(Minghui.org) A few years ago, a friend told me this story:

A long time ago, in a higher-level realm of heaven, he and I were both with Master. Once, there was a war between righteous gods and evil demons. Many righteous gods fought to the death, and only a few were left. Master was still there watching, unmoved.

My friend knelt in front of Master and begged, “Please stop the war, or all the righteous gods would die.” Master did not say a word.

Not long after that, all the righteous gods died. The war was over. Master then said to him, “This war was in fact to help the righteous gods give up everything for the truth of the universe and reach consummation.” Master then gave all the righteous gods new lives. The gods were all resurrected.

After my friend shared the story with me, I thought, “If this happens in the human world, how many people would have the same righteous thoughts as those gods who fought to the death?”

Years later, we now face the situation of the U.S. election. Some practitioners who do not study the Fa well might have felt lost and frustrated. Some might have doubted the Minghui editorial about supporting Trump. Some might have even doubted Dafa.

Such practitioners might have felt that America has been penetrated by demons to such an extent with the next administration having such deep ties with the Chinese Communist Party. Nobody would be willing to fight for justice for Dafa, they fear, and even worse, since Dafa practitioners in the U.S. have been supportive of Trump, the Democratic Party might even retaliate against us. Hence, those practitioners might have lost their faith in Dafa and Master.

In fact, I felt that in our hearts, we have been using human notions to view everything in the external environment. On the surface, it is the U.S. election. But in fact, it is a war between the divine and demons. The righteous gods can give up everything in order to protect the universe. Why can’t we let go of all attachments in this human world, including any expectations that we might have?

We all know that the Buddha Fa is boundless. We should view all things as good things. We should not use our human notions to judge the arrangement Master has made in Fa-rectification. At this moment, we should believe in Master and Dafa even more and eliminate our human notions. We should not be deceived by superficial phenomena in the human world or be affected by our own notions.

Only when we reach a righteous state shaped by Dafa and live up to the standard of a cultivator walking on a divine path would we be worthy of the sacred title of Dafa practitioner of the Fa-rectification period.

This is only my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.