(Minghui.org) In Zhuan Falun the Chinese word for “tribulation” (“磨难”) has been changed to “demonic difficulty” or “demonic tribulation” (“魔难”). The symbol “磨” means “grind” and has been changed to “魔” which means “devil”. I was thinking when the word change was just released that the “tribulation” is literally understood as the hardship and suffering amid adversity and frustration, and the word “grind” refers to more towards physical endurance, such as torture, suffering, and tribulation. And what is the meaning of this “demonic tribulation” after the change? There must be a deep meaning in the Master's change of the word “tribulation” to “demonic tribulation”. 

Recently, after I read a practitioner's article on this, I had a little more insight so I'd like to share with my fellow practitioners. 

Master told us to change the word from “tribulation” to “demonic tribulation” in the Dafa books. My understanding is that Dafa is cultivated among ordinary people whose morals are in decline, and what we cultivate is the main soul. The cultivation is about tempering oneself physically and mentally and improving xinxing. Only when we cultivate this heart can we become a Buddha, let go of the false self, and let the true self be in control.

In our cultivation, we must not only follow the path of the Fa-rectification and deny everything imposed by the old forces but also face the persecution of the evil CCP created by the old forces. It is possessed by evil spirits and is the devil that is ruling our world. Dafa disciples are cultivating under the devil's system, and we have to eradicate the CCP, which destroys mankind, disrupts human thinking, brings about bandit logic, perverts right and wrong, and does not distinguish between good and bad. It persecutes Dafa practitioners, destroys their righteous faith, imprisons, and harvests organs from living practitioners. Its existence and its evil nature have brought great pain and disaster to Dafa practitioners' cultivation path.

Dafa practitioners cultivate in a complex society, with various interference from human thinking, all kinds of temptations of appearances, as well as acquired concepts, attachments, selfishness, greed, struggle, fame and fortune, showing off, jealousy, and all attachments derived from emotions. All of those are demonizing our mind. “Each and every barrier must be broken through, and everywhere does evil lurk.” (“Tempering the Will,” Hong YinTranslation Version A)

Difference Between Dafa and Traditional Cultivation

There is a difference between Dafa cultivation, and the traditional cultivation of the past, which was practiced in the deep mountains and woods. 

Master said, 

“In the past, people suffered both mentally and physically, and now you only suffer when you can't let go of your attachments.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Western U.S. Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. V

“Tribulation” refers to physical and mental suffering, while this “demonic tribulation” refers to more tempering of the mind in the melting pot of ordinary society.

Dafa practitioners come with vows and missions. Master has eliminated all the karma that Dafa disciples bring with them from previous lives, which means Master has borne for Dafa practitioners.

Master said, 

“If everything in history were not borne for you, it would be fundamentally impossible for you to do cultivation practice; if everything were not borne for sentient beings in the cosmos, they would disintegrate with the passing of history; if everything were not borne for the people of the world, they would not have the opportunity to still live in this world today.” (“Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples,” Essentials for Further Advancement II

“I’ve given my utmost concern not just to you, but to all lives. I have almost depleted everything of mine for all lives.” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland)

My eyes are wet as I write this. And today, I have truly come to fully realize. Master has endured tremendous hardships for the sake of sentient beings and for Dafa practitioners. Our “tribulations” are borne by our compassionate Master, and we do not suffer much.

The “demonic tribulations” we face in cultivation are entirely imposed on us by the old forces. As long as we can do what our Master says, do what Dafa requires, and have Master and Dafa in our hearts, we can see these difficulties as good opportunities for improvement. As long as we have righteous thoughts and righteous actions, there will be no demonic tribulation that we cannot overcome.