(Minghui.org) In the Minghui editorial titled “Giving Speeches That Disrupt the Fa Is a Lesson from History” published on June 22, 2020, the author wrote that “Fa-rectification cultivation has reached the final stage, and time is very pressing. We hope everyone will kindly remind one another not to accommodate evil elements.” 

Further details about deviating from the Fa caused by overly strong attachments are given in another article. From these reports, we can see that the tricks used by those who have gone astray, and give speeches against the teachings of Dafa, whether these people are in China or overseas, are pretty much the same.

However, many practitioners are currently still in the group lists created by these people. There are nearly 200 practitioners in the larger groups. In the smaller groups, there are several dozen. Some remain in the groups out of curiosity, to see what these people have to say. Others know in their hearts not to accept what they say, but stay on to observe how the situation will develop further. Some try to change them or point out where they went astray through sharing understandings on the Fa. 

All this behavior is in fact “indulging these evil elements” because as onlookers we are giving them motivation to continue giving group speeches. They will regard our silence as concurrence. Yet, when we debate with them, it gives them a platform to explain their warped understanding of the Fa, address others’ doubts, and persuade others to accept their understandings.

There are also many practitioners who promptly withdrew from the lists after they were added to it. Some who pointed out that the content shared was not in accordance with the Fa were kicked out. That’s effective resistance and if everyone acts this way, these people will have no audience. The evil behind them will stop controlling them, thinking they have lost their value. They will then possibly awaken to the truth, and thus be saved. 

We also shouldn’t debate with these speakers and their supporters, as their state of mind changes rapidly. There are several practitioners who support them in our practice site. In the past few days, we were shocked by how quickly and significantly their thoughts changed. If we had not seen it with our own eyes, we wouldn’t believe the things said by these practitioners. 

If you think carefully about what they say, you will discover that they have brought in understandings from other practices. If you agree with what they write, it means you accept these things, and you are not staying true in one practice. Therefore, we must not read or pass on such sharings. We should handle it in the same way as qigong books from other practices.

These people want to promote their ideas. That’s why they try to add many people into the lists they set up. As long as you read what they shared, they have achieved their purpose, i.e., gained people’s attention. According to them, the article published by the Minghui editorial team are understandings at a low level, therefore will they listen to what you say? 

Fa rectification cultivation has reached the final stage. Saving people is of utmost urgency. Let’s not waste time and efforts debating with or observing what these people do. Quickly withdraw from these lists and return to what practitioners should do. If you wish, you can send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil manipulating them in other dimensions. Those who follow the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will suffer bad retribution. What about those who follow these people?