(Minghui.org) Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I started working from home. I used to get up at 5 a.m. to meditate. Since I don’t need to go into the office to work now, I no longer spend time commuting. As a result, I became lazy and got up when it was time to send forth righteous thoughts, which is 5:55 a.m. I should still have time to meditate, however, when I first woke up, my mind was not clear. My body felt stiff and my thoughts were fuzzy. Sending forth righteous thoughts was not effective at all.

When I sent righteous thoughts yesterday morning I was very sleepy. I meditated after that, but when I started to work I still felt sick and terrible. My work did not go smoothly either. I experienced all kinds of interference and I felt upset and anxious. I became impatient with my family as well. Even though I said the formula for sending righteous thoughts, my heart wasn’t calm, and it had no effect. My work always finishes at 5:30 p.m., but that day my work issue lasted till 7 p.m. It was very unusual.

That night, I recited the Fa in my room. Slowly, my mind became clearer and clearer. I asked myself why I was like that today. Then, I thought about my state in the morning when I sent righteous thoughts. That must be the cause. So I decided that I must get up earlier the next morning, at least half an hour earlier to change the situation. So I set an alarm.

The next morning when I got up, I still struggled mentally and physically. I felt lazy and wanted to be comfortable. I was determined to get up, and started reciting the Fa. As soon as I began reciting the Fa, the negative emotion and discomfort eased a lot. When it was time to send righteous thoughts, my mind was clear. I reminded myself that we are here to save people, and I needed to focus. Since I experienced illness karma the day before, I firmly negated this as something I shouldn’t bear—I don’t recognize any interference to my work or practice.

During the 15 minutes I sent righteous thoughts, my mind was very focused, and the effect was immediate and obvious. My “illness” from the day before disappeared, my bad mood was gone. I felt more patient and tolerant. All the problems left unsolved from the day before got solved. It was like Master was showing me the immediate effect of sending righteous thoughts. I deeply understood how important it is to send righteous thoughts.

As practitioners, we should get up early and maintain a clear state. Shouldn’t that be a practitioner’s normal state to start the day—a very good state? On the contrary, if my cultivation state is bad, things will become very difficult when more difficulties appear. When my body and mind suffer pain and pressure, it’s hard to look inward, especially when my workload is heavy. Therefore, sending righteous thoughts well in the morning can stop anything negative from interfering with me. I hope my experience will help fellow practitioners who have similar issues.