(Minghui.org) After clarifying the truth to people at a market place in a remote township, I boarded a coach to go home.

I chatted with the other passengers and told them that in addition to the global pandemic, more disasters would come. I said, “During the Ming Dynasty Liu Bowen predicted that of ten thousand people, only one thousand would survive.” This caught people’s attention and many accepted truth-clarification materials and Falun Dafa keepsakes. The conductor selling tickets also took one.

As I talked, the driver didn’t say a word. I had taken his bus many times before and clarified the truth to him, but he didn’t seem to accept it.

When I gave an amulet to an elderly lady sitting in the front row and told her it would keep her safe, the driver said, “Driving a coach absolutely needs safety. Please give me one.” After he took it I urged him to quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) again. He didn’t hesitate this time and agreed to withdraw from the Young Pioneers, an organization affiliated with the CCP.

Afterwards, several people asked for truth-clarification materials and amulets.

The coach stopped to pick up more passengers in a small town. Suddenly a patrol car stopped in front of the coach and five policemen got out. They came aboard and one policeman noticed a middle-aged woman reading the pamphlet I gave her. The policeman snatched it from her hand and asked, “Where did you get it?”

She said, “A stranger gave it to me.” The policeman asked, “Is this stranger a man or a woman?” The woman changed her answer and said, “I found it on the ground.”

The policeman asked the bus driver if he saw anything. The driver replied that he didn’t notice anything.

The other passengers remained silent. Policemen and passengers were deadlocked for several minutes. Then the driver asked the policemen to leave as they were delaying his schedule. They disembarked the bus reluctantly.

When the coach arrived at the destination, two policemen were waiting. They immediately boarded and began questioning passengers. While they were busy, I hopped off and left.

I am happy for the people on that bus, the driver, the middle-aged woman, and other passengers who refused to turn me over to the police. I believe they will be safe during the pandemic.