(Minghui.org) A 47-year-old resident in Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province was arrested on October 6, 2021 while shopping at a supermarket. Three officers arrested her, took her to their police station and beat her.

Below is Ms. Wang Jinxia’s own account.


I went to shop at the Meijia Supermarket at noon on October 6, 2021. As soon as I finished checking out, three officers suddenly appeared. They followed me outside and took me to the Beixing Police Station.

I was first taken to an interrogation room. Bai Wenbo, an officer of the Domestic Security Office, ordered me to go upstairs to the second floor. He beat me and kicked me to the ground. I stood up. He continued to beat me. I tried to use my arms to protect my body. He then kicked my arms, which became swollen and bruised. He also kicked my lower body. 

Bai dragged me by my neck to another room and ordered four other officers, including two males, to strip my clothes and search my body. My jacket and scarf were taken off. They also searched the pockets of my pants. The 23 yuan cash I had was confiscated.

Then they took me to a third room. Bai forcibly took my photo. A few other officers slandered my teacher (the founder of Falun Gong). Bai inappropriately touched me. I protested and he said, “I’m just touching you.”

My family later came to the police station to seek my release. They said my face was sallow. Bai handcuffed me very tightly. When I asked him to open it, he further tightened it. A female officer also helped him to tighten the handcuff. As I was looking at them, Bai punched me in the head and ears. He also slammed my head against the wall and made a hand gesture like a gun shooting at me. I was released at around 4 p.m.

Perpetrators’ contact information:
Bai Wenbo (白文博), +86-18645166888, +86-18645163030
Li Mingrui (李明锐), head of Beixing Police Station: +86-15046915999Jiang Hongbin (姜洪斌), head of Domestic Security Office: +86-13946633777

(More perpetrators’ contact information is available in the original Chinese article.)