(Minghui.org) Master's Fa-rectification is to rectify everything that is not right. It has now entered the human world. The worldly people are positioning themselves amidst the chaos of the U.S. election. As Dafa disciples, we must follow Master's teachings, maintain righteous thoughts and actions, keep ourselves clearheaded, and fulfill our mission of clarifying the truth and saving people.

Judging from the appearance of the current situation, the side representing the evil seems to be very strong. In order to preserve their vested interests, wealth and power, various interest groups resorted to cheating to steal the election and censor information. The methods employed are replicas of those used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

On the other hand, President Trump, who represents justice and believes in the divine, appears be to losing. People around him are betraying him. Some of his allies have chosen to retreat and resign under the pressure from the evil forces. It seems the evil has the upper hand now.

Everyone knows that behind all this chaos is the specter of the CCP. Its ultimate goal is to subvert the United States and have socialist ideology take over the world. The CCP is plotting to rule the world and destroy mankind. The United States, the beacon of democracy, has become the battlefield of good and evil.

However, the human world is created by the Creator. It’s the place for people to learn the truth and be saved in the Dharma-ending time. This is not a paradise for the evil to run rampant. In the end, the Creator will eradicate the devil and all evil lives and factors, including their general representative, the Chinese Communist Party. People of the world will be judged: those on the side of the evil and the CCP will be eliminated, while those who walk with the divine will stay, be purified and enter the new era of mankind.

Despite the seemingly chaotic appearance, everything is under the control of the Creator. The chaos only gives people the opportunity to position themselves. I firmly believe that with the mercy and protection of the Creator, President Trump will win the election eventually and set things right, and the CCP and its evil regime will be eliminated.

Master said,

“The CCP is in its death throes and has thrown society into turmoil so as to harm people. Dafa disciples, don’t get caught up in the chaos. Hold on to the fundamentals—only then will you be able to see the chaos for what it is.” (“Rationality,” Team Blue Translation)

At this critical moment, we must be rational and clearheaded. We must not allow ourselves to be disturbed by the chaos of the world, and we should stay rational and righteous, and do the three things as usual. With Master and the Fa, we shall never deviate from our goal of cultivating well and saving more lives.

These are my current understandings. Please point out anything not in line with the Fa.

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