(Minghui.org) With a heavy heart, I read Master's new scripture “Another Stick Warning” many times. Our cultivation is heading to the last leg of the journey, and we Dafa practitioners should be more mature and rational. Why do such idiotic things still keep happening?

Blindly Worshiping a Fellow Practitioner Who Possesses Supernatural Power Is Harmful

Similar things that happened in mainland China were published on Minghui as well as the current events in Japan. I realized we once had a similar problem in our area. Fellow practitioners were blindly worshiping a fellow practitioner, Guan, whose celestial eye was open.

Every time she came, many practitioners would ask her questions. She claimed that she knew who the practitioner was in his previous life. She said she knew the connection between two fellow practitioners in their past lives and the states of certain fellow practitioners’ cultivation and what they were attached to.

I understood from the Fa-teachings that blindly worshiping a fellow practitioner who possesses supernatural powers is harmful. It enhances the practitioner’s attachment to self. If she doesn’t study the Fa solidly and gets carried away by her power, it will spell trouble for her.

Disrupting the Fa in Different Ways

One time Guan told someone to let Bao know that she had to stop making truth-clarification materials right away. If not, she would be arrested and sentenced to 9 years in prison. Bao ignored the “warning.” Much to everyone's surprise, Bao was arrested a few days later and eventually sentenced to 9 years. It caused quite a stir in our area. Someone concluded that we should listen to Guan since she could see in other dimensions, and that it would be safer to let her take a look first.

Another practitioner who owned a store was making informational materials at the time. Guan warned him, “That is very dangerous. You need to stop. Otherwise, nine years in prison.” That scared him so much that he immediately got rid of his printer and no longer made any materials.

Some practitioners trusted Guan so much that they asked her for an opinion before they started a business for themselves. Guan would tell them that it looked fine and that they should go ahead. Later, when the business failed, she would tell them that their wealth was in another dimension and was blocked by the old forces. So they would send forth righteous thoughts very hard to eliminate the old forces.

Not only that, but some practitioners also called Guan and asked for her opinion when they were going through sickness karma or other tribulations.

Ruinous Behavior

Guan gradually became known throughout our area. Her reputation also reached Tianjin and cities in Liaoning Province, such as Dalian and Lingyuan. Many practitioners began to worship her, put her picture next to Master’s, and even burned incense to her!

Even though her home is in the countryside and hundreds of miles from some practitioners, many visited her from time to time with gifts and other things. They admired Guan so much that they even claim that the water in her well will bring non-practitioners out of the three realms!

Reminder to Fellow Practitioners

Many fellow practitioners are still following Guan closely and are unaware of the problem. They are not aware that it is how the old forces set the trap to persecute cultivators. Instead of truly assimilating to the Fa, many are following those “capable” individuals. Whoever disrupts the Fa will have to face the consequences, and so will those who follow along.

No one can take a shortcut in cultivation. Every cultivator has to validate the Fa through his or her own solid cultivation. One has to enlighten to the Fa teachings and measure everything against the Fa.

I felt the great compassion of Master when I read “Another Stick Warning.” I also felt a sense of urgency. I’d like to remind fellow practitioners who are still following a deviated path to wake up and come back to the Fa. As long as you can be aware and wake up, there is still hope.