(Minghui.org) I obtained the Fa with my mother when I was seven-years-old and now I am on my way back to my true origin. Many miracles happened to me not long after I obtained the Fa. Before I started cultivation, my grades were ranked in the middle of my class. After I started cultivating, I ranked second in my entire class during my final year examination. I scored very well in other tests as well. My teachers and classmates were very surprised and I knew deep down in my heart that Master unlocked my wisdom and made studying much simpler and easier for me.

Dafa Unlocked My Wisdom

My mother signed me up for a class for a Chinese strategy board game called Go as soon as I started elementary school. She wanted to cultivate my inner character and hoped to bring out my wisdom. However, my skills were lacking and the students in my class refused to compete with me. My teachers had no choice but to arrange someone who was defeated in the last round of the game to practice with me. The night I obtained the Fa, I had a dream that Master was teaching me how to play the Go board game. I told my mom the next morning, but she didn’t believe me. She said, “Master only teaches us the Fa; why would Master teach you how to play the Go board game?” However, I truly dreamed Master was smiling while teaching me how to play Go. 

Since then, I improved a lot in the board game. The first day of Go class after summer vacation, the game champion asked me if I dared to challenge him. He said he would let me have the first three moves. Everybody gathered around us and laughed at me knowing that I wouldn’t defeat him. I set my mind and decided to challenge him. I said, “Let’s do it! I’m not afraid of you!” I easily defeated him and he felt it was unjust that I had the first three moves. I had built up confidence and told him I will challenge him again fair and square. I ended up winning again. 

My teacher was very surprised and asked my mother if there was a tutor who helped me over the summer. My mother said this class was purely for leisure purposes only; she didn’t feel the need for a tutor to help me. 

I won first place in my neighborhood and my teachers were very proud of me. The school also put up a picture of me and posted a story on the bulletin board. 

There were many miracles that happened to me and I experienced the wonders of Dafa cultivation. Whenever I would look at the awards and honor certificates displayed in my book case, I would think, “Had it not been for Dafa, I would still be a normal child!”

Upgrading My Xinxing While My Sickness Karma Magically Disappears

After obtaining the Fa, I learned that Master helps genuine practitioners purify their bodies. I was not sure if I was a genuine practitioner because I would only study the Fa and not know what cultivation was. When I would feel uncomfortable, my mother would play Master’s lectures. I also no longer got shots or took any medication. One time when I had a fever and stomachache, my mother played Master’s lectures and I fell asleep while listening. When I woke up, I felt completely fine. It was truly a miracle! 

Since then, my mother would also teach me how to look inward; I will share two experiences about that. 

One weekend afternoon, my aunt brought her three-year-old son to my house. I was tired from playing so I laid in bed to rest. My mother, who finished preparing dinner, told my cousin to get me out of bed; he tried, but I didn’t budge. He got angry and decided to scratch my eyes. It was very painful and I instinctively bit his hand. Not only did it leave a deep mark on his hand, but he also started to cry. My father reprimanded me, but I still felt I was not to blame.

The next morning, I started to cough and my mother still sent me to school. When I got home from school to have lunch, my cough worsened. My mother and I studied the Fa for ten minutes and then she said, “You should look inward to see why you are coughing!” I thought for a while and said, “I shouldn’t have bit my cousin yesterday. I was wrong.” My mother said, “We as cultivators follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, your cousin is still so young and he didn’t mean to scratch you. How could you bite him?” I truly regretted my actions and after a while my cough disappeared.

My fever and cough started to re-appear. My mother reminded me to look inward and think if I was abiding by the standards of a cultivator. I suddenly remembered that recently I used a friend’s eraser without permission. I thought this wasn’t a big deal since all my friends would use things like pencils, erasers, white-out and other stationary without asking. Nobody actually paid attention to small details like that. I told my mother and she said, “As a cultivator, nothing is considered trivial. We should not regard ourselves as ordinary people. Sometimes things that could be done by ordinary people should not necessarily be done by a cultivator.” I acknowledged what my mother told me and said that I’d get permission before using things that are not mine. 

