(Minghui.org) With the May 13 World Falun Dafa Day approaching, Falun Dafa practitioners from the peninsula region of the San Francisco Bay Area performed the Falun Dafa exercises outdoors on May 10, 2020. They celebrated the 69th birthday of Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of the practice, and the 28th anniversary of Master Li’s introduction of the practice to the world.

Practitioners from San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula do the Dafa exercises, adhering to the social distance requirements, to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day on May 10, 2020. 

Tao Family Enjoys Harmonious Life

Jason Tao, who obtained his doctorate in the United States, said that Master Li Hongzhi introduced Falun Dafa to the world, starting in Changchun, China, on May 13, 1992. 

“The practice,” Tao said, “has benefited millions of practitioners physically and mentally. Therefore, on this joyous occasion, practitioners wish to tell more people about the goodness of Dafa. At the same time, May 13th is Master Li's birthday. Therefore, we wish to express our gratitude to our great Master, and wish him a Happy Birthday!”

Jason Tao is a property agent. He started cultivating in Falun Dafa with his wife in 2006. Their son also joined them in cultivation. 

During these more than ten years of cultivation, Tao said, he witnessed the richness and depth of the Chinese cultivation culture, which surpasses the field of modern science. He also personally experienced the great beneficial changes that the cultivation has brought to his mind and body.

In his work, as Tao follows the Dafa principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to guide his behavior, he is able to constantly abide by the standards of a cultivator, despite the highly competitive society, and use the Dafa teachings to correct himself. He is therefore able to manage his business by following the customers’ lead, and is able to take things in stride.

His wife used to suffer from many chronic illnesses before she cultivated. She recovered from all her illnesses after cultivating in Dafa, and experienced the wonderful feeling of being illness free. 

Their son has practiced the exercises with them since he was young, and has not played computer games. He joined the West America Tian Guo Marching Band when he was nine. Starting at the age of ten, he played in district parades, and became the youngest member of the band. Their entire family is immersed in the warm light of the Buddha Fa, and has enjoyed a harmonious life. 

Jason Tao said that on this day when we celebrate Master’s birthday, his entire family of three would like to thank their great Master for his benevolent salvation and protection while they walk on their cultivation path. They will make good use of every possible opportunity to do better in their cultivation, so that Master can worry less about them.

Ms. Wang Will Cultivate More Diligently

Ms. Wang, who started cultivating in 2012, participated in the outdoor exercises that day. She got excited when the topic on cultivation was brought up. She thanked Master from the bottom of her heart for introducing Falun Dafa to humankind.

Ms. Wang started cultivating to recover from her illnesses and the boredom of her retirement. Through years of cultivation, she came to understand that the purpose of one’s life is to return to one’s true self. While cultivating, she found in herself many bad habits, due to indoctrination by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as she worked for the Party for a large part of her life.

With guidance from Master and Dafa, diligent and steadfast cultivation, and help from fellow practitioners, she increasingly feels great changes in her mind and body. She is immersed in the light of Dafa daily, and experiences the benevolence of Dafa. 

She said she still had a long way to go to meet all the requirements of Master, but from now on, she will work harder, cultivate more diligently, and become a true cultivator.