(Minghui.org) I am 71 and have practiced Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) since 1996. I would like to relate some of my encounters with the police as I have been clarifying the truth during the pandemic. 

Awakened People

There were not many cases of the virus in my area, but it was locked down. All exits were blocked and guarded, and only one person from each family was allowed to go out to shop for groceries every two days. 

Since I operate the only truth-clarification material production site in the area, my first priority was to get those materials to other practitioners. I also took every opportunity to distribute materials to people I ran into myself and clarify the facts about Dafa to them.

I went out on my own one day with over 20 copies of Analysis of Liu Bowen's Inscription and a few brochures. There were not many people on the streets, so I took my time distributing the Falun Dafa information. 

I entered a park and saw a handful of people standing together, talking. I thought, “Wow, so many people! I must speak to them!” When I was about 10 meters (30 feet) away, one of them yelled, “What do you want?” I immediately realized they were not ordinary people, but I was not afraid. I believed Master was right next to me. 

I smiled and said that I had something good for them to read. I said, “I have several copies of Analysis of Liu Bowen's Inscription. [Liu Bown was a Chinese military strategist, philosopher, politician, and poet who lived in the late Yuan and early Ming dynasties]. Hundreds of years ago Liu Bown predicted that there would be a major plague today. Once you read it, you will understand how to escape the epidemic.” Everyone accepted a copy. 

The person who appeared to be the leader said, “Falun Gong again.” I replied, “Yes. Falun Gong practitioners are watching out for people during the epidemic.” He suggested that I leave before he arrested me.

It occurred to me that a police officer used to tell me something similar. That officer had said, “I never take the initiative to arrest Falun Gong practitioners. When I run into you people, I always say, 'Stay away from me. Are you waiting for me to take you away?' That way they would know I was the police.” 

I realized this person was trying to protect me, because apparently they were all plainclothes police officers, so I left. 

Remembering this encounter, I realized I was not at all fearful. It was truly like Master said, “If you are not afraid, the factor that would make you afraid will cease to exist.”(“Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s),” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Dafa Gives Me the Wisdom to Respond Appropriately

Then I saw two men chatting and greeted them. I had one last copy of Analysis of Liu Bowen's Inscription and asked which of them wanted it. The first man said that he wouldn't understand it, but the other man accepted it. 

I told the first man, “In this epidemic, please remember 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good' and you will be safe!” He asked me to repeat what I’d said. The second man said quickly, "You just recite, 'Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.'" Apparently he had understood the truth already. 

“One more thing,” I added, “you need to quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and its youth organizations. Are you a Party member?" The first man replied, "I am, but I can’t quit, or I won’t get my paychecks." 

I told him that he could use a pseudonym, that heaven would know, earth would know, he would know, and I would know. “Gods judge people's hearts,” I said. “My family of four have quit the Party, and we are all blessed." 

Just then I was startled by a person behind me shouting, “What are you doing? You're telling him to quit the Party. You're against the Party. I will report you!” 

Before I could say a word, the first man responded, “What do you want? She is entitled to freedom of belief.” The third man said, “But she’s against the Party.” The first man said, “You believe in the Communist Party. She believes in Falun Gong. What to believe is a choice.

“Freedom of belief is guaranteed in our constitution. You believe in the CCP. It is her right to believe in Falun Gong. Why do you want to report her?" The third man stepped back. 

I realized I had run into the third man a few days before. That day, a practitioner and I were clarifying the facts to a group of people, and he overheard us. He wanted to report us back then, but several people dragged me away. I had seen him earlier that day, but I didn't pay much attention to him and didn't expect him to follow me. I was negligent.

I tried to clarify the facts to the third man but he refused to listen, so I told the first two men that I had to leave. I felt Master's presence and that he had been protecting me at every moment. 

Police Officers Protect Me

As I was leaving my apartment around 4 p.m. on April 30, I saw my neighbor gardening in the yard. I told her that I was going out for a short while and would not lock the apartment.

My husband is bedridden and blind. When I returned home, he wrote me a note, as he couldn't speak. He said that two police officers had come and looked around. One mentioned that I was making Dafa materials again.

Seeing the bedroom door open, I was convinced someone had been here. Were they police? I checked with my neighbor, and she confirmed that two police officers had been there, one in uniform, the other in plainclothes. They had entered my home without permission.

I was calm and unafraid, but I realized that there must have been a loophole that had been taken advantage of. I told myself, “I am a Dafa practitioner. Regardless of my loopholes, Master has the final say about me. No one is allowed to persecute me.” 

