan has never worn the red scarf since she went back to school. Her teacher called me and asked why she didn’t wear her red scarf, and I said that the scarf was lost. Then the teacher never asked again. And Hanhan even told one of her friends what the red scarf was and why wearing it was not good. As a result, her friend stopped wearing it too.”

“What a good girl! See how well she’s doing! It’s also a blessing for her to be supportive of Dafa! It’s Falun Dafa that has changed her,” the grandmother said.