(Minghui.org) With the 17th annual China Fahui on Minghui.org approaching, article submissions from practitioners in mainland China are now being accepted. We hope more practitioners will participate and submit articles.

Dafa disciples have been through twenty-one years of Fa-rectification cultivation. Many things in this world have changed since the China Fahui last year. The Chinese Communist Party is also in its final days of burning out into ashes. Dafa disciples are shouldering great historic missions while walking on the short cultivation path that remains.

We hope practitioners in China will put their heart into writing articles and sharing how they do the three things well. This includes making the best use of time to save more people at this critical, historic moment; remaining undisturbed and diligent during the worldly chaos; maintaining a steadfast faith in Master and the Fa while overcoming fear, countering the persecution, and saving people; letting go of laziness and the attachment to comfort along with all kinds of human notions so that we can adhere to the original intention and fundamentals of cultivation; striving to be more productive when collaborating with other practitioners by eliminating attachments to ourselves; persevering and not being worn down amid the maze and seemingly endless loneliness, and more.

As practitioners, we can write about our elevation in any and all areas. By doing so, we can help one another and work better as one body. Other practitioners will benefit from reading the detailed, lively documentation of our true progress in cultivation in any area.

After thousands of years of reincarnation and millions of years of waiting, we are finally here today. Master is forging pure, selfless divine beings for the new cosmos as we cultivate ourselves in Dafa. Every moment right now is crucial and extremely valuable because Dafa disciples are saving sentient beings for the future cosmos. Only by staying diligent and putting in more effort can we cultivate ourselves well. Only then can we live up to Master’s salvation and what sentient beings expect of us.

We hope practitioners will work hard together to make this Fahui successful and productive!

Notes for article submissions:

1. Submissions open August 11 and close September 15, 2020. To avoid inconvenience caused by the pandemic or other issues that may affect internet access, please start early and try to submit by the end of August.2. This call for articles is meant only for Dafa disciples in mainland China.3. When writing, coordinating, and sending articles, please continue to pay attention to their readability and security.4. When sending in articles using the website's internal mailbox, please indicate your region.5. Please specify “Fahui article submission” when sending in articles to facilitate correct processing by the editorial board.6. Please send articles to the dedicated mailbox for the mainland China Fa conference: fahui@minghui.org

Minghui Editorial BoardAugust 11, 2020