(Minghui.org) Several years ago I had a vivid dream. It was a sunny day and I was walking down the street. Suddenly, thunder and lightning started, and the sky turned dark. Pedestrians were stunned and did not dare to move. I did not know what to do either. The sky suddenly began to talk. The voice was loud and clear for everyone on the earth.

What I heard from the sky was as follows: “In order to save people, the divine had suffered tremendously and used all its wisdom to arrange traditional culture in human history for people to worship the divine and value virtue. When righteous belief was being suppressed in history, how people responded to the persecution, brought about different consequences, which in turn served as a warning to people that good and evil will receive their due retribution. In the meantime, it also presented the hope that the divine would come to save people at the dharma ending period.

“Throughout history, the divine had been caring about people and using various means to give hints for people to recognize the divine who would save them at the doomsday. This way, they could recognize the evil and break away from it so as to be saved. Right now, however, many people have not only failed to cherish the divine but have instead stood with the evil to do bad things. They had sworn at the divine, refused the truth, and repeatedly ignored the divine’s warning of how the vicious as well as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intended to destroy mankind.

“Although the divine had sent messengers (Falun Dafa disciples) to clarify the truth and save people amid the harsh persecution, many people had missed such opportunities and brutally persecuted the messengers. Right now, many people have become unable or unworthy of being saved. The discipline and punishment would then begin.”

After the sky stopped talking, I saw many gigantic gods coming to purge those people who did not meet the criteria and were to be weeded out. One of the gods noticed me. He bowed to me and greeted me by calling my divine title in the other dimension, saying that I had nothing to do with what they were doing, but that I had to wait in this human world for one month. At this moment, the scene suddenly changed. Many Dafa disciples and I were staying in a quiet mountain and living a plain life. We were calmly waiting to be arranged to our new position in the new cosmos after the world was cleaned up.

I thought about this dream again seeing how the CCP had manipulated the U.S. general election with all kinds of shameless tactics, and how much Trump – the one chosen by the divine – had been suffering at each step.

Master said,

“Aren't good and evil displaying themselves exactly for the world's people to see? Aren't those who can be saved being identified and set apart? As I said earlier, some beings are unworthy of being saved. You can clarify the facts to every person, but not every person out on the street will be saved, as some of them are no longer worthy. At critical junctures, the outcome is determined by how a person positions himself and how each person handles things. Do the person's actions originate from good or wicked thoughts? Gods are watching what each person thinks and are deciding whether that being is to be kept. Conversely, aren't these events themselves [providing an opportunity to] save the sentient beings who can be saved? Could anything that happens in Dafa cultivation, in Fa-rectification, or in validating the Fa be simply by chance? Isn't this incident itself saving sentient beings? It has generated such a big impact in society, and everyone is reflecting on it.

“The gods set forth something in the early period of my Fa-rectification, namely, that whatever the wicked Party does, regardless of its aim, will end up assisting me and Dafa disciples. So, whenever the wicked CCP wants to do some bad thing, it will turn into a failure and scandal as soon as it's begun. Take a good, objective look and you will see that everything that has happened over the past nine years has turned out that way. The wicked CCP knows that its gangster regime is deviant in the eyes of the world's people, so it has always tried to put up a facade for the public. Now even that facade has been smashed, and its mask has been torn off, so it knows it can't pretend anymore and is acting out in naked aggression.

“Just keep watching and you will see that that's how the drama plays out.”(“Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference”, Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. VIII)

In my understanding, everything is under the control of Master. By allowing the vicious to remove its facade and reveal its nature, Master is giving people an opportunity to see through it. That is, things people do not believe would be shown to them one by one. For example, in the past some Taiwanese did not believe that the CCP is a totalitarian regime. After the National Security Law was enforced in Hong Kong last year, many people in Taiwan have awakened and begun to reject the CCP.

When a person chooses a side during the battle between good and evil, he or she is selecting their future. Salvation takes place in an orderly manner. With boundless compassion, the divine has not let down people’s waiting for thousands of years. The results of cleaning up in the end would also be apparent to people.

Master said,

“People have asked me why I don’t just straighten these kinds of things out. But think about how hard it would be to make spiritual progress if we resolved for you all of the challenges you face. It is precisely when evil intervenes in your life that you can demonstrate your spiritual resolve, your discernment, your ability to stay on track, and your commitment to one practice. The spiritual journey tries men’s souls, and only the most devout make it through.” (The Sixth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

Therefore, Dafa practitioners’ minds should not fluctuate with the situation, for example, being disappointed by the unfavorable scenarios and even losing confidence in assisting Master with Fa-rectification.

My understanding is that, at this critical moment, everyone will be judged, be they practitioners or non-practitioners. Master has turned the old forces’ trick to his own use. If we could keep the original vow in our mind and remain faithful in Dafa and Master, we would be able to cherish these opportunities and complete our mission of saving people.

Above are my personal understandings. Please let me know if there is anything inappropriate.