(Minghui.org) The outbreak of the CCP virus (coronavirus) last year caused the deaths of more than two million people around the globe. I am anxious to save people and so I dedicated more time to clarifying the truth to people in China and helping them quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). My tool of choice is a social network app that is very popular with Chinese people.

My effort was off to a great start. I utilized the many chat groups created by fellow practitioners and shared truth-clarification materials with the groups. Many good people, after learning the truth about Dafa and the CCP’s evil nature, readily quit the Party. For those who were less indoctrinated, sometimes a recorded truth-clarification message was all it took to convince them.

Things slowed down after a while however. My account was canceled several times and it was difficult to register a new one right away, as it took time and money. I tried not to be moved by this, and kept up with my truth-clarification. When my account was canceled, I asked other practitioners to help set up new accounts for me. I steadily continued reaching out to help people quit the Party.

Another challenge I faced was that it became increasingly hard to convince people to quit the Party. I often found myself spending a lot time talking to one person but they were not convinced and didn’t understand the importance of separating themselves from the Party. I felt defeated.

I then thought about the fact that the 370 million people who have quit the Party are only about a quarter of the Chinese population. More than one billion people have not separated themselves from the Party and are in real danger. Whether or not they learn the truth will determine their future, and their lives throughout eternity. If they did not quit the Party, they will be completely extinguished in every dimension, layer after layer, and suffer an everlasting painful process of degeneration.

Many Chinese have been profoundly brainwashed and indoctrinated by the CCP’s lies and fallacies. I felt sad for them and knew that many could still be saved. They need to hear the truth again and again, from different practitioners if possible, until they finally understand. It's like a relay race.

I told myself to give each sentence serious consideration before saying it when I talked, because I am eliminating the evil factors behind them. If a person didn’t quit the Party, I hoped when they were contacted by a different practitioner the next time, or the time after, they would choose to quit the Party and choose a bright future.

I recently talked with a young man who had read a Dafa flyer that was placed in his bike basket by a practitioner in China. When I contacted him he was ready to quit the Party. I was very touched and truly felt that we are one body with the practitioners in China. We may never meet but we are working toward the same goal of saving sentient beings. Just like in a relay race, the anchor leg will not be able to get to the finish line without his team. I am willing to run the first leg.

Seeing that I had this strong wish to help more Chinese people quit the Party and its youth organizations, Master arranged for practitioners from other countries to help promote my account in a coordinated effort. With each push, at least 500 people added me as their friend on the social network, sometimes up to almost 1,000. I am not greedy and only added a few dozen a day, and shared truth clarification articles with them.

With Master’s help, the number of people who quit the Party grew exponentially. Almost every time I posted truth-clarification content, someone quit the Party. One time when I clarified the truth, I felt that there was a righteous power in another dimension restricting the evil and keeping it from shutting down my account. The evil was powerless and couldn’t do anything. I sent forth righteous thoughts so that good people could see the information and be saved, but bad people could not.

I also experienced something of a true miracle one time. After a “User Account Closed” notification popped up on my screen, I still had full access to the account with all its functions and features. This would have been impossible if it were an ordinary person’s account.

People Choose to Quit the CCP

I once helped an older gentleman quit the CCP. The first time I made a voice call to him, he was so scared that he hung up as soon as the pre-recorded truth-clarification messages started playing. But he didn’t seem to mind talking about other things. As we chatted, I learned that this gentleman and my grandfather were from the same town in China which immediately made me feel like he was family.

My original plan was to invite him into a group chat where he could learn the basics about Dafa and the persecution, then help him quit the Party. He told me he didn’t want to join the group chat but was okay chatting with me, one on one. Master gave me a hint and encouraged me to be straightforward with him.

I told him that those who destroyed Buddha statues during the Cultural Revolution received karmic retribution. I explained that good deeds are rewarded and evildoing meets retribution. The next time I called, we had a pleasant conversation. With Master strengthening me, I clarified the truth for seven minutes. In the end, he agreed to quit the CCP’s youth organizations. He was saved.

I ran into a Party member one time. He had heard about quitting the Party but was on the fence as whether he should believe it or not. He asked if I had any proof. Again, Master gave me great wisdom beyond my abilities—I knew just what to say. I told him not to be so “absolute” about things. I said that even though I couldn’t give him hard evidence to prove good is rewarded and evil meets with retribution, it was true. I reminded him that for five thousand years Chinese people always believed in the Divine. This is part of our cultural heritage. He agreed with what I said and decided to quit the Party.

I also helped a businesswoman quit the Party. She owns her own business and knows how corrupt the CCP is. The first time we chatted, I told her that good is rewarded and evildoing is met with retribution—she agreed. When I suggested that she quit the CCP, she didn’t say yes or no. She asked to join the group chat so she could learn more about what I said. I thought, “Maybe it’s not her time yet.” I decided to go with the flow—it wouldn’t hurt for her to learn more about Dafa and the evil CCP, right? I invited her to the chat.

To my surprise, she sent me a text message, “Do you know what really happened in Tiananmen Square many years ago where blood was shed?” I said it was the Tiananmen Square massacre that shocked the world in 1989. In a voice message, I told her, “The CCP has the blood of countless lives on its hands. That is why so many people chose to quit the Party and are now on the side of kindness and justice.”

I said, “If you separate yourself from the Party, what it has done will have nothing to do with you. Evildoing is bound to meet with retribution. You will not be implicated when the bad deeds it has committed come back and haunt the CCP. Almost every person in China has worn the red scarf symbolizing the Young Pioneers of China and have joined the Communist Youth League of China, haven’t you?”

Things miraculously turned around after that. When she truly understood the evil nature of the Party, she chose to quit the Party and its youth organizations.

Another person who made a big impression was a pro-democracy activist. He is very anti-communism and had already quit the Party. I congratulated him, and continued to talk about Dafa. I was surprised to find that he had no idea what Dafa really was or how wrong the persecution was. Deceived by the CCP’s lies, he slandered Dafa and Master.

I immediately called him. After I clarifying the truth to him thoroughly, he finally understood. I learned from this experience to always include all the basic facts about Dafa and the persecution when clarifying the truth, so sentient beings can truly be saved.

I am not an outgoing person and I rarely initiate a conversation. Truth-clarification, however, requires that I be proactive in interacting with others. When ordinary people ask questions I often feel that Master is strengthening me and giving me endless wisdom.

After two ladies quit the Party one time, I felt that I had just pulled two goddesses from a dark abyss. Their bodies gleamed like gold and they were able to return to their homes in heaven. Words cannot describe how touched I was at that moment.

In my 21 years of cultivation, Master has always watched over me and strengthened my righteous thoughts. He sometimes gives me stern reminders and shows great compassion. During the final stretch of Fa rectification, I will let go of all my human notions and attachments and place complete faith in Master. I will cultivate diligently and never slack off in saving sentient beings. I want to go with Master all the way to the end where the Fa rectifies the human world and the light prevails.