(Minghui.org) Ms. Liu Yanping was subjected to various forms of torture while serving a 4-year prison term for practicing Falun Gong, a spiritual practice persecuted by the Chinese Communist regime. 

Ms. Liu, of Dalian City, Liaoning Province, was arrested on June 28, 2016, when over twenty police officers broke into her home and took her to the Sanshilibao Police Station. She was a part of a mass arrest in Liaoning Province, when a total of 101 Falun Gong practitioners from 9 cities were seized in one day. Ms. Liu was later sentenced to 4 years and sent to Liaoning Women's Prison on March 28, 2017.

The prison guards employed various methods, from forced labor, humiliation, to physical and psychological tortures, in order to force her to renounce her faith.

Two inmates were assigned to monitor Ms. Liu when she arrived at the prison. After working during the day, she was taken to a warehouse in the evenings and forced to read propaganda materials slandering Falun Gong. In the beginning, she was forced to stand while guards and other inmates threatened, coerced, and verbally abused her. 
When Ms. Liu refused to say that it was wrong for her to practice Falun Gong, she was forced to squat. When she said that Falun Gong is good, guards threatened to put her in solitary confinement. Later, Li Wenbo, the prison guard captain, ordered other inmates to keep Ms. Liu from sleeping or washing every day until midnight. Her cellmates took turns keeping her awake.

One day, several inmates beat Ms. Liu and tried to force her to write guarantee statements as proof that she had renounced Falun Gong. When Ms. Liu refused, the guards kept her in a warehouse for “intense transformation.” She was made to work during the day and deprived of sleep at night. She was not allowed to use the restroom. She had to relieve herself on the warehouse floor and clean up with her limited bathroom tissues.

On the evening of April 16, 2017, inmate Jiang Fang told other inmates, “Take off her clothes and open the window, let her freeze. Have everyone in her team take turns beating her. She has to “transform” one way or another!”

Ms. Liu broke down that night. She couldn't take it anymore and was forced to sign the prepared statements to renounce Falun Gong against her will. When she refused to provide an audio recording of her statements, she was again abused until she agreed.

While she was kept in the warehouse, Ms. Liu's personal items, including shirts, pants, underwear and socks that she'd brought with her to prison were all stolen by other inmates.

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