(Minghui.org) Many parents worry about little Dafa practitioners' cultivation. This year, during the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus outbreak, our local Minghui School started an online Fa-study group. Many parents, including myself, persisted in helping young Dafa practitioners to study the Fa. It has been almost three months since we initiated this effort. We have witnessed the power of Dafa and are grateful for Master’s boundless compassion.

There were over a dozen children ranging from 2 to 12 years old, and each has different Chinese language abilities. We’ve read Hong Yin and Zhuan Falun once and are studying them for a second time. In addition to the Chinese Fa-study groups, we have also created an English Fa-study group where young Dafa practitioners lead as teachers and the adults are students. We have seen a drastic change in the children.

Learning Chinese in Three Months

One of the miracles was the ability to understand and read Chinese characters within a month and a half. Some children could study the Fa in Chinese. In merely three months, we finished reading Zhuan Falun. This was truly amazing.

Hao Hao is 11 years old and has never learned Chinese. From not being able to recognize Chinese characters to reading paragraphs at a time, Hao Hao is now able to study the Fa in Chinese.

De Xiang and Long Bao are siblings who are two and six years old, respectively. From barely being able to enunciate words and only limited to reading Hong Yin, they are now able to enunciate each word loudly and clearly and can read Zhuan Falun with everyone else.

Le Le, who is seven years old, could not read Chinese characters. Her mother was busy and seldom had the time to accompany her for Fa study. Le Le would often lose track of her place while reading, and we would then start from the beginning of the paragraph with her as she reread. Now, Le Le is our little teacher in the class and was given the nickname “little bookmark” as she could tell us where we left off.

Le Le’s father does not practice Falun Dafa, but he was amazed at how quickly Le Le was able to pick up on Chinese. In the past, Le Le’s father would always read storybooks to her, but now Le Le could read by herself. Le Le enjoyed studying the Fa and would always add an extra session of Fa study with her mother.

From Being Forced to Willingly Studying the Fa

In the past, studying the Fa with the children would often end up in vain since children have a short attention span and cannot focus. Now, the children would arrive on time to study the Fa for an hour and a half and would have almost perfect attendance.

However, these young Dafa practitioners could not sit still for a long time. While we studied, some children ran away while others played with their toys or grabbed something to eat. As time passed, these young practitioners seemed to know the proper way of studying the Fa.

Xiao Pang, seven years old, was one of them. Whenever Xiao Pang studied the Fa, he would move around. Sometimes he would climb on his chair and could never sit still. Xiao Pang would never look at the book while studying; instead, his head would be buried under his arms or he would hide under the tables.

The children and teachers at the Minghui School sent forth righteous thoughts for him and encouraged him to read slowly as everyone conducted themselves as Dafa practitioners. Soon, we started to see changes in Xiao Pang. He was able to read by looking at the book and could recognize simple words. He could also read Hong Yin in a loud and clear voice. Most importantly, he could study the Fa for an hour and a half without exiting the room. At home, he also became more obedient.

Looking Inward While Cultivating Oneself

One time Le Le said, “Teacher, I don’t have any attachments, but I think Hao Hao has the attachment of jealousy. When you praised me for reading fluently, Hao Hao started to read faster. When he started to read fast, he made many mistakes.” Wen Jun chimed in, “Yes, I have supernormal abilities and I can see people’s attachments. I see Hao Hao has the attachment of jealousy.”

We started to share our experiences after this incident. Young Dafa practitioners are very pure and do not have the mindset of ordinary people, so they could eliminate their attachments quickly.

Wen Jun was always the first to comment after a story was read. After looking inward, Wen Jun realized that he had the attachment of showing off. At home, when his mother reprimanded him, he would get angry. Now he knows that this was a strong competitive mentality. After realizing his attachments, Wen Jun changed for the better.

The children became more obedient and easier to teach. Before studying the Fa each time we would sing a Dafa song, and when we finished we would listen to a story. The beautiful melody encompasses the deep affection they have for Dafa, for Master, and for sentient beings.

