(Minghui.org) As Dafa disciples, we all know to believe in Master and in the Fa. But whether one can have such faith without any trace of doubt or wavering while facing anything and everything depends on how solidly we cultivate ourselves.

The U.S. election turned out to be far different than what I had expected. When I saw the result, my heart dropped and the disappointment was beyond words. I knew something went wrong with me and some attachments had surfaced, including relying on others, elation, the fighting mentality, and human sentimentality. I felt there was still something deeper in my heart that affected me, but I could not find it.

Suddenly I came to the following understanding: “Dafa is the vital power behind any change in the world, and Master is in charge of everything. Do I have enough righteous faith? At least my faith is not as solid and pure as I thought. It is easy to believe when things turn out good. But when the result turns out to be the opposite of what I had hoped, I began to waver.”

After I discovered this and firmed up my righteous faith, I continued looking within. Trump was set up by the evil, which was acting so arrogantly and rampant. What can Dafa disciples do? I felt helpless, as I could not destroy the old forces' arrangement. Trump has also exhausted all the means he could take on the human level and there wasn’t much more to be done. I felt really down.

At that moment, I remembered Master’s poem:

“No goodness, no evilness, beyond the utmostMoving forward, hundreds of millions of things can form”(“Nothingness,” Hong Yin II, )

I suddenly realized something. My heart was filled with gratitude toward Master.

Master told us:

“The goal of practice for a Dafa disciple is spiritual perfection.” (Greetings to the Taiwan Fa Conference”)

Master has compassionately turned everything into opportunities to guide his disciples to break away from humanness and move towards Godhood and Consummation. Dafa practitioners are the ones who have to step out of the ordinary human logic and go beyond. I felt a shock-wave in my body. I felt my field suddenly expanded.

Before taking up Falun Dafa, I couldn't stand to see good people being hurt and bad people getting away with it. For example, in the story about Yue Fei (a Chinese military general in the Southern Song dynasty) being framed by traitorous officials, I didn't like to read through it. In other stories where good people were wronged, I also jumped straight to the end that revealed that justice triumphed over evil. After twenty years of cultivation, I still have not cultivated away my sentimentality.

Not only me, but my husband, who is not a Falun Dafa practitioner, also became upset that Trump didn't win as predicted by some news media online.

With my own understanding on the issue more clear now, I told him that the result was a manifestation of what I had always reminded him that “the communist specter is ruling the world” and the Chinese Communist Party has already corrupted many officials with money, lust, and power in the free world. He agreed.

I also talked about no matter what, people need to safeguard their conscience, be kind and be good. The divine will always protect and bless those kind people, particularly in the global pandemic. He felt much at ease after our conversation.