(Minghui.org) Taiwanese doctor Ku Kuang-ming came across Falun Dafa eight years ago. Since taking up the practice, he has persistently done the Dafa exercises as he feels that they improve his health and allow him to concentrate better on his job as a doctor.

The CCP Virus (Wuhan virus) pandemic spread to the whole world very quickly starting in 2019. The virus mutated quickly but the development of the vaccines could not keep up with the mutations. This made many people pause and think about the source and destination of life. It was only then that Dr. Ku realized that he had never truly understood the Fa principles as detailed in Falun Dafa. He reminded himself that he needed to spend more time studying the Fa to attain a deeper understanding. Based on his experience, he believes, “One can find the answers in Falun Dafa.”

Falun Dafa: A Once-in-an-Eternity Opportunity

Reflecting on his cultivation experience, Dr. Ku said that Falun Dafa helped him improve his morals. He is able to think more about the needs of other people first, instead of what he wants. He said that his job as a doctor requires him to be on duty every day, and there are often conflicts about the duty roster. Dr. Ku explained, “Among our colleagues, some have families. There are times when something comes up within the family. Therefore, we need to take everyone’s situation into consideration.”

Dafa cultivation gradually helped him become a better doctor, and eventually, a department head in-charge. He is a leader who cares for his subordinates.

However, the greatest change in Dr. Ku since he took up cultivation practice is that he can look within for mistakes. For example, when there is a conflict among his colleagues, he will look inside for the source of the conflict. Dr. Ku emphasized that a true change occurs only when he changes his mindset. He puts his own gains aside. He knows that whatever is meant to be his, will eventually be his. Going a step further, he understood that that does not mean not wanting anything or wanting everything: “Only by giving up that thing in the heart fundamentally, is it truly letting go.” He understood that cultivating in Dafa requires one to understand things from the most basic foundation.

Falun Dafa practitioners cultivate among people in ordinary society, and therefore, a practitioner will naturally meet with many types of difficult situations. For Dr. Ku, allocating his time between his job as a doctor and attending events to introduce Falun Dafa is a difficult task. Yet he usually treats it with a calm mind. As he practices the Fa principles in his daily life, Dr. Ku realized that cultivating in modern society is more difficult than joining a temple or climbing into a cave in the mountains. However, as this way of cultivation is more difficult, the more one cultivates, the more one understands the vast depth and limitless reach of Dafa.

Dr. Ku said with gratitude, “Being able to encounter Dafa is a once-in-an-eternity opportunity.” After cultivating in Dafa, Dr. Ku realizes that he is a most fortunate being, and thus he is determined to follow Falun Dafa’s founder Master Li Hongzhi.

Cultivation Is a Continuous Process of Getting Rid of Attachments

As a department head in-charge, Dr. Ku’s own scope of work is already packed, but he still tries to find time to promote the Fa and help people understand the goodness of Dafa. However, given his busy schedule, Dr. Ku became grumpy easily. Not only does he often complain about his work, he also complains about his family, too.

One day, Dr. Ku suddenly had a pain in his foot. Based on his understanding of the Fa, he knew that he needed to look within to find the attachment he needed to eliminate. He realized that it was his grudge against his job and family. After letting go of this grudge from his heart, Dr. Ku’s mood became relaxed and his feet recovered very quickly. He personally experienced the miraculous effects of looking within. Through this incident, he understood that cultivation in Dafa requires one to look for attachments in every thought as one goes through daily life. 

Dr. Ku understands that cultivation is a continuous process: getting rid of attachments. He also realized that his inner soul will be filled with harmony and benevolence when he can let go of himself and think of others first in everything that he does. Dr. Ku shared, “My state of mind at that time, that type of ‘free of troubles’ mood, is something that goes beyond the joy and bliss of this mundane world.”

As a Doctor, I Have the Responsibility to Expose the Truth About the CCP’s Live Organ Harvesting

Dr. Ku was shocked when he learned about the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) organ harvesting from living Falun Dafa practitioners. He believes that this is the greatest shame in humankind.

He said, “The CCP has not only mobilized the whole country’s system to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners, and persecutes the righteous Fa and righteous Dao, it does not have a conscience and even sells practitioners’ organs for profit. Most people have chosen to pretend to be oblivious [to this] and remain silent, but I want to expose this atrocity and let more people know the truth. I want to let the whole world realize everything about the evil nature of the CCP.”

Cultivation Can Resolve the Mysteries of Empirical Science

One day after work, while meditating in his office, Dr. Ku suddenly understood one of Dafa’s teachings. As a doctor who uses modern scientific methods to treat his patients, Dr. Ku saw how modern medical treatments have helped improve people’s health in the course of his work. This shows that empirical science is effective to a certain extent. However, Dr. Ku also has his spiritual belief. In that case, what does he truly believe in? He believes, “The perspective of science is limited to the material world. Whatever science cannot explain is considered non-scientific. However, when one truly experiences spiritual powers, one will realize that spiritual beliefs are truly existent.”

Therefore, Dr. Ku studies the Dafa books continuously and has gained understandings into many more principles of the Fa. He understood that empirical science and spiritual belief are totally different things, but spiritual belief has higher and deeper connotations. This understanding pressed Dr. Ku to be even more diligent in his cultivation in Dafa.

Today, apart from treating patients, Dr. Ku makes use of his spare time to introduce Falun Dafa, so that more people can come to know about this highly virtuous cultivation practice.