(Minghui.org) I started to practice Falun Dafa in 2002. Before that, my husband had an affair and filed for divorce.

I agreed without thinking about it, and the divorce was finalized that same day. I cried as I filled out the divorce papers in the Civil Affairs Bureau.

I was not crying because I felt abandoned but because I thought I was a failure. The Civil Affairs official said, “Don’t cry. He’ll come back after playing around for a while.” I thought to myself, “Don’t come back!”

In those days, there was a bad practice of people not leaving home after divorce.

The day after the divorce, my ex-husband came back to our home to show off and torment me. I didn't know what to do. In desperation, I took our son and went to my parents’ home. But it wasn't over yet.

My ex-husband went to my parents’ home with his brothers and sisters almost every day to beg me to come home with him. The more he made trouble like this, the more he hurt me and made my parents and their neighbors uneasy.

So I took our son to my brother and sister’s homes, but he made trouble wherever I went. Finally, I asked my family, “Help me find someone to marry. As long as the person is willing to help me raise my child, I have no other requirements.”

I soon remarried and arranged for my son to go to school. However, during this period, my ex-husband did not stop harassing me and even threatened my new husband.

Finally, he took our son out of school and tried to use him to coerce me to return to his home. To avoid further harassment and harm to the people around me, I decided to stay away from my new home and cut off all contact with my relatives.

A few months later, my current husband found me and I learned that my ex-husband was still harassing my family, especially my new in-laws.

I was helpless and couldn’t go home with my husband, so he lived in seclusion with me. A few years later, I got in touch with my parents again and returned to live with them.

Obtaining the Fa

After several years of displacement and psychological torture, I was like withered grass.

I was only in my 30s, but I was taking pills three times a day even though I couldn’t be cured. For the sake of my son who was living with my former husband, I tried to stay alive.

My cousin came to visit my mother and me and saw that I was sick and weak. She said, “I have a treasure of a book. If you can understand it, it will change your destiny and improve your moral standards, and you will gain good health!”

I didn’t take what she said seriously and gave her a wry smile, but my mother understood. She said to me, “Go to your cousin’s home to see what book she was talking about.” Like an obedient child, I went to see my cousin.

“My mother asked me to look at the treasured book you mentioned,” I told her. My cousin said that it was called Zhuan Falun and that she would lend it to me first.
“If you choose to learn it, I will give the book to you. If not, return the book to me after you finish reading it.”

I took this treasured book home. And just like that, I was lucky enough to obtain Dafa!

Dafa gave me hope. After I read it for a week, my mother said, “You are smiling, your face is flushed, and your lips have turned red. That book is so amazing, I want to read it too!”

After that, my ailments simply went away—no treatments needed. I threw away all the Chinese and Western medications, and my heart was as bright as the sky.

My ex-husband called me soon after that and assured me that he would never harass me again. I put down the phone and said, “I am grateful for Dafa! Thank you, Master!”

It was Master who rescued me, rectified me, and purified me so that I could walk out of the swamp and understand the truth of life.

My mother’s enlightenment quality was very good, and she thought what had happened to me was a miracle, so she started to cultivate, too.


Because of Dafa, I am illness-free. I am filled with unspeakable joy, relaxed and happy every day.

In 2002, the persecution of Falun Dafa was very severe. Other practitioners needed materials to clarify the truth, and because I was a new practitioner, it was relatively safe for me to deliver them because not many people knew I practiced Dafa.

Once, on the way to deliver Minghui Weekly to my mother, I was involved in a serious car accident. A large, heavy truck ran me over. At the moment of impact, I thought, “I can't be crushed to death or even hurt, because I have benefited from Dafa but have not yet repaid Dafa.”

I couldn’t move from my stomach down, but my first thought was: “I have Dafa materials and a phone in my bag; I can’t let anyone find them.”

Under Master’s guidance, I saw my bag in the middle of the road and quickly asked a passerby to pick it up for me. To protect those precious materials, I held my bag tightly.

By then passersby had called my family and an ambulance. When the ambulance came, they wanted to take me to the hospital. I said I was fine and didn’t want to go to the hospital. They didn’t dare move me.

When my husband and older sister-in-law got there, I said to my husband, “Call a taxi and take me home.” He agreed, but my sister-in-law objected and told the emergency technicians to take me to the hospital. In the ambulance, I clarified the truth to the driver who ran me over and told him that I practiced Falun Dafa.

I told the driver that the Master of Falun Dafa tells us to be good according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I also told him I wouldn’t blackmail him.

Hospital tests showed that I’d been crushed from the chest down. My abdomen, including my liver, spleen, kidneys, pancreas, stomach, intestines, bladder, was crushed, and I had comminuted fractures from my lower back all the way down to my feet.

The doctor said, “I stretched my hand under her buttocks, and the fractured bones pierced my hand. There is no use trying to save her. She is going to die with or without emergency care.”

My family said, “Treat her regardless!”

At that time, my cousin who’d introduced me to Dafa came to see me. She looked stunned.

I reminded her to send forth righteous thoughts. She immediately went to find other practitioners to do just that.

With the compassionate protection of Master Li (Falun Dafa's founder), the help of other practitioners, and the meticulous care of my family, I was hospitalized for 17 days and made a full recovery.

During that time, other practitioners helped me send forth righteous thoughts and studied the Fa with me. My family members read Zhuan Falun with me as well.

Five days after I’d been admitted, the orthopedist took X-rays, looked at them, and said, “All the bones have been reset, and the comminuted fractures have healed.”

They couldn’t explain it. The most amazing thing was that I was never in any pain.

I am very grateful to Master and Dafa for giving me a new life! I really feel what it is like to be reborn.

I am now walking the road of validating the Fa, saving more people, and fulfilling my grand prehistoric vow.

May everyone know that Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! And by saying those auspicious words, one can be safe in the face of the pandemic.