(Minghui.org) Yesterday, I read about some Trump supporters’ comments that when the protesters occupied the Capitol Hill, if Trump had been less of a “wimp” and had stood up and called for more drastic actions, things might not have been the way they were.

Before this, many of his supporters (including some fellow practitioners) had also judged Trump based on how the Chinese Communist Party and American career politicians would fight a fight, thinking that Trump was being too “honest” and “law-abiding.” They held that if he had used this or that tactic, he would not have missed so many “good opportunities” and the result wouldn’t have been what we are seeing today.

Make no mistake: Trump is the chosen one. His mission is to act in accordance with the righteous principles of the human world (such as upholding law and justice), but not to use the dirty tricks of communist evil spirits to achieve political goals. By upholding the righteous principles, he is letting the evil gradually reveal their true nature and let the people of the world make their choices based on their conscience.

Recently, Twitter permanently suspended and closed Trump’s account. Such a blatant violation of the law and censorship of freedom of speech has provoked a widespread awakening of the American public, who have finally come to see the communist ambition to rule the world and the fact that this election is not a matter of personal preference but rather a matter of choosing justice or communism.

Before Trump was banned by Twitter, he was only legally expressing his protest against election fraud and he was only calmly saying that he would start the transfer of power to the next administration in accordance with legal procedures. He did not exhibit any incorrect or extreme behaviors as Twitter has claimed. It is only under this sharp contrast that people can see who is righteous and who is evil.

Just imagine, if Trump responded the evil attacks with dirty political methods during the past two months, would people with a conscience still support him unconditionally? Without his upholding of righteousness, how can everyone make their real choice in this election?

Only when righteousness is present can evilness be reflected. And only when righteousness and evilness are distinguished can the people of the world make the right moral choices and complete this “general election.” (Editor note: In Chinese, the term for “general election” can also be understood by cultivators to mean a “grand selection” of people for salvation by the divine.)

In many cases, the beliefs held by ordinary people aren’t correct when compared to higher-level principles. The result of certain things sometimes isn’t determined by where people intend to head, but how they walk the path.

As a president in the human world, Trump did not embark on the wrong path of political struggle as the evil wanted, but took a very righteous path in accordance with the principles set by the divine. I believe the path Trump has taken is the one paved by the righteous gods. It’s a path to end this sinful history of mankind and lead to the most glorious beginning of Fa-rectification in the human world.

As Dafa disciples, we should not be disturbed by appearances in the world and truly follow Master's requirements to walk the most upright path. In the end, the path walked by Trump and the path walked by Dafa disciples will meet in the human world. And only when we walk our path well can we reach the standards required by Master.