I said to Master in my heart, “Master, this material production site is the only one in the area. All truth-clarification materials are our Fa instruments that can awaken people’s conscience. The evil is not allowed to damage or take away a penny’s worth of supplies, because these are Dafa resources.

“Master, please strengthen me. I have no fear. If the police come, I will clarify the truth to them. If they don't show up, I will continue to do what I should do.”

I asked two fellow practitioners to come help me remove some of the items, except the ones that were too heavy. Those we left where they were. I said, “Our righteous thoughts should be enough to protect this site, because we don't want to distract other practitioners from their truth-clarification efforts during this special time.” We decided to keep the site running as normal.

Two days later, May 2, I started a printing job. I turned on the television at 7:30 p.m. to watch NTDTV for half an hour before Fa-study. Suddenly, I heard someone knocking gently on the door. I knew it was not another practitioner, because they all knew they did not have to knock. 

The person identified himself by saying, “Auntie, it's me – Xiaoqian [copper coins].”

Xiaoqian was the pseudonym he’d given himself. He was one of the police officers from the city's National Security Division who ransacked my home on July 3, 2019. I helped him quit the Party that day, and he came up with the pseudonym. He came to my home again on July 16, 2019, and reminded me who he was, so I remembered him.

Hearing his name, I knew it was the police. I opened the door calmly to three police officers, one of them in a SWAT uniform. Xiaoqian greeted me, and I asked them to come in. 

Like welcoming guests, I let them in. One officer rushed into the room where the printer was, while Xiaoqian and the SWAT officer stayed in the living room. 

I invited them to sit down, and Xiaoqian asked me if my son was home. I told him that he was busy and rarely came home. I asked, “Two officers were here a few days ago while I was out. Was that you?” He pointed at the SWAT officer and said, “Yes, it was us. This is Xiaowang.” 

He had not been at my home before, so I had to help him quit the CCP, which he agreed to do. I suggested the pseudonym “Xinsheng” [new life], and he agreed.

Then the third policeman, who was looking at the printer, also agreed to quit the CCP. I gave him the pseudonym “Tianliang” [daybreak]. I said, “Be sure to remember the precious phrases 'Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

“You're police officers,” I said, “and you're carrying out orders. But you must be true to your conscience and be kind! What is the supreme law? Only kindness is supreme. Do you know that, during the Cultural Revolution, 783 police officers and 17 directors were secretly taken to Yunnan and shot? They were just executing orders during the Cultural Revolution, but they all become scapegoats for the CCP. Weren't soldiers guarding the Berlin Wall sentenced to prison for killing the wall-climbers? What about their conscience? There were also soldiers who raised their guns by a centimeter.”

Xiaoqian interrupted me, saying, “I never heard about the police being shot dead in Yunnan.”

I replied, “People my age all know about it. Liu Chuanxin, the director of the Beijing Police Department, committed suicide. The Wuhan virus is arranged by gods to target the evil Party. Have you heard what's circulating on the Internet, 'Believe in the Communist Party, end up in the crematorium?'”

Clarifying the Truth

Xiaoqian told me that he had told the police not to bother me. He wondered if they had obeyed him. I told him that two young police officers had come on November 2 and wanted me to write a guarantee statement to not practice Falun Gong. 

I told them I wouldn't, and one of them threatened to take me away. I told them, “I can't write it or go with you, because it would not be good for you. You should go!” I pushed them out the door and told them, “On Judgment Day, it would be evidence that you persecuted me. I cannot harm you.”

From the moment the three officers had come through my door, I had been clarifying the facts to them, and they were all listening. 

Xiaoqian asked me if I distributed the materials I was printing, and I answered in the affirmative. However, I could no go far, because I had a sick family member at home, so I stayed in our complex, the market, and the streets in our area.

“I benefited from Dafa so much,” I told them. “I didn't know what being healthy felt like. Doctors said I wouldn't live past 25. Although I made it to 25, I took all kinds of medicine every day and was hospitalized every year.

“I had heart disease, cerebrovascular neurological headaches, lumbar spine problems, cervical spine problems, and so on. I thought about committing suicide when I couldn't bear the pain and hardship.

“Dafa saved me, and Master Li let me know what being healthy felt like. For 23 years now I haven't taken any medicine. Now, my whole body is light, and I walk like a breeze. No one believes I'm in my 70s.

“You cannot ignore your conscience, right? Master Li taught me to be a good person following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and to be selfless and altruistic. I know that following the Party leads to a dead end, so I am compelled to appeal to your conscience.” 

When they left, I walked them to the door and thanked them for the trouble they'd gone to on my behalf. I bid them farewell as if they had been guests. 

It was Master who protected me once again. I kowtowed to Master's portrait and thanked Master for his protection.