My daughter, Wen Wen, started to experience sickness karma when schools were closed due to the CCP virus. She saw many unpleasant images from other dimensions and said that I walked right through her body. I asked if she was afraid of getting the CCP virus. She said firmly, “I am now a Falun Dafa practitioner. I will not get the CCP virus. I am eliminating karma.” She ignored it and persisted in studying the Fa and watching Master’s lecture videos. She recovered after a while.

Practicing the Exercises and Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

Before coming to Minghui School, many young practitioners had never or seldom practiced the exercises or sent forth righteous thoughts. Through studying the Fa, they learned that those were the two of the three things they needed to do. They focused on studying the Fa and cultivating with their parents, and many of them could do the fifth meditation exercise for an hour and achieve the state of tranquility. Many children could also do the second, standing exercise for 30 minutes.

Tianyu Gao, an 11-year-old practitioner from Calgary, Canada does the five sets of exercises with his parents every morning. While meditating, Ge Ge can experience the state of sitting inside an eggshell as described in Zhuan Falun, and sometimes feels as if she is flying into other dimensions. She can see the beauty of other dimensions and communicate with beings in those places.

A Special Gift for Master

For World Falun Dafa Day this year, young Dafa practitioners gifted Master something very special. They took the initiative of taking a group picture and wished Master a happy Falun Dafa Day. Each of them said something that they were grateful for to Master. They also recited poems from Hong Yin, played Dafa piano pieces, and sang Dafa songs. These young practitioners also wrote experience-sharing articles and read them to others.

Cultivating Diligently As a Whole

This process of studying the Fa together was an opportunity for everyone to cultivate diligently.

My husband is not a cultivator and has misconceptions about Falun Gong. When I studied the Fa with my daughter, he would be very unhappy and sang songs or played the piano loudly. I would then bring my daughter to study the Fa in my car. It was strenuous for us since the air was very stuffy and we did not have good reception. I needed to let go of my attachment to fear. Seeing me becoming more compassionate and patient, children became more attentive and obedient, and my husband respected me. Now, he would voluntarily step outside when we study the Fa and return as soon as we are done. By letting go of our attachments, Master was able to help us.

For World Falun Dafa Day this year, my husband agreed to be the accompanying pianist while the children sang Dafa songs. It went very well, and he even agreed to teach music class this summer. It is truly as Master says: “The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and harmonizes everything.” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun)

I too experienced xinxing tribulations when I led the children in studying the Fa. Other children all respected me and improved a lot, but not my daughter. She would get me very upset, and I couldn’t study the Fa. I found my attachments to sentimentality, jealousy, impatience, saving face, and not being compassionate enough. Whenever I disciplined my daughter, I was resentful and held grudges against her. This was one of the reasons my daughter and I could not get along.

After realizing I had these attachments, I wanted to do better. My daughter also changed and no longer said “no” to everything I asked her to do. I started to reason with her, and she seemed to understand. At times, when I am frustrated with her, I would hold back my anger and send forth righteous thoughts. After I did that, my daughter would do what I asked her to do.

Master said:

“If he listens to you, you can offer him a kind word of advice when he’s willing to listen. You’re best off not saying anything when he’s irritated, as saying something then is just like saying nothing, and you might even get yourself all frustrated. It’s not your fault if he can’t be disciplined at all. But we’re still responsible for not having taught them well in the past—there’s no question about that. If humankind’s next generation goes on like this, the older generation will have committed a sin.” (Teachings at the Conference in Europe)

Many Dafa practitioners’ families are very busy with work and awakening the conscience of sentient beings. Thus their children are easily forgotten. In the beginning, studying the Fa was frustrating for many parents like myself because we were impatient and frustrated. However, we know these young Dafa practitioners have come to obtain the Fa and that it is in their nature to enjoy cultivation.

Although many of them still can’t recognize Chinese characters, I know they are very happy at school, and parents have also seen physical changes in them. Parents and teachers both realized that the children are not just learning Chinese but also improving in cultivation. During this process, we as adults should constantly look inward and cultivate diligently. Our families’ lives also became more harmonious.

Teachers and parents came together and cooperated with each other to educate the children. Parents could trust us with their children as they went out and awakened the conscience of more sentient beings. Master has given us the best arrangement.

Seeing young Dafa practitioners bloom and flourish on the path of cultivation like little golden lotuses, I am truly grateful. Thank you, Master!