After realizing my shortcomings, my cough disappeared.

Overcoming My Tribulations

In the beginning, my mother told me that I had an attachment of being afraid of unfair criticism. I knew I had this problem too, but it was hard for me to let go. When I was in fourth grade, my friend and I both bought the same fountain pen. My friend lost his pen and said I stole it. I was very emotional and told him I didn’t steal his pen. He didn’t believe me and started to tell everyone that I was a thief. I became the shameless “thief” by the end of class. My classmates started to talk behind my back and I started to cry. My teacher heard me crying and said that she will talk to my mom at the end of the day when she comes to pick me up. 

I felt so wrongly accused to the point of not being able to concentrate for the rest of the day. I started to cry and complained to my mother as soon as I got home. My mother guided me to look inward and look at things positively and eliminate the attachment of being afraid of unfair criticism. Since this attachment directly targets my heart, it was hard for me to let go. In the years ahead, I met with a lot of unfair criticism and was not able to eliminate this attachment. In addition, I would also hold grudges and think, “I know I have this attachment, but do I also have to be unfairly criticized?”

Master said:

“A cultivator cannot achieve Consummation when laden with human thoughts, laden with karmic debts, or laden with attachments.” (“To the Chicago Fa Conference,” The Essentials Of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

Perhaps it was due to the fact that I didn’t fully eliminate this attachment that I encountered a big tribulation towards the end of last year. This time I was fully awakened.

Towards the end of last year, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus erupted in Wuhan and we were all quarantined at home. So shopping for daily essentials was all done on the cellphone. One morning while I was still half asleep, I was woken up by my father yelling at me because his cellphone had gone missing. He thought I left it by the window and it was stolen by a thief. My father reprimanded me very seriously and said that I was very irresponsible. I was very angry and agitated and yelled back at him, “I didn’t leave your cellphone by the window, why are you blaming me?” My father said, “I’ve looked everywhere for it and still can’t find my cellphone. Where else could it be? You must have placed it by the window for a thief to steal.” My whole body was trembling with anger and I ran to my room bursting in tears. 

My grandma said to look for it again and I shouldn’t take the blame for it. So they started to look for the cellphone again and found it under the sofa cracks. My father apologized to me afterwards.

My mother sighed and said, “You still haven’t eliminated this attachment? When will you be able to get rid of it?” I calmed down and thought to myself: Yes! It has already been six or seven years, why can’t I eliminate it? Not only did I not eliminate it, my attachment to competitiveness and resentment were also present.

Master said:

Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong“He’s right,And I’m wrong,”What’s to dispute?(Hong Yin III)

Proving that I was right does not mean that I have raised my level in cultivation. Looking even deeper, why did my father blame me? It was because I had misplaced his cellphone in the past. 

Master said:

“As cultivators, you are going about personal cultivation, and so in the process of your improving your understandings, I won’t let you encounter things that have nothing to do with your cultivation. Since your personal path of cultivation and improvement before you have been painstakingly arranged by me, I won’t arrange unnecessary things for you.” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Houston)

Master has arranged many chances for me to eliminate this attachment and I didn’t treasure those opportunities. Fa-rectification is almost over and I have let Master down! This time I truly realized and regretted the chances I’ve missed!

Since the CCP virus pandemic, many people, including people in our neighborhood, were all forced to stay home. My father, mother, grandma and I decided to make use of this time to study the Fa and practice the exercises more often. We have systematically read all of Master’s Fa teachings once; I have understood many things that I was once unable to comprehend. I am able to be more calm and can meditate for a much longer time, too. Now, if I encounter a problem, I am able to abide by the Fa’s standards and be less aggressive.

Let’s all make use of the time remaining and be more diligent, fulfill our historic responsibilities and not leave any regrets.