(Minghui.org) A Minghui article “Fa-Study Groups Are Not Ordinary People’s Gatherings” on August 10, 2020, discussed practitioners’ conduct after the group Fa study.

The article said that when reminded of their inappropriate behavior, some practitioners argued that, “nothing bad happened” to defend their behavior.

I would like to share a painful experience in our area after a practitioner claimed that “nothing bad happened” to justify her inappropriate behavior.

I met with a practitioner after I was released from prison. She placed her mobile phone on the table and kept talking. I suggested that she put the phone away, but she replied, “It’s okay. I’ve been doing it this way for many years, and nothing bad happened.”

I said seriously, “That is because the police have been using your phone to gather information about other practitioners. This is so easy and convenient for them. You are unknowingly acting as a spy.” She did not like what I said and stopped talking. We parted ways unpleasantly.

I realized that I had a competitive and fiery mentality after being jailed, and these were attachments I had to eliminate. I should have considered her feelings and told her in a way that she could accept. However, she shouldn’t have carried a phone with her when meeting with other practitioners.

Shortly after we met, more than 30 practitioners were arrested overnight. Now, more than a year has passed. Some practitioners have been sentenced, others are still in detention; some have been tortured so badly that they can’t take care of themselves.

I later heard the practitioner I met that day was sentenced to more than three years. The practitioners who were not arrested are afraid to meet as a group. Only a few dare to go out to clarify the truth.

This was a painful lesson. “Nothing bad happened” is not the standard for our behavior. The Fa is the standard that measures everything. We should not wait until “something bad happens” to change our behavior.