(Minghui.org) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus has brought disaster to the entire world. As students in China were stuck at home taking online classes, their schools were ordered to have the children participate in the weekly online “flag-raising ceremony” and online “Youth League study class.” Students must answer questions online and submit their “test” results and pictures of attending the “flag-raising ceremony.” If any students delayed their submission, their teachers would go after the parents.

Students, parents, and even teachers all disliked these. After a few times, my child's homeroom teacher provided answers directly for parents to copy so they could reach 100% of the test results submission.

I delayed my submission over and over. The homeroom teacher finally reached out to me specifically due to the requirements from school management and Education Committee. 

What should I do? Master taught us, 

“Stay far away from the evil CCP, and don’t align with it.” (“Rationality,” Blue Team Translation) 

I understand from the Fa's perspective that I should not participate in the mandated submissions of test results. However, I also worried that the teacher would hold bias against my child because of me. I heard that the college admission would be based on students' participation in such mandated activities. What should I do without affecting my child’s future? Just when I had that thought, I immediately realized that my thoughts were not righteous. It was a trap by the old forces.

I told myself that this is a test to see if I truly believe in Dafa and Master. I needed to pass this test and leave everything up to Master.

I asked myself: “If this one thing would determine the results of your cultivation, what would you do?” I then answered myself: “I would choose to stay on the cultivation track.”

Master says, 

“Dafa disciples should not get caught up in the chaos and should stick to the fundamentals, only then can you see clearly through the chaos.” (“Rationality,” Blue Team Translation) 

I knew I made the right choice and Master strengthened me.

I searched within and found my attachment of sentimentality to my child, my selfishness and attachment to fear. Now that I found these attachments, I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them and all old forces’ factors behind them.

I realized that my child’s future is not up to me, or up to his homeroom teacher. I should leave everything up to Master. I started sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil beings and factors behind the so-called “Youth League class” and the “flag-raising ceremony.” I kept sending forth righteous thoughts whenever I had time. The teacher did not ask for the so-called test results anymore.

I shared this experience to first show the importance of believing in Master and believing in the Fa. Secondly I also hope more practitioners join me in eliminating the evil behind the so-called “Youth League class” and “flag-raising ceremony.” Lastly, it made me realize the importance of studying the Fa and reciting the Fa. 